Pentana Vision Functional Overview


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Pentana Vision is the future of audit management systems.
Developed from the ground up using the latest Microsoft technologies, Pentana Vision is not just another upgrade; it’s the next generation of audit and risk management software from Pentana and is set to prove that successful auditors have Vision.


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Pentana Vision Functional Overview

  1. 1. FunctionalOverview
  2. 2. Functional Overview Pentana Vision Pentana Vision is the latest audit management system from Pentana and builds on the success of the Pentana Audit Work System, PAWS. This brochure will provide you with an insight into the Pentana philosophy and an overview of Pentana Vision which we hope will demonstrate the benefits of using Pentana Vision in managing your audits. Screens & User Customization Consistent & Intuitive Screen Design We have designed Pentana Vision to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible. Our screens follow a clear and consistent structure so that once you know how one works, you will know how they all work. The system holds many screens open as tabs, so you can skip between different sets of data with ease. At the top of each screen is a Ribbon Ribbon containing a set of context sensitive toolbars. On the far left is the Navigation Pane, a structured access to Pentana Vision’s functionsNavigation Pane such as ‘Track Actions’ and ‘Risk Matrix’. Data Properties To the right of the Navigation Pane is the Navigator Navigator. This provides a data tree of the information you are examining, allowing you to focus on the level of detail you wish to work with by expanding or contracting the tree to different hierarchy levels. The middle section is the most important. It is where Pentana Vision displays your data. You can hide or reveal the other screen elements at will to increase the width of this area and so display the range of information you feel you need. Selecting a line in the Data Pane and opening up the Properties Pane on the right will allow you to enter, amend or just view detailed information about that line. To get you started, Pentana Vision provides default views of each set of data but, if these do not suit your needs, you can customize them and save your preferences to be used later. If you wish, you can designate your new views as your default, and you can select whether you want them to be private to you or to be publicly available to all users in your organization with access to that data. In the Data Pane, you can chose which columns you wish to include and each column has a simple filter facility to allow you to limit the information displayed. You can, for example, in the Manage Audits view, use this to display the status of all audits headed by a particular manager. You can also select the Expander Bar at the top of the panel to get access to a find (string filter) function and a sort and group function that uses an intuitive drag and drop system. Terminology and Pick-Lists No two internal audit departments work in quite the same way and, with this in mind, we have built a high degree of user customization into Pentana Vision. It’s not a problem if the terminoligy used by Pentana Vision is different from your own, as you can change it to suit your needs in the Administation Section. 1 Copyright © Pentana [2002]-2011
  3. 3. Functional OverviewSimilarly, the classifications that you use may be particular to your organization and may be subtly orcompletely different from those used elsewhere. For example, as standard, Pentana Vision provides apick-list of control assessment ratings of ‘Effective’, ‘Partially Effective’ and ‘Ineffective’, but you mightuse different terms or employ finer distinctions. To cater for these requirements, Pentana Visionmakes the contents of all pick-lists, both terminology and depth of choice, available to modify as anon-technical user in the Administration section.Our philosophy is to build software that will adapt to you and not to require you to adapt to it. Webelieve the level of user customization we have made available, together with our consistent andintuitive screen layout, will greatly reduce your training and implementation effort.Functional OverviewCreating Your Audit UniverseThe Pentana Vision set-up begins with the creation of the AuditUniverse, which consists of your Auditable Entities assigned toOrganizational Units within your Organization Structure. TheOrganizational Structure you use can be your enterprise’s physicalstructure, its legal structure, or whatever other structure reflectsthe way you wish to manage your audits.Your Organizational Structure is represented by a data tree. Thereis no limit to the number of levels in the tree and branches can beof differing lengths. The leaves at the end of the branches are theAuditable Entities.The Organizational Structure can be used throughout the Universesection of the software to view various aspects of your audits atdifferent levels. Changes to the way you wish to organize your audits are not a problem, as you can alter the Organization Structure in Pentana Vision at any time. As you create each Entity, you can indicate the Processes it undertakes using a simple cell based tick screen.If your Processes are not coveredby our standard set, you can addthem in the AdministrationSection. 2 Copyright © Pentana [2002]-2011
