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Mapsol training services

  1. 1. MAPSOL Geospatial Solutions Training Services Enhancing geospatial awareness with every solution implemented©
  2. 2. LEARN FROM THE BEST enkindle your flair for geospatial problem-solving Inspire your scientific intuition, develop your critical thinking capabilities, learn to solve the s p a c e / t i m e p r o b l e m s and become the best geospatial professional around! Training Philosophy  Integrating active research projects showing realworld applications in the classroom materials and  Enthusiasm  Imagination  Knowledge lab exercises  Experiment-based self-learning and professional interactions  Incorporating adult learning principles and gaming technologies  Creativity  Productivity  Competitiveness  Helping learners of all ages grasp the ways of spatial thinking.  Providing course material to review and practice concepts and workflows after class  Committed high-caliber trainers  Courses geared and designed with flexibility We are a geospatial (GIS) consulting, research, development and training company incorporated in 2013 in Mapsol combines interactivity and creativity with India serving worldwide instructional support to create an effective customers. learning environment. Enhancing geospatial awareness with every solution implemented©
  3. 3. Training Options Instructor-Based Training Face to face interaction with our instructor. Custom Training for Professionals Courses customized to your domainarea and department needs E-Learning Study from the comfort of your desk, saving you time and money Distance Learning Study at a time and place that suits you to help you progress as a professional. Courses are available from the Mapsol website 24/7 Course Offerings Introduction to GIS (MTS101) Goal: You will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of geospatial information systems (GIS), science, and technologies. You will develop an understanding of what GIS was, is, and will be. You will learn to make decisions about GIS needs, requirements, and questions of your organization and/or profession. Audience: Individuals ranging from fresh graduates to seasoned domain professionals Introduction to Remote Sensing (MTS102) Goal: You will be introduced to digital image processing and remote sensing methods and practices. You will understand the fundamentals of remote sensing; learn about the various satellite systems around the world and to analyze and interpret aerial and satellite imagery. Audience: Individuals ranging from fresh graduates to seasoned domain professionals Fundamentals of Geospatial Mathematics (MTS201) Goal: You will be introduced to mathematics used in geospatial science and technologies. You will revisit concepts of mathematics including coordinate geometry, calculus, and trigonometry in the context of analyzing and solving real-world problems involving the dimensions of space and time. You will learn to use this knowledge to become competent to quickly develop and implement GIS solutions. Audience: Software developers, engineers, statisticians or other specialists who are willing to incorporate GIS into their work. Introduction to Lidar in GIS(MTS308) Right learning environment intertwines knowledge realms with philosophical Goal: You will be introduced to Lidar as a data acquisition system and a rich source of multi-dimensional data. You will understand how to organize, visualize and use the data to suit your GIS needs. Audience: Geospatial professionals, data managers and others seeking to incorporate Lidar data into their applications. GIS professionals working in the forestry, hydrology, environmental management, urban planning, defense and intelligence, and mining industries may find the course of particular benefit. Pre-requisite: MTS101 or equivalent aspects of education that harness such inspirations. Enhancing geospatial awareness with every solution implemented ©
  4. 4. Training Series Introductory (MTS100+) Theory of Geospatial Problem-Solving (MTS200+) Course Offerings Vector and Raster Data Models (MTS402) Goal: You will be introduced to the basic concepts of vector and raster models in GIS. You will learn how various tools and methodologies can be used to analyze and study the data models for varied applications. Audience: Individuals ranging from fresh graduates to advanced professionals seeking to delve deep into the black box of GIS. Pre-requisite: MTS101 or equivalent Geospatial Modeling and Analysis (MTS503) Geospatial Reference Frameworks and Data Acquisition Systems (MTS300+) Geospatial Data and Computations (MTS400+) Domain-Specific Geospatial Problem-Solving (MTS500+) Geospatial Dissemination Technologies (MTS600+) Goal: You will be introduced to the theory of geospatial problem-solving through varied examples. You will also learn to apply different geospatial tools in the right context to solve a problem in hand. Audience: Individuals with basic geospatial skills and knowledge Pre-requisite: MTS201 or equivalent GIS for Transportation and Environmental Engineering (MTS501, MTS502) Goal: You will learn how to use GIS as a tool to solve varied problems related to the domains of Transportation management and Environmental engineering. Audience: Engineers, managers, and other professionals working in the domains Transportation and Environmental engineering. Pre-requisite: MTS101 or equivalent Geospatial Technologies for Map-Making (MTS603) Goal: You will be introduced to the fundamentals of map design. You will learn to read maps through a cartographer's eye and make maps to meet the geospatial needs of your organization. Audience: Individuals who would like to make maps and get introduced to GIS as a mapping tool. Pre-requisite: MTS101 or equivalent Enhancing geospatial awareness with every solution implemented ©
  5. 5. Conceptualizing and implementing geospatial solutions to problems associated with multiple dimensions of the real-world. Discuss your training needs: MAPSOL GEOSPATIAL SOLUTIONS No: 2-4-290, Road No. 3, Snehapuri Colony, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India—500035 Tel : +91 - (813) 036 6279 +1 - (608) 217 7985 Website: Email: