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A social media marketing plan. Accomplished online professional with extensive web application, online traffic management, and social media communication expertise.
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  • UPDATE: Big Hi to all that viewed this Social Media plan.... When I drafted this over 2 years ago, I was living in London, and social media was in its' infancy. At this point consider 'A Social Media Marketing Plan' a primer and feel free to connect with me in Vancouver on these other channels too. Let's Connect:
    Online: http://massmediamarketing.ca
    On Twitter: http://twitter.com/massmediamarket or http://twitter.com/joffemarc
    On LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/marcjoffe
    thanks, Marc Joffe
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  • Thanks to all for downloading and interest in this version of a Social Media Plan. We've since updated our website and more information on seo and social media can be found on the Mass Media Marketing Vancouver website.
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  • Hi Alex, thanks for the comment. At Mass Media Marketing, we tailor Internet marketing solutions to the people we relate to: small and medium businesses (SMBs), entrepreneurs and nonprofits. Attract more clients and connect with your target audience. Talk to us and reach the masses.
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  • decent information, check out this one though :) http://www.scribd.com/doc/26522385/Social-Media-Package-Rates
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A social media marketing plan

  1. 1. PlayFair Online Phone: 778.995.1575 joffe.marc@gmail.com Your social media marketing plan “Social Media has replaced traditional SEO practices; user generated content is key.” “Some very important people that are not yet aware of social media and what it can do — your clients.” “SEO work is now not enough — it needs to be supplemented with social media.”
  2. 2. Social Media Sites How to drive the most traffic to your site Social Media Channels Make your content available to the people who matter. Choose from a scaleable, customized social media strategy. All of our packages include your initial social media implementation. We’ll set up a variety of accounts with your content, links and related material from the following list (refer to table for pricing and package options): 1) Facebook Fan/Group Page: build a network with a custom Facebook group, fan page or create an optional Facebook application. We’ll post your brand, common answers and new releases. 2) mySpace: target youth through a mySpace profile page to sell or promote youth- related items or services like sports gear or music. 3) Flickr: show off your services, brands, or company events with this secure online photo and sharing application that’s accessible by mobile phone. 4) YouTube: Allow your customers to view current events, promotional videos about your company or services, and generate interest in your brand and traffic to your website. We’ll create a YouTube page with your introductory videos. 5) Slideshare: Upload news releases that can be viewed along with your companies’ profile. An excellent way to generate SEO traffic and build your reputation. 6) Twitter: This “microbogging” tool is the place to add a profile and send links, add images and real time news to a following of customers and members. 7) LinkedIn: Build your professional network with a searchable profile that lets you network and generate leads. Can include your logo, site and summary. 8) Google Maps: Add your company to Google maps so customers can easily locate you as well as your profile, short summary and site. 9) *Online Communities: source online communities (i.e. Ning) where potential customers are interested in your industry and generate interest about your brand. We’ll research online communities for employees to join and prepare a report with suggestions. Optionally provide an online community manager. 10) Blogs (WordPress/Blogger): Every company needs a corporate Blog for news release and upcoming events. Adding a WordPress Blog to your site is a must have! Optional Twitter feed to show your most recent Twitter updates (tweets).
  3. 3. MAKE A COMMITMENT TO SOCIAL MEDIA Why you need Social Bookmarking. Organize your favorite bookmarks and categorize them on the Internet so users can share relevant content. It helps your users to bookmark their sites and articles. We’ll recommend ways to leverage key content on your site as “Bookmarkable” on social bookmarking sites. From a social aspect, your customers can share your sites with friends, colleagues or family! Social Bookmarking We’ll add your content to the listed sites below to begin Social Bookmarking. The number of submissions is according to the selected package. Submission of Website URL, Blog URL and Press Release URL are examples. 1) Digg: Digg is a social site where users determine the best of online content and “digg” it to promote to millions of users. The best idea is to make key pages “Diggable”, such as your environmental policies, key product pages and press releases. “Diggable” material should be “Diggable” to the public. 2) StumpleUpon: StumbleUpon members are taken directly to sites matching their personal interests and preferences. Built in “Book Now” link and ability to share content with friends. 3) Del.icio.us: Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source. With emphasis on the power of the community, Delicious improves how people discover, remember and share on the Internet. 4) Reddit: Reddit is a source for what's new and popular on the web. Users like you provide all of the content and decide, through voting. Links that receive community approval bubble up towards #1 ranking. Social Media Packages (Visible, Top Rank, Authority Rank) Choose from one of our social media packages below. We offer Visible, Top Rank and Authority Rank packages. Refer to the table below to choose a custom solution. Why you need a social Media Package. Your company and brand will be perceived as an authority in your selected industry which will build strong relationships with new prospects or existing customers. You will improve your ranking in search engines (SEO), while enjoying the benefits of Social Media engagement. 2
  4. 4. MAKE A COMMITMENT TO SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media Packages Visible Top Rank Authority Rank Total Cost $1,500 $2,100 $3,000 Delivery Time 1 to 2 months Top Social Media Sites Blogs (WordPress) Social Bookmarking 5 submissions 10 submissions 20 submissions 5 10 20 5 10 20 5 10 20 Customer Support 3
  5. 5. MAKE A COMMITMENT TO SOCIAL MEDIA Note: All the packages above include the initial social media implementation. Ongoing maintenance is additional and a custom quote. Additional Services Choose from our additional services to round out your brand’s presence. Facebook Application Development Facebook applications can be built to your exact specification and linked to social media sites, company sites or your online community*. Microblogging Management Package: The Microblogging management package includes maintenance of URLs, Blogs updates, pictures or events to Twitter. 120 posts a month for $100. (3 month commitment) Twitter Integration: Set up a Twitter feed on your site, WordPress or Blogger to show the latest updates from your company*. Employee Training: We’ll train and educate your staff how to update Blogs, Twitter, Facebook or other social media properties*. Online Community Management: Online community development or management of an existing online community with an online community manager or moderator who is passionate and effective at engaging users online*. *Custom quote required. Call 778-995-1575 or email joffe.marc@gmail.com for a quote today. 4