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Devoxx Real-Time Learning
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Devoxx Real-Time Learning


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An expanded description of real-time learning including system designs that Ted Dunning presented at Devox France in March 2013

An expanded description of real-time learning including system designs that Ted Dunning presented at Devox France in March 2013

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1©MapR Technologies - Confidential Real-time Learning
  • 2. 2©MapR Technologies - Confidential whoami – Ted Dunning  Chief Application Architect, MapR Technologies  Committer, member, Apache Software Foundation – particularly Mahout, Zookeeper and Drill (we’re hiring)  Contact me at @ted_dunning
  • 3. 3©MapR Technologies - Confidential  Slides and such (available late tonight): –  Hash tags: #mapr #devoxxfr
  • 4. 4©MapR Technologies - Confidential Agenda  What is real-time learning?  A sample problem  Philosophy, statistics and the nature of the knowledge  A solution  System design
  • 5. 5©MapR Technologies - Confidential What is Real-time Learning?  Training data arrives one record at a time  The system improves a mathematical model based on a small amount of training data  We retain at most a fixed amount of state  Each learning step takes O(1) time and memory
  • 6. 6©MapR Technologies - Confidential We have a product to sell … from a web-site
  • 7. 7©MapR Technologies - Confidential Bogus Dog Food is the Best! Now available in handy 1 ton bags! Buy 5! What picture? What tag- line? What call to action?
  • 8. 8©MapR Technologies - Confidential The Challenge  Design decisions affect probability of success – Cheesy web-sites don’t even sell cheese  The best designers do better when allowed to fail – Exploration juices creativity  But failing is expensive – If only because we could have succeeded – But also because offending or disappointing customers is bad
  • 9. 9©MapR Technologies - Confidential A Quick Diversion  You see a coin – What is the probability of heads? – Could it be larger or smaller than that?  I flip the coin and while it is in the air ask again  I catch the coin and ask again  I look at the coin (and you don’t) and ask again  Why does the answer change? – And did it ever have a single value?
  • 10. 10©MapR Technologies - Confidential A Philosophical Conclusion  Probability as expressed by humans is subjective and depends on information and experience
  • 11. 11©MapR Technologies - Confidential So now you understand Bayesian probability
  • 12. 12©MapR Technologies - Confidential Another Quick Diversion  Let’s play a shell game  This is a special shell game  It costs you nothing to play  The pea has constant probability of being under each shell (trust me)  How do you find the best shell?  How do you find it while maximizing the number of wins?
  • 13. 13©MapR Technologies - Confidential Pause for short con-game
  • 14. 14©MapR Technologies - Confidential Conclusions  Can you identify winners or losers without trying them out? No  Can you ever completely eliminate a shell with a bad streak? No  Should you keep trying apparent losers? Yes, but at a decreasing rate
  • 15. 15©MapR Technologies - Confidential So now you understand multi-armed bandits
  • 16. 16©MapR Technologies - Confidential Is there an optimum strategy?
  • 17. 17©MapR Technologies - Confidential Thompson Sampling  Select each shell according to the probability that it is the best  Probability that it is the best can be computed using posterior  But I promised a simple answer P(i is best) = I E[ri |q]= max j E[rj |q] é ëê ù ûúò P(q | D) dq
  • 18. 18©MapR Technologies - Confidential Thompson Sampling – Take 2  Sample θ  Pick i to maximize reward  Record result from using i q ~P(q | D) i = argmax j E[r |q]
  • 19. 19©MapR Technologies - Confidential Nearly Forgotten until Recently  Citations for Thompson sampling
  • 20. 20©MapR Technologies - Confidential Bayesian Bandit for the Shells  Compute distributions based on data so far  Sample p1, p2 and p3 from these distributions  Pick shell i where i = argmaxi pi  Lemma 1: The probability of picking shell i will match the probability it is the best shell  Lemma 2: This is as good as it gets
