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Philadelphia Wedding Photographers

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers



Marc Anthony is a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer specializes in boudoir photojournalistic Philadelphia weddings

Marc Anthony is a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer specializes in boudoir photojournalistic Philadelphia weddings



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    Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Document Transcript

    • Welcome to Marc Anthony Photography I'd like to congratulate you on your engagement and I would like to thank you for looking to me as a potential photographer for your wedding. I have been in business since 1995 and have shot over 400 weddings in my career so far. In that time I have won numerous awards and have been ranked, by many outside companies, as one of the top photographers in all of Philadelphia and New Jersey. I am so proud to be doing what I love and I hope you find my passion for photography genuine. You will find out that I am really different than most other photographers out there. I am responsible for preserving your memories which is something that I take very seriously but I have so much fun at it that being a wedding photographer is not work to me. So please take a moment to review a few articles I wrote and do not hesitate to call me with any questions you make have. I make myself available anytime for my couples.
    • The real truth about enlargements I have read numerous blogs and articles from photographers trying to justify the price they charge for their enlargements. The simple truth is that professional labs don't charge us that much more than what you would pay at a local place like Target for example. But why do some photographers take advantage of the public? The answer is that I really don't know. One article I read said that a photographer charges the prices they do for prints because of the time involved in preparing the image for print and the time it takes to order it. Not true! If you call me and want an 11x14 of a photo from your wedding all that needs to be done is get the image, color correct it, and order from a lab. 2 minutes and the process is done! Charging a fair price for your services is one thing but raking people over the coals for a 2 minute process is ridiculous. So that is why if you want an enlargement of an image from your wedding I only charge you what my lab charges me and the prices are as follows: 8×10 - $3.50 10×15 - $5.35 11×14 - $6.95 16×20 - $17.53 20×30 - $34.61 30×40 - $60.27
    • Why are photographers so expensive? Photographers have expenses. They rent studios. They have employees to pay. They have to advertise. They have their albums designed by an outside company. Thank goodness I don't have any of those problems. That's why I charge nearly half of what some other photographers and still provide the same exact work. Now I am not arrogant in any way. I am not saying my work is better but I will say I am just as good but way more reasonable. I will agree with one reason why photographers charge so much. Equipment. It is expensive but once you have purchased the expensive cameras, lights, lenses, etc. then it only comes down to maintenance which is not that expensive. Why am I so inexpensive? As I stated above many photographers have outrageous expenses. How do you think they make up for that? By charging you. The old expression, "You get what you pay for" is NOT always accurate. Again, I do the same work at nearly half the price. But how can I do this? One. I work out of my home. No studio to rent. Two. Photography is not my full time job. I work Monday - Wednesday which gives me what I need to cover my expenses. Photography is more about passion than necessity. Other photographers have to book so many weddings a year to survive. Not me. I do it simply because I love it.
    • Let's talk about timing This is one topic that I really like to discuss with potential couples. My goal is to make sure you enjoy your wedding day. One way to really take in everything and not feel so rushed is to make sure you allot enough time for pictures. You want beautiful pictures which is why you are hiring a professional and a real professional can work under any timeframe BUT you will enjoy it more if you give yourself ample time. So let's go over a basic plan of the day. Typically I arrive at the home about 3 hours prior to your leaving to go to the ceremony. That's a lot of time actually but I do that not only because I want to be around you and your family but because it helps me keep everyone on track with a schedule. Typically I would like you dressed at least one hour prior to your leaving for the ceremony. This gives me time to do all the portraits of you as well as family pictures and bridal party pictures. Then following the ceremony plan on 30 minutes for a receiving line, if you are doing one and 20 minutes for family groups. Then add travel time to a park. There you will need at least an hour for bridal party pictures and portraits of you and your husband. Then add travel time to the reception. My wish is to have you at your cocktail hour to unwind and mingle with your guests. Some brides don't give enough time in between the ceremony and reception to allow for that. So if you want to attend the cocktail hour a good rule of thumb is to add two and a half hours in between the end of the ceremony to the cocktail hour.
    • Pricing I do not believe in forcing clients into pre-designed packages. I believe every bride and groom want different things so that is why I offer ala carte pricing. My base package is $2350 for two photographers, full day coverage, and CD's of all your high resolution images. Full day coverage starts about 3 hours prior to your leaving to go to the ceremony and ends at the last dance. I do not leave early. I want to catch it all. That's important. As for the CD, you get all images in full size high resolution. Make sure when you ask other photographers, if they give you the CD, what is the largest print you can get out of it. If they say anything less than a 20x30 they are NOT the full size images. My album prices are as follows but in order to understand them you will need to see the albums in person. Zookbinders Matted • 10x10 - $850 (40 sides) - $18 per extra side • The amount of images in this album are determined by the layouts you choose for each page Zookbinders Flush Mount (Rounded Edge) • 8x12 or 10x10 $1100 (40 sides – up to 80 images) - $17 per extra side • 10x15, 12x12, or 11x14 - $1200 (40 sides – up to 80 images) - $20 per extra side Classic Album Flush Mount (Squared Edge) • 8x8 or 6x9 - $860 (40 sides – up to 80 images) - $12 per extra side • 10x10 or 8x12 - $1100 (40 sides – up to 80 images) - $15 per extra side • 12x12, 11x14, 10x15 - $1200 (40 sides – up to 80 images) - $17 per extra side Soho Flush Mount (seamless) - Renaissance • 9x9 or 8x10 - $900 (40 sides – up to 80 images) - $120 per extra 20 sides • 10x13 - $1000 (40 sides – up to 80 images) - $180 per extra 20 sides • 11x14 or 12x12 - $1100 (40 sides – up to 80 images) - $220 per extra 20 sides • 15x15 - $1250 (40 sides – up to 80 images) - $230 per extra 20 sides Parent Albums • 6x6 40 photo PhotoBook - $140 for one $240 for two • 6x9 40 photo PhotoBook - $160 for one $280 for two • 8x10 40 photo PhotoBook - $200 for one $350 for two • 8x10 40 photo Traditional - $350 each Engagement Portrait Session - $250 Photo Booth - $900 if you book me as your photographer or $1200 if you just want the photobooth. • 3 hours and includes attendant ($150 per additional hour) • Includes disc of all the photos! • Uses the same camera I use to shoot weddings as well as real portrait studio lights • The guests receive a complimentary 5x7 print of 5 poses and you get a copy OR the guests can take 4 poses in a strip format and you get half and the guest gets half.