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Food and recipes 1
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Food and recipes 1

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This is a presentation about food for students of 6th level of Primary Education

This is a presentation about food for students of 6th level of Primary Education

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  • 1. FOOD A presentation for 6 th level of Primary Education / Colegio Santo Ángel Teacher: Manuel J. Hermosín Mojeda
    • All living things need food and water.
    • 3. Green plants make food in their leaves.
    • 4. But animals must find their own food.
    • Green plants can make their own food from minerals and water in the ground.
    • 6. Plant-eaters eat plants to live.
  • 7. Meat-eaters
    • Most meat-eaters kill other animals.
    • 8. Some find dead animals and eat them.
    • All animals, not just the plant-eaters, depend on plants for food:
      • Plants make their own food,
      • 10. caterpillars eat plants,
      • 11. frogs eat caterpillars,
      • 12. snakes eat frogs and
      • 13. owls eat snakes.
  • 14. Food for energy
    • Running around and playing games is fun, but you need lots of energy to do this all day.
    • 15. A car cannot go if it has no fuel.
    • 16. It is the same for you, but your fuel is special:
      • Potatoes, pasta, rice, cereals and fruit.
  • 17. Body-building food
    • Fish meat, eggs, milk, cheese, cereals, beans and nuts are examples of food that help you grow.
    • 18. They also help your body to get better if you hurt yourself or if you have been ill.
    • How many kinds of fruit and vegetables do you like?
    • 20. Some like bananas and sweet potatoes grow in warm countries.
    • 21. Other, like apples and and carrots, grow in cooler countries
  • 22. Fruit and vegetables for a healthy life
    • A lot of fruits are brightly coloured and smell delicious. This is why so many birds and animals like them.
    • 23. A few vegetables, like potatoes, must be cooked before they are eaten.
    • 24. As well as having a good flavour, fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins, which keep our bodies healthy.
  • 25. Bread: one of the oldest foods in the world.
    • A long time ago people discovered how to make bread.
    • 26. First they collected a lot of grass seeds and from these made flour.
    • 27. Then the flour was mixed with water and baked on a very hot stone.
  • 28. Bread
    • Today many different kinds of grass seeds, or cereals, are used to make bread.
    • 29. Because it is valuable for health, bread is one of the most important foods.
    • 30. It comes in many shapes and sizes.
    • 31. Bread makes an easy snack.
  • 32. Pasta: Popular food from Italy
    • It came from Italy, but now you can find it all over the world.
    • 33. It comes in different shapes, sizes and colours.
    • 34. Pasta is made from wheat flour, eggs and water.
    • 35. It tastes good when it is eaten with a delicious sauce.
  • 36. Food from the sea
    • More than two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered by the sea.
    • 37. It is home to enormous numbers of living creatures.
    • 38. Many of these are caught and eaten by other sea creatures.
    • 39. Fishermen also catch some of this seafood for the world's fishmarkets.
  • 40. Food from the sea
    • People who live near the coast may eat fish and other seafood once o twice a week.
    • 41. Large numbers of plants also live in the sea.
    • 42. Many of these are collected and made into delicious meals.
  • 43. Food from the sea
    • In Great Britain, fish and chips is a favourite meal.
    • 44. In Spain 'pescaito frito' is a very popular meal in the South.
    • 45. Fish may be cooked in many different ways.
  • 46. Preserving food
    • Food does not stay fresh for long.
    • 47. It goes bad quickly in warm weather.
    • 48. There are many ways to preserve it.
  • 49. Preserving food
    • Smoke preserves meat and fish.
    • 50. When food is dried it does not go bad easily.
    • 51. Chemists have found a way of preserving food by adding chemicals to it.
  • 52. Preserving food
    • Different food can be preserved in closed cans without air.
    • 53. Spices can keep sausages fresh and good to eat for a long time.
    • 54. Salt helps to preserve meat and fish.