Plegable biologia molecular


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Plegable biologia molecular

  1. 1. Manuela Gómez Londoño Molecular biology August 13 2012 UPB-Medellín
  2. 2. ZFN is an artificial proteinthat binds to a shortsequence of DNA and aDNA nuclease which cutsat the site of binding ofZFN, so cells cannot beeasily repaired.Cell death is good in caseof DNA damage,mutations, exposition tocarcinogens or radiationand is so bad inneurodegenerative diseaseor in cells wich cant beregenerated.
  3. 3. When ZFN gene enter to the cell starts producing ZFNproteins wich destroyspecific genes of cell DNA.
  4. 4. The bad thing is that ZFN may act on othergenes causing injury and damage to DNA, forthis they use a transport protein of ZFN
  5. 5. ZFN gene therapy is use to interrupt the expression ofreceptor CCR5 of T cells,creating high resistance to virus.
  6. 6. This new technique with ZFN is too effective becauseits actue on specific gene causing minimal damage to DNA.
  7. 7. Toxins induce apoptosis its start in the mitochondria,where caspases enzymes are activated by accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS).
  8. 8. Apoptosis may bereversible if toxins are deleted quickly of decell and depending onthe type of cell and thetime it was exposed to the toxin and if they are activated or not caspases.
  9. 9. Despite of the cells can be left with damage or a mutation because the enzymes that cleave theAND are activated even though cell repair and fixes the most breaks of DNA.
  10. 10. . This process is too useful for cells that do not have the ability to regenerate as neurons because with their death the number reduces and will manifest different pathologies, so in these cells is better have some damage than to be dead because with damages would do at least some of its functions
  11. 11. Gene therapy has becomethe future of medicine and hope for many conditions such as regulating gene expression. we can take control of life to the pointof being able to avoid mostdiseases before they show up. improving the quality of life of people.
  12. 12. Gene therapy to make a zinc finger nuclease solution is areally cost effective because it hasthe ability to act on specific genes and thus ensures that the damage, DNA mutations andalterations is minimal. So this is a real solution for HIV it is very likely that you can start using in all medical fields
  13. 13. If the cells survive this shortexposure to toxins, will be a medical advance because itmay arrest the progression ofneurodegenerative diseases,may also be used in therapies against cancer, the quimioterapia not would have to be continuous because it is toxic and itwould help reverse apoptosis
  14. 14. Anastasis is a big step in medicinebecause we may find a cure forcancer, something that has beensought for decades, since wecould recover so that cells do notregenerate and can still performtheir functions or some of them,thus allowing a person to have abetter quality of life if you havesome disease possibly reachingthe cure.
  15. 15.  Safer alternative to experimental gene therapy against HIV infection Published on July 2, 2012 at 9:30 AM NEW MEDICALS Toxins and cell death: Interview with Professor Denise Montell Published on July 6, 2012 at 7:09 AM NEWS MEDICALS MARTINEZ SÁNCHEZ, Lina María. Biología molecular.2. ed. Medellín: UPB. Fac. de Medicina, 2006. 208 p.