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  • 1. Prayer for the peace
  • 2. Señor : Hazme un Instrumento de tu PAZ, para : My God, Do an Instrument of your PEACE to me, for:
  • 3. donde haya odio, ponga yo amor, where beech hated, I put love ,
  • 4. donde haya ofensa, ponga yo perdón where there is affront, I put pardon
  • 5. Donde haya discordia, ponga yo armonía Where there is discord, I put harmony
  • 6. donde haya error, ponga yo verdad where there is error, I put truth
  • 7. donde haya duda, ponga yo fe where there is doubt, I put faith
  • 8. Donde haya desesperación, ponga yo calma Where there is desperation, I put calmness
  • 9. donde hayan tinieblas, yo ponga luz where there is darkness, I put light
  • 10. Oh Señor : Que no me empeñe tanto Oh My God: Who does not get into debt so much
  • 11. En ser consolado como en consolar In being consoled as in consoling
  • 12. En ser comprendido como en comprender In being understood as in understanding
  • 13. En ser amado como en amar In being loved as in loving
  • 14. En recibir, mejor dar, porque dando es que se recibe In receiving, better giving, because giving it is that it is received
  • 15. Perdonar en vez de ser perdonado To excuse instead of being excused
  • 16. Muriendo se resucita a la vida Dying it is resuscitated to the life
  • 17. Saludos Manuel Música : Alain Morisod True Love ( Amor verdadero )