  4. 4. Functional OverviewPlanning Your AuditsWe have designed the Audit Coverage section of Pentana Vision to help you to keep track of the audits you might need to plan for the period by highlighting gaps in your current coverage. The system presents this as an expanable/collapsable cross tabulation of Entites and their processes. There is a separate view for each period, which you select in the Navigator. The cells are colour coded: red indicates processes for which you have not yet planned an audit and green shows Processes for which you have. You can expand and contract the Organization Structure and Processes on the screen as you wish. Contracted views will show composite coverage numbers – 33% for example indicates that only one-third of the processes currently have audits. Cells with intermediate coverage percentages are coloured yellow.You add an audit by simply right-clicking on a cell. This opens up the Properties Pane were you canstart planning the audit. Pentana Vision does not confine an audit to a single Entity. Having createdyour audit, you can expand its scope to take in other Processes and other Entities. In this way you cancreate process based audits that span many Entities.Assessing Your Entity’s RisksHaving recorded the processesundertaken by your Entity and decidedthat you wish to carry out an audit in thecurrent period, you can set aboutexamining the audit risks. In the Risk RiskRegister, Pentana Vision provides youwith a list of standard objectives andrisks related to the processes your Entityis involved in. You can select which onesyou want to use, and add some of yourown if you need to. You can then record your Inherent assessment of the Inherent Impact Inherent Inherent (unmitigated) Likelihood Score Likelihood and Inherent Impact for each risk and Pentana Vision will provide you with an Inherent Risk Score. 3 Copyright © Pentana [2002]-2011
  5. 5. Functional OverviewFor those riskswith a sufficient Control Control DesignInherent Score, Test Assessmentyou will wish toexamine andevaluate the PropertiesEntity’s related Panecontrols. Bydrilling into the Controla risk line , you Detailscan revealPentana Vision’s library controls for that risk, and by drilling down further you can reveal the librarytests for those controls. You can adopt these, with or without amendment, or replace them with yourown.Selecting a control row – as above – opens the Properties Pane on the right of the screen. Here youcan record the details of actual controls employed by the Entity and, in a similar way, design your testsof those controls. Like all entries in the Property Pane, all text is spell checked and the system recordsthe last amendment date and user responsible.Audit Work PlansSelecting your audit in the Manage Auditsscreen opens up the Audit Work Sectionin the Navigation Pane. Here you canassign staff to your audit, complete thedesign of your workplan and track anyissues arising.Pentana Vision automatically brings theEntity Risk Register into your audit andlets you reassess the risk levels. It notonly copies the control tests into thework plan, it also includes standard stepsfor planning, reporting and sign-off of your audit. You can add any further steps you wish fromPantana Vision’s libraries, from another audit on the system, maybe that for the previous year, or youcan create them from scratch. Pentana Vision’s libraries cover various international auditingrequirements, including Sarbanes-Oxley (USA), Turnbull (UK), COBIT, COSO (International), Basel II(Banking) and CIPFA (UK). You can, if you wish, assign individual steps to specific auditors. To start with, in the screen to the left we have assigned some work steps to Charlotte Nagle and Gary Freer. The sign-off status of each test is apparent at a glance: red boxes indicate tests that are incomplete; yellow ones indicate completed tests that have not yet been approved; and green boxes show completed steps that have been approved. At this stage of the audit, all the boxes are red.As the audit progresses, if you wish, you can use the filters in the header row to display just the stepswith the status you are interested in. 4 Copyright © Pentana [2002]-2011
