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The Earth

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Our House

  1. 2. From the distance, The Earth is alike a gem of blue color that shines in the darkness of the space
  2. 3. The Astronomers have stated that our hearth is alone an insignificant luminous point in the almost bottomless magnitude of a universe without limits
  3. 4. And what is more, the life in this beautiful sphere can be very pleasant. Agreeable what is to feel the lukewarm heat of the Sun in a cold day
  4. 5. And enjoy a spectacular sunrise
  5. 6. Or a beautiful sunset
  6. 7. But apart from delight our feelings, the Sun is essential to our existence
  7. 8. The Sun over millions of years, its gravitational force has remained stable orbits the Earth and other planets
  8. 9. However, as we learned at school, the whole system sun revolves around the center of our galaxy "The Milky Way" and therefore the Sun is nothing more than a hundred billion stars performing this journey together
  9. 10. The Milky Way, in turn, is part of a cluster of thirty and five galaxies and star clusters that exist come to have thousands of Galaxies.
  10. 11. However, our system Solar would not be as stable if was located in a accumulation of galaxies much larger and more dense, ( like the one we see here ) in fact, are not yet known elsewhere in the universe that are appropriate for complex life forms such as ours
  11. 12. Many factors combine to make the region of the universe we inhabit is unique Our solar system is situated between two spiral arms of the Milky Way, in an area with relatively few stars
  12. 13. If our solar system closer to the center the Milky Way would suffer the effects of clouds crossing as, receive strong impacts of exploding stars and other radiation sources, all lethal to human life
  13. 14. The Sun is the star perfect for our needs, because its combustion is stable, long-lived, is not very big or too small
  14. 15. Almost all the stars are in groups united by gravitational forces and turning around some other
  15. 16. In contrast the Sun is lone must thank so because it would be a disaster on Earth, if it were subjected the gravitational force of two or more Suns
  16. 17. Another feature that makes it special in our solar system is the location of the giant planet, which orbits circulars have to comply with the protective function to attract or deflect dangerous objects Jupiter for example, the back keeps us
  17. 18. Asteroids and comets colliding against us, but this does not happen often
  18. 19. The water that exists in liquid form, it is because the Earth is in the exact distance with respect to the Sun
  19. 20. Mars is too cold Venus too hot Neither have water in liquid form and there is no life without water as they know it
  20. 21. The Moon has marveled at the man and has inspired poets and musicians, has a very significant effect on the Earth as it remains stable tilt of the Earth's axis with respect to the plane of its orbit around the Sun, In the absence of the Moon would be a disaster terrestrial life
  21. 22. Another key factor of the Moon is that the gravitational effect it has on Earth, causing the ebb and flow of the seas, which is fundamental to the existence of ocean currents
  22. 23. ¿ How can one explain that the factors discussed and many more, were combined to make life pleasant exists on Earth ? Seems to have only two alternatives Were the product of the fortuitous coincidence ,                or is that It should be the purpose of an intelligent person
  23. 24. Perhaps surprised to know that in the historical and biblical book of Genesis written by Moses, in the fifteenth century before Christ, the narrative of the historic events of the formation of the universe, basically agrees with what scientists of the modern era, they believe happened
  24. 25. Música ; Humming Chorus Saludos Manuel