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2011 Reedy Falls District Banquet Slideshow by Neil Kao

2011 Reedy Falls District Banquet Slideshow by Neil Kao



I used these slides during the 2011 Reedy Falls District Annual Recognition Banquet on 1/27/11.

I used these slides during the 2011 Reedy Falls District Annual Recognition Banquet on 1/27/11.



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  • Thank you to Troop 11 and First Presbyterian for hosting this event. Thank you to the 5 Troops that sponsored the food: 9, 11, 260. ? ? I’d like to ask that older adults be allowed first in line and followed by families. Scouts, to be first, you must go last in line. While they are serving food, scouts may get their drinks, to save time. Try to keep this event short and very sweet. Housekeeping: the restrooms are through that doorway. Thank you.
  • Steve Luck
  • The next 2 slides list the 2009 and 2010 District Officers. I’d like to thank the men and women who have served. There are a few open positions and there’s no lifetime appointments. So please contact Paul Winston if you’d like more information. Hey, it’s an adventure!
  • We have asked Roy Gullick and Bud Heide to preside over the swearing in of the 2010 District Officers.
  • Please ask them to line up in front of the podium for a group photo.
  • I’d like to congratulate all of the boy’s. Are any present? Mac? I had the opportunity to meet all three of them, almost 2 summers ago. They were all in Lee Lewis’ Crew when we went to Philmont. Eagle present, don’t forget about that Eagle project. It might qualify you for some serious moo-lah. Now you know, the NESA.
  • He was canoeing in the deeper, upper lake at COI. He rescued younger scouts. His story was described in Boys Life magazine. Shelby, thanks for keeping head. Member of Troop 9.
  • I’ll read the names. Ask the recipients to come forward to the facing right side to receive their award from Steve Morrison. Then stay there for a group photo. Please hold you applause until the end. Spark plugs are one type of thank you awards given to people who really get things moving.
  • Paul and Steve stand here to give the award and for the photo. Award winners, could you please come up this your right side of the podium to receive your award and have a photo taken. Thank you. Folks the best place for a photo will be here on the right side.
  • See bio
  • Brenda has assisted the District for many years in many different capacities. She’s taught merit badges, assisting with MBU, and camporees. I might add that her sons and husband are all Eagle scouts too. I’d like to congratulate Brenda Witthuhn on being the 2010 Boy Scouter of the Year.
  • See bio
  • See bio This awards are not meant for just a few people, but many. They are the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to nominate some one for next year, please send an e-mail to me or our DE Andrew Reale.
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  • Steve
  • Steve
  • Steve
  • Steve
  • Steve
  • Paul Winston, see bio
  • Paul Winston: Neil has assisted the District for the past 4-5 years, around when his son Eric got his Eagle scout rank. He attended Wood badge, went with his son to both Seabase and the next summer to Philmont. In addition to coordinating the Banquet the past 3 years, he’s taught at medicine the MBU.
  • Paul: Describe the award, which is BSA’s current version of the Scoutmaster’s Award of Merit. This was combinedand broadened to include Cubmaster, Coach or Venture Advisor. The nomination is made by the Troop and is submitted to the National office, not the District or Council.
  • Paul: I’d like to congratulate 2010 this year’s hopefully surprised winner: Bob Clayton. I’d like to tell you little bit about him…
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  • Andrew
  • Andrew
  • Andrew. Pump them up! First I’d congratulate all of the Units listed above for achieving Quality status. Why weren’t we a Quality District? What can we do for this year!
  • Andrew
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  • Andrew – you’re superman. Folks you have no idea how much effort he put into this. Thank you. Parents – thank you for sharing yourselves and your families with Boy Scouts of America. This has been a production of the Reedy Falls District. All rights reserved. All royalties go me. I hope every one had a good meal, a good time, and some laughs.
  • I’d like to ask every one to remember to try to “Leave No Trace” in our hosts meeting room. Please all rise for the closing ceremony. Good night and safe travel!