  • 21. 21©MapR Technologies - Confidential And it works! 11000 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 0.12 0 0.01 0.02 0.03 0.04 0.05 0.06 0.07 0.08 0.09 0.1 0.11 n regret ε- greedy, ε = 0.05 Bayesian Bandit with Gamma- Normal
  • 22. 22©MapR Technologies - Confidential Video Demo
  • 23. 23©MapR Technologies - Confidential The Basic Idea  We can encode a distribution by sampling  Sampling allows unification of exploration and exploitation  Can be extended to more general response models
  • 24. 24©MapR Technologies - Confidential The Original Problem Bogus Dog Food is the Best! Now available in handy 1 ton bags! Buy 5! x1 x2 x3
  • 25. 25©MapR Technologies - Confidential Mathematical Statement  Logistic or probit regression P(conversion) = w xiqijå( ) w(x) = 1 1+ e-x w(x) = erf(x)+1 2
  • 26. 26©MapR Technologies - Confidential Same Algorithm  Sample θ  Pick design x to maximize reward q ~P(q | D) x* = argmax x E[rx |q]= argmax x xiqijå
  • 27. 27©MapR Technologies - Confidential Context Variables Bogus Dog Food is the Best! Now available in handy 1 ton bags! Buy 5! x1 x2 x3 y1=user.geo y2=env.time y3=env.day_of_week y4=env.weekend
  • 28. 28©MapR Technologies - Confidential Two Kinds of Variables  The web-site design - x1, x2, x3 – We can change these – Different values give different web-site designs  The environment or context – y1, y2, y3, y4 – We can’t change these – They can change themselves  Our model should include interactions between x and y
  • 29. 29©MapR Technologies - Confidential Same Algorithm, More Greek Letters  Sample θ, π, φ  Pick design x to maximize reward, y’s are constant  This looks very fancy, but is actually pretty simple (q,P,F)~P(q,P,F | D) x* = argmax x E[rx |q] = argmax x xiqi i å + xi yjpij i, j å + yiji i å
  • 30. 30©MapR Technologies - Confidential Surprises  We cannot record a non-conversion until we wait  We cannot record a conversion until we wait for the same time  Learning from conversions requires delay  We don’t have to wait very long
  • 31. 31©MapR Technologies - Confidential
  • 32. 32©MapR Technologies - Confidential
  • 33. 33©MapR Technologies - Confidential
  • 34. 34©MapR Technologies - Confidential
  • 35. 35©MapR Technologies - Confidential Required Steps  Learn distribution of parameters from data – Logistic regression or probit regression (can be on-line!) – Need Bayesian learning algorithm  Sample from posterior distribution – Generally included in Bayesian learning algorithm  Pick design – Simple sequential search  Record data
  • 36. 36©MapR Technologies - Confidential Required system design
  • 37. 37©MapR Technologies - Confidential t now Hadoop is Not Very Real-time Unprocessed Data Fully processed Latest full period Hadoop job takes this long for this data
  • 38. 38©MapR Technologies - Confidential t now Hadoop works great back here Storm works here Real-time and Long-time together Blended view Blended view Blended View
  • 39. 39©MapR Technologies - Confidential Traditional Hadoop Design  Can use Kafka cluster to queue log lines  Can use Storm cluster to do real time learning  Can host web site on NAS  Can use Flume cluster to import data from Kafka to Hadoop  Can record long-term history on Hadoop Cluster  How many clusters?
  • 40. 40©MapR Technologies - Confidential Kafka Kafka Cluster Kafka Cluster Kafka Cluster Storm Users Web Site Kafka API Web Service NAS Design Targeting Hadoop HDFS Data Flume
  • 41. 41©MapR Technologies - Confidential That is a lot of moving parts!
  • 42. 42©MapR Technologies - Confidential Alternative Design  Can host log catcher on MapR via NFS  Storm can read data directly from queue  Can host web server directly on cluster  Only one cluster needed – Total instances drops by 3x – Admin burden massively decreased
  • 43. 43©MapR Technologies - Confidential Users Catcher Storm Topic Queue Web-server http Web Data MapR
  • 44. 44©MapR Technologies - Confidential You can do this yourself!
  • 45. 45©MapR Technologies - Confidential Contact Me!  We’re hiring at MapR in US and Europe  MapR software available for research use  Contact me at or @ted_dunning  Share news with @apachemahout  Tweet #devoxxfr #mapr #mahout @ted_dunning