Rock Village - SGT course mid-review


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Rock Village - SGT course mid-review

  1. 1. Water Self-Sufficiency for theRock Village Lebanon Mid-ReviewErik Friede, Nina Martin, Santo Leung, and Desmond Ngochi
  2. 2. Field TripField trip: 19 - 22 March 2013 •  Broumana •  Beirut •  Terbol •  Baalbek •  Arnoun
  3. 3. Before the trip•  Reclaimed land since 2000•  1st year SGT groups focus on renewable energy sources•  Hydrological and geological report on the region•  Established Al-Amal NGO•  Two years of farming on parts of the land•  Experience with 5 types of native seeds o  Faba beans, chickpeas, wheat, bulgur, lentils
  4. 4. 19.3: Al-Amal InstituteSweater & Wheat Program
  5. 5. Goals for the Rock Village•  Self-Sustaining Agriculture•  Water Independence•  Energy Independence•  Residence home for the disabled•  Integrated welfare programme
  6. 6. 21.3: Agriculture - ICARDA•  Dr. Hassan Machlab•  International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas•  1 of 15 Centers Worldwide - each under same global mission, but own regional mandates
  7. 7. ICARDAPrimary goal in Lebanon: o  to provide farmers with technology to increase production o  to optimise agricultural methods through training•  Breed appropriate seeds for a specific region•  Market relevance and value of native seeds•  access to regions largest gene bank in Syria
  8. 8. ICARDA•  Can provide knowledge and info on proper growing techniques but due to lack of funds cannot get more involved than providing initial seed•  Does not focus on organic or small-scale farming•  Rock Village responsible for own seed multiplication
  9. 9. 22.3: Litani Water Administration of Nabatieh•  Services South Lebanon•  Over $100,000 to install a well; cheaper to put down new pipes•  All approvals come from the ministry in Beirut•  Does not maintain the network•  Claims drinking water quality•  Does not focus on training, sustainable
  10. 10. 22.3: Confederation of Municipalities Union of Shqif RegionPrimary problems to address regionally:1. Water - Only 40% of ground water harvested is actually distributed - Other 60% stolen/wasted due to poor maintenance2. Electricity - only 6 hours of electricity from the grid - private generators use costly fuel3. Infrastructure
  11. 11. 22.3: Rock Village Site Visit•  Met with Castro – Local Farmer o  Currently uses 10 kg of fertilizer o  $34/kg
  12. 12. Fawaz Katby - Mayor of Arnoun•  Village receives water - 400 m3/week•  Addition of wells --> 90m3/hour•  Requires 2 pumps, supported by diesel generators during eletricity cuts•  Considers new well as long-term solution•  Plans to demolish rain water reservoir•  Tobacco farms use waste water
  13. 13. 23.3 American University of Beirut (AUB)• CCES - Centre of Civic Engagement and Community Service• Finnish Foreign Ministry/EU support
  14. 14. What We Learned•  Government is unreliable and ineffective•  People search for short-term solutions•  Very little concern for conservation of resources•  Corruption affects foreign financial aidAUB wants to get involved, but need more dataand hard scientific research before they cancreate the program
  15. 15. Where Were Going..•  Rainwater Collection o  including possibility of dew collection o  assessing existing reservoirs structure and access o  advanced research and mapping of the area   local and national cooperation, full-time expert
  16. 16. Rainwater Collection1.  Catchment area2.  Gutters and downspouts3.  Leaf screens and roof washers4.  Cisterns and storage tanks5.  Conveying6.  Water treatment
  17. 17. Rainwater Quality considerations •  Generally safe for consumption and other potable uses without treatment but dependent on: o  Potential pollutants on collection surface o  Maintenance and condition of storage facilities o  Location - industrial area? Urban area with concentrated motor vehicle emissions? Simplest solution is to boil water before consumption •  Not always accepted and some complain of altered tasteOther methods, e.g. chlorinated disinfection system, requireadditional infrastructure and increases costs
  18. 18. Where were going•  Develop plan for water conservation awareness•  Waterless sanitation for the future of Rock Village•  Develop timeline for construction of residence
  19. 19. Waterless Sanitation•  Composting vs Dehydrating•  Eliminate Sewage•  70-90% volume reduction•  Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium o  Key elements in fertilizer
  20. 20. Where Were Going..•  Agriculture implementation plan o  seed multiplication o  possibility of rock village becoming agricultural learning center o  sustainable farming methods