2011 Reedy Falls District Banquet Slideshow by Neil Kao 2011 Reedy Falls District Banquet Slideshow by Neil Kao Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to the 2011 Reedy Falls District Annual Recognition Banquet!
  • Centennial Celebration
  • Reedy Falls District Officers (Part 1 of 2) District Position 2010 2011 District Chairperson Paul Winston Paul Winston District Vice-Chairperson Trey Moran District Commissioner Steve Morrison Steve Morrison Assistant District Commissioner, Cub Scouts Dave Caldwell   Assistant District Commissioner, Boy Scouts Tim Poole Tim Poole Roundtable Commissioner, Cub Scouts Steve Morrison Steve Morrison Roundtable Commissioner, Boy Scouts Steve Luck   Activities & Civic Service Chairperson Wanda Lowe Wanda Lowe
  • Reedy Falls District Officers (Part 2 of 2) District Position 2010 2011 Advancement Committee Chairperson Neil Kao Neil Kao Camping & Promotions Committee Chairperson Bob Clayton Bob Clayton Finance Committee Chairperson Lindsay Smith   Membership Committee Chairperson Joe Jones Joe Jones Order of the Arrow Advisor Bob Clayton Steve Luck Publicity & Media Relations Chairperson Carl Muller Carl Muller Training Committee Chairperson Eagle Board of Review Tim Poole Tim Poole
  • District Officers Installation
    • On My Honor
    Growth of a Leader
  • 2010 Phillip Kilgore Class of Eagle Scouts
    • You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
    • Mohandas Gandhi
  • Eagle Scout Factoids
    • In 2009, 52,470 Scouts earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Around 5 percent of all Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank in 2009.
    • In 2009, the average age of boys earning the Eagle Scout rank was 17.3 years of age.
    • From 1912 to 2009, 2 million Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank.
    • You might think SC has about 1,000 per state (50,000/50). No, by population, only 1.49% not 2.0%, so 779. You and your family are a select group.
  • 2010 National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) Scholarships
    • $1,000 Hall/McElwain Merit Scholarship
    • Matthew Daniel Houck, Greenville, SC
    • Macon Chapman McLean, Greenville, SC
    • Benjamin David Wade, Taylors, SC
  • BSA Jeopardy! Given by the council to Scouts and Scouters that have saved a life at little or no personal risk. Shelby Bowden
  • 2010 Spark plugs
    • Mills Grant
    • Danney Grover
    • Nick Moody
    • Frank Rogers
    • Lorin Shirdon
    • Ed Demko
    Chuck Carnes Tracy Henry Rebecca Smith Tammy Stone Don Thompson Tina Reynolds
  • 2010 Cub Scouter of the Year
    • George LaFaye
    • Pack 324
    • Northside United Methodist Church
  • 2010 Cubmaster of the Year
    • Lorin Shirdon
    • Pack 62
    • Lee Road United Methodist Church
  • 2010 Boy Scouter of the Year
    • Brenda Witthuhn
    • Troop 260
    • Devenger Road
    • Presbyterian Church
  • 2010 Scoutmaster of the Year
    • Kenny Nicholson
    • Troop 324
    • Northside United Methodist Church
  • More BSA Jeopardy!
    • What’s my name?
    • Double jeopardy: I am the highest possible attainment in conservation for a Boy Scout. Which am I?
    • I am the highest possible attainment in conservation for a Scouter. Which am I?
    • recognizes Scouts and Scouters for their service to conservation and ecology efforts in their communities.
    • Seven different Hornaday awards with varying requirements. The youth individual awards are based on earning certain merit badges and completing one or more significant conservation projects
  • 2010 Venturing Scouter of the Year
    • Keith Rutledge
    • Crew 245
    • Lee Road Methodist Church
  • 2010 Venture Advisor of the Year
    • Joe Edge
    • Crew 9
    • Buncombe United Methodist Church
    • Did you hear about the guy who sent ten puns to friends, in the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh? Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.
  • 2010 Commissioner of the Year
    • Steve Luck
  • Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award
    • Prerequisites: completion of master’s degree; have been awarded the Commissioner’s Key; current registration as a commissioner for a minimum of 5 years.
    • Course Requirements: Complete a minimum of ten (10) additional courses of instruction not used to qualify for other college awards (total of 24), at least five (5) of the courses at the doctor’s program level as listed in the Continuing Education for Commissioners manual.
    • Thesis or Project: Completion of a thesis or project on any topic of value to Scouting in the local council. The topic and final paper or project must be approved by the council commissioner, or assigned assistant council commissioner, or the dean of the doctorate program and the staff advisor for commissioner service.
    • Performance
  • Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award
    • Steve Luck
  • 2010 Special Recognitions
    • Pinewood Derby
  • 2010 Special Recognitions
    • Spring camporee: Joe Edge
    • Fall camporee: Joe Barron
    • Cub Day Camp: George LaFaye & Frank Rogers
  • What's the definition of a will? (It's a dead giveaway).
  • 2010 Reedy Falls District Award of Merit
    • registered Scouter
    • rendered noteworthy service to youth in Scouting, outside of Scouting, or both
    • Joe Edge
  • 2010 District Scouter of the Year
    • Neil Kao
  • Unit Leader Award of Merit
    • Be a currently registered Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Coach, or Advisor who has served in that position at least 18 continuous months.
    • Meet the training requirements for the registered position.
    • Distribute a printed or electronic annual unit program plan and calendar to each family in the unit.
    • Have a leader succession plan in place.
    • Effectively use the advancement method so that at least 60 percent of the unit’s youth have advanced at least once during the last 12 months.
    • Cultivate a positive relationship with the chartered organization.
    • Project a positive image of Scouting in the community.
  • 2010 Unit Leader Award of Merit
    • Bob Clayton
    • Troop 260
    • Devenger Road Presbyterian Church
    • I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.
  • Best Troop Outdoor Program
    • Reedy Falls District’s attempt to recognize one of the measures of a successful Troop.
    • An attempt to share ideas about outdoor activities with other Scouters and Scouts
    • Troop 19
  • District Executive Comments
    • Journey to Excellence: Performance Recognition Program
    • Adult Training including Wood Badge
    • Venture Training including Kodiak
    • Adventures: Camp Old Indian, Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier
    • National Outdoor Awards are new
    • replaces National Camping Award
    • Pack: 9, 11, 19, 30, 62, 170, 256, 324, 511, 521, 751
    • Troop: 9, 11, 19, 30, 256, 260, 266, 324, 511, 519, 521, 828
    • Crew: 9
  • Closing ceremony of the 20 th World Scout Jamboree in Thailand. The 22 nd World Jamboree will be in Sweden 2011. Start packing!!
  • Thank you
    • Troop 11 and First Presbyterian Church
    • Bob Clayton, Mark Elliott, Steve Luck, Steve Morrison, Andrew Reale, Tim Poole, Paul Winston
    • Parents
  • Parting Words
    • Leave this world a little better than you found it.
    • Baden-Powell's Last Message (1945)