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Change management
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Change management






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  • It can be developmental change, transitional and transformational change.
  • If a company decided to improve their processes, methods and performance have to be change and this is the developmental change. Companies are forced to use the developmental change if they want to continue to stay competitive . If the enterprise chooses not to challenge fundamental ideas or prefers to perfect a system already in place, then the goal is developmental or incremental change. so after the developmental change new knowledge enter in the company and it’s help the company to improve in company capabilities, skill sets and whole of the systems.For example tow years ago Bridgestone branch in Iran decided to improve the skills of the employees so they send some of them to Japan for training after they came bake their skills improved. So this improvement helped the company to produce tire with best quality.
  • The period that we can not use the old process and the new process is being implemented is called the transitional change. Transitional change seeks the new skill and ability that is different from existing one. Transitional change may not require an important shift in culture or behavior but it is more challenging to implement than developmental change. a company, re-organization, use new technology and creating new produces or services are example of that. In effect the enterprise moves from its “old” state to its “new” state.
  • Transformational change may involve both developmental change and transitional change. it is a kind tuning that usually follows a radical development in technology. Transformational change is along process. Many times taking seven to ten years. For example, when computers be introduced in the market, all the companies have to adopt them because they had no other choice.

Change management Change management Presentation Transcript

  • Change Management
  • Enjoy the video
  •  ‘change’ ◦ work schedules ◦ departmentalisation ◦ machinery ◦ organisational design ◦ people
  • Forces of Change Political Technological Competitors Organization Economic
  • Forces of Change Organization Managerial position Employee Strategy Structure Procedure/processes Sociocultural
  • Models of the Change Process The Lewin Model (Kurt Lewin) 1. Unfreezing 2. The change itself is made 3. Refreezing
  • Models of the Change Process (cont.) A Comprehensive Approach Recognition of the need for change Establishment of goals for the change Diagnosis of relevant variables Selection of appropriate change technique Planning for implementation of the change Actual implementation Evaluation and follow up
  • Resistance to Change  Uncertainty  Threatened self-interest  Peer pressure  Bureaucratic : comfortable with present ways of doing thing
  • Managing Resistance to Change  Participation  Education and communication  Facilitation  Negotiation and Agreement  Manipulation
  • Force-field Analysis  In any change situation there are forces that support the change and forces that act as restrainers e.g. a fast-food kitchen may want to improve its efficiency Low skill level Resistance to change work patterns Lack of resources Cost pressure Head office policies Customer demands Equilibrium
  • Types of change  Developmental Change  Transitional Change  Transformational Change
  • occurs when a company makes an improvement to their current business Developmental Change
  • Transitional Change replaces existing processes or procedures with something that is completely new to the company
  • Transformational Change occurs after the transition period