  6. 6. Functional OverviewAudit WorkIn the work plan Charlotte can select a step assigned to her to open up the Properties Pane, whichreveals the details of the test. Test As she completes each Description test, Charlotte can record the details and results of her work in the Properties Panel and then sign it off. She has completed the first three steps asssigned to her and now the sign- off boxes for those tests Test Result on the data pane are yellow.Attachments Charlotte can add additional audit evidence in Attachment Shortcutthe form of a file such as a photographic imageor video captured on her phone, or detailed Attachmentback-up information in the form of MS Word Iconand MS Excel documents.Attachments are editable and Pentana Vision provides full control of this using a check out system.Files you check out for editing cannot be changed by other users until you check them back in.Findings & Follow-Up ActionsCharlotte recorded a ‘Fail’ forher second step and now maywish to add a procedural Findingin connection with that step.The system allows her to add Finding Iconany number of Findings to a teststep and she can record arespondent’s comments. She can also add Actions to Findings to identify owners of each action anddeadline dates that help her follow up on their outcomes. These are all clearly marked on the workplan. She can record the full details of Findings and Actions in the Properties Pane. There is no limit on the volume of information she can record. As with work plan steps, Pentana Vision provides the facility to record the completion and approval of findings.Charlotte can give her Findings a severity rating to include or exclude them from the audit report. 5 Copyright © Pentana [2002]-2011
  7. 7. Functional OverviewReview Charlotte’s work in this area is now Review point Review point detail complete and is ready for review. Pentana Vision Reviewed allows for two levels of review: optional reviews by any number of Approved people and a final work approval. Review Point Indicator She can access the full text of anyreview points you raise in the Properties Pane. As with work plan steps, Charlotte can sign off thepoint when she believes she has completed it and you can approve it when you are satisfied that it hasbeen satisfactorily dealt with. Approved steps are shown clearly in green on the work plan and, usingthe header filters, you can display just the steps that have been completed which you have not yetapproved.At any time, you can also get an overview of your review points using the dedicated Review Pointsscreen. There are also dedicated Audit Report screens that enable you to keep track of your Findingsand Actions. Not only can you view the outstanding review points onthe work plan and in the dedicated screen,Pentana Vision can also display them, andmany other things, on your home page.The widgets displayed can be drilled intoand used as shortcuts to review points orothers areas of your work that you need tokeep your eye on.Each user can choose which widgets theywish to display on their home screen.Like all data panes, you can customize the widget views toyour own needs and save your views as defaults or merely loadable options.Risk AssessmentWith the audit work complete,and the operation of the controlsfully assessed, you can return tothe audit Risk Register to addyour assessments of Residual(mitigated) Risk to your earlierassessments of Inherent(unmitigated) Risk and review theseverity ratings you have assigned to your Findings prior to including them in your audit report. 6 Copyright © Pentana [2002]-2011
  8. 8. Functional Overview Pentana Vision also provides you with a simple overview of the risk profile of your Audit or Entity in the form of a heat map Risk Matrix. Clicking on a cell drills down to the detail, which is shown at the foot of the screen. You can also view risks in this way at an Organization level inthe Universe Section. In fact, using the two Navigator Panels you can view the risks at any level in theOrganization Structure and at any level in the Process Structure.Audit ReportTo produce your auditreport you, will almostcertainly wish to makeuse of PentanaVision’s audit reportfacility. The systemautomaticallypopulates a MS Wordtemplate with theaudit details and yourfindings. As part of the implementation we can incorporate your standard audit report formats into this function. Our objective is always to be able to produce a complete, formatted report, requiring no further editing, direct from Pentana Vision. 7 Copyright © Pentana [2002]-2011
  9. 9. Functional OverviewBack in the Universe section, you geta very good overview of youroutstanding Action points across allyour audits. The graph shows you ifany Actions are overdue and you canclick on any block to drill into thedetail, which Pentana Vision displaysin the pane underneath.Technology Pentana Vision was designed for use globally over slower wide area connections. It is a Smart Clientapplication that uses web services, but is not browser based. It can be easily deployed to end usersthrough Microsoft’s ClickOnce software. It holds data on a SQL Server database. Full technicalrequirements are set out in the separate Pentana Vision Technical Requirements document.Pentana Vision can be easily interfaced to other systems, including close integration with Retain staffplanning and time recording software, also sold by Pentana.Pentana are now adding further functionality, to include the full features already offered in PAWS.They include (in order of priority):  Off-line working  Access restrictions on parts of the audit universe  Audit trails  Email notifications  Action status updates by business users  Strategic risks and automated audit scheduling  Logic-based questionnairesFurther InformationWe hope this brochure has given you a good insight into the capabilities of Pentana Vision.If you have any further questions please email and visit look forward to hearing from you. 8 Copyright © Pentana [2002]-2011