Small is beautiful: Smart publishing for smart phones


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There are more iPhones sold every second of the day then babies born on Planet Earth. The way people consume content on their smartphone has kick-started a publishing revolution and the award-winning Apptitude Media have produced some of the worlds first dedicated smartphone magazines. In this keynote given at the UK's Publishing Expo in February 2014, CEO Marc Hartog delivers some helpful tips and shares some of the lessons learned along the way.

More about Apptitude here:

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Small is beautiful: Smart publishing for smart phones

  1. Small is beautiful: Smart publishing for Smart phones Marc Hartog Founder & CEO ! Say Hello at Stand PM22 (right outside this theatre)
  2. 1 Billion smartphones sold in 2013 (IDC) That’s 32 smartphones per second Which means 7.5 smartphones are born for each baby born And that’s a LOT 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone. 56% of people own a smart phone 50% of mobile phone users use mobile as their primary internet source 80% of time on mobile is spent inside apps Mobile web adoption is growing x8 faster than web adoption did in the 1990s and early 2000s
  3. 82 billion apps were downloaded worldwide in 2013 growing to 200 billion+ by 2017 Full-year app revenues forecasted to grow to $20.4 billion in 2013 and $63.5 billion in 2017 Local Mobile Ad Spend is going to grow from $800M to $18B by 2016 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience Android selling more than iPhone But iPhone users spend more on apps Apple Newsstand is far from great, But Android is non-existent. 25% of international media and marketing executives see mobile as the most disruptive force in their industry What about the other 75%? What about you?
  4. Disclaimer*
  5. *We are making it up as we go along!
  6. Tablets become our robot overlords Jobs introduces iPad
  7. Established 1854
  8. BJP app development Too much material Success of iPhone/Apps Font rendition
  9. Shrink it? Rethink it.
  10. Bite-sized chunks of content -£0.69 vs £6.99
  11. Same vs different? Content/frequency/purpose?
  12. 30 magazines !in WHSmiths 218 in newsstand category ! ! ‘good enough’ is not good enough
  13. Paid sales by type! Single issues - iPhone! 19%! Combined iPad+iPhone subs! 42%! Single issues - iPad! 21%! iPhone only subs! 18%! More people buying iPad access than iPhone (62%)
  14. Sessions by device! iPod touch! 1%! iPhone! 34%! iPad! 65%! A third of all sessions activated from iPhone 17% of iPad sessions from a mini Nearly 2,000 sessions from an iPod touch!
  15. Sessions by phone type! iPhone 6! 0%! iPhone 5/5C/5S! 49%! iPhone 3G! 3%! iPhone 4/4S! 48%! Equally important to test on 4's and 5's No longer supporting older devices 2 sessions from an iPhone 6!!!
  16. And by the latest iPhone range! iPhone 5S! 16%! iPhone 5C! 2%! iPhone 5! 82%! 7x more engagement from iPhone 5S vs 5C
  17. Image © Damien Demolder Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc 3
  18. Designed for the screen size and device
  19. Content flow & design is key: Reductive
  20. Content flow & design is key: Reductive Bite-sized chunks of content Downloadable on the go - file size is important
  21. Use the right tools, and the right team
  22. Embed social right in to the heart of the experience
  23. Engage Free trials Promote
  24. The funnel of love 28% engagement post-download. Not bad. But 72% have gone away! Monthly free trials outperforming annual by 140% - go figure? Monthly renewals outperforming annual renewals by 300% - eh??? 100.0%! Single issue sales much higher than anticipated 100.0%! Biggest wins will come from increased conversions 80.0%! 60.0%! At each stage of the funnel 40.0%! 20.0%! 13.6%! 8.1%! 3.7%! 0.0%! Downloads! 5.9%! 0.4%! Free monthly trials! Monthly renewal! Free annual trials! Annual renewals! Single issue sales! What is the ARPD?
  25. Rich & targeted push notifications Segmentation & detailed analytics
  26. Give your app to key influencers Give it to your staff and your clients ! Let your print readers trial it free ! Visibility is really hard ! (So cheat) !
  27. Advertisement **KLAXON**
  28. Profitable Digital Publishing Developing Your App Strategy
  29. What’s next?
  30. What will you be wearing?
  31. Stand PM22 Right outside this theatre WE HAVE BISCUITS