Experiential Learning


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A set of 4 different training workshops based on participants' own occurrences.

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Experiential Learning

  1. 1. EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Empower your staff & increase performance levels with high impact experiential learning The Next Level Management Skills For New Supervisors & Managers October 16, 2010 Forefront Power Communication Excellence for Front Line Staff October 23, 2010 Relationship Selling Essential Skills for Pharmaceutical Representatives October 30, 2010 Aiming Excellence Customer Service Passion (CSP) November 06, 2010 www.nutshellforum.com Venue: Avari Towers, Karachi, Pakistan
  2. 2. EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Dear Colleagues, Nutshell Forum is pleased to bring to you Experiential Learning, a set of different training workshops based on participants' own occurrences. Experiential learning helps individuals to generate understanding and transfer knowledge in a manner different from the traditional instructive method of training where trainers simply transfer knowledge upon trainees. Experiential learning allows participants to engage their own experiences and reflect upon those experiences to further synthesize and analyze information. Such skills are integral for problem based learning and engaging twenty-first century skills. In a 'learning by doing' atmosphere individuals can strengthen their skills in a meaningful way that helps to promote life-long learners. Experiential learning can take on different forms, as a solo activity or as a collaborative effort. In a collaborative environment team members not only learn more about themselves and their skills, but those of others as well. Experiential learning is a highly effective training method. It engages the learner at a more personal level by addressing the needs and wants of the individual. Simple games, such as helium stick, can teach many valuable academic and social skills, like team management, communication, and leadership. The reason why games are popular as experiential learning techniques is because of the "fun factor" - learning through fun helps the learner to retain the knowledge for a longer period. Registration for these workshops is open now and we would request you to kindly send in your registration as early as possible to ensure a place for your business. Sincerely, Muhammad Azfar Ahsan Chief Executive Officer Nutshell Forum
  3. 3. EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Meet Your Course Expert: Mansoor Ahmed Soomro, a Customer Service veteran of over 15 years is a firm believer in the adage 'if you do not treat your customers well, then your competitors will'. Customer Service is all about FEELINGS. Feelings of hurt and betrayal. This is what customers feel when they feel that you are more concerned with the sale, rather than the service. He advises firms that in these recessionary times it is far more important to keep satisfied customers, even if there are far lower in numbers, then trying to make a fast buck. After all, your customers are not the only ones taking an interest in you. Your competitors are also doing the same. And, who better to know it all Mansoor – an expert who has been associated with some of the top brands of companies, such as Unilever Pakistan, GSK, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, Coca Cola, Pakistan Tobacco, Shell Pakistan and Engro Fertilizers (Formerly Engro Chemicals) etc. A highly motivated and detailed-oriented professional and passionate corporate speaker, Mansoor is a certified Customer Service Trainer from Centre for Customer Care, Malaysia, and a Certified Practitioner in Neuro-linguistics Programming from NF-NLP, USA. He regularly conducts trainings on Customer Service, Leadership and Management Skills and Sales. His area of expertise lies in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Team Building, Quality Service, CSP, Effective Communication, BHPSO, and TTMISL.
  4. 4. OCTOBER 16 The Next Level Management Skills for New Supervisors and Managers Return to work with core supervisory and managerial skills. This management skills training seminar equips you with proven supervisory and management techniques you can put into action immediately. Learn the tools to plan, organize, communicate and monitor effectively in every situation. Interactive activities take you through the paces of motivation, delegation, communication, performance management and time management. Create an action plan to leverage your people skills to meet new challenges for increased confidence and respect. LEARNING OUTCOMES How to plan, organize, communicate, monitor and effectively manage the performance of your direct reports. Techniques for giving constructive criticism. Ways to empower your team using their natural motivators for success. Techniques to help you cope with difficult employees. Delegation, time management and motivation for greater productivity. Effective goal-setting techniques - including creating an Action Plan. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competencies to produce improvements in attitudes and performance at work. WHO SHOULD ATTEND Managers and Supervisors with 1-3 years of people management experience
  5. 5. OCTOBER 23 Forefront Power Communication Excellence for Front Line Staff Learn to build strategic relationships both in the organization and with your external customers. By learning to communicate with grace and finesse, you'll be able to diffuse difficult situations while strengthening the positive ones. The results are improved service levels and a more enjoyable work atmosphere. LEARNING OUTCOMES Your own style of interacting with other people. Techniques to handle difficult customer interactions successfully. To manage stress in the moment and pro-actively. Tips to handle out of control customers. Techniques for asking and discovering the real customer issues. How to improve the quality of communications. Key steps to rebounding and recovering from customer complaints. WHO SHOULD ATTEND Anyone who is a touch point to the customer, either directly or indirectly, who wants to improve their working relationship both with external and internal customers. Those in customer service, finance, technical support, documentation, credit and collections, human resources, information technology, help desk, administration and sales support.
  6. 6. OCTOBER 30 Relationship Selling Essential Skills for Pharmaceutical Representatives Move to the next level of performance, value and contribution In today's pharmaceutical sales market, it is imperative that sales representatives distinguish themselves and their products from the competition, initiate productive customer dialogue on every call, and gain commitment that will build business and trust. Doing this consistently is what separates the exceptional sales representative. This workshop builds on core selling skills to help every representative achieve exceptional sales success. In this workshop, representatives will learn how to integrate these attributes into their existing sales model and execute each step of the process with a new level of confidence. LEARNING OUTCOMES Develop stronger, more effective relationships with key physicians. Use sophisticated change management strategies to reduce the number of sales calls it takes to change physician prescribing behavior. Become more perceptive communicators, listen more intently and probe to identify points of value for the physician as well as identifying barriers to change. Deliver more compelling messages that demonstrate the value of your products and address barriers to change in the mind of the physician. Target their communications to bring the most value to the physician, his or her practice and patients by more effectively focusing marketing and promotional resources to those areas of highest impact to the physician. Kick start stalled relationships and improve physician access by becoming more other focused and learning to think, analyze and act from the physician's point of view. WHO SHOULD ATTEND Anyone who interacts with health service providers, including, medical representatives, sales promotion officers, scientific officers, product development executives and territory managers.
  7. 7. NOVEMBER 06 Aiming Excellence Customer Service Passion (CSP) Make your job more enjoyable with extraordinary service and professionalism. Passionate and engaged service businesses are often more successful than indifferent service vendors. Service with passion not only brings a smile to your customer's face, it warms their heart and keeps them coming back to you! Every business benefits from a passion for service through increased customer loyalty, better sales and positive word of mouth. Passion for service is the qualified coaching path to develop your employee's passion to deliver and be of service to others, inspiring them to serve from the heart so as to make positive impact on the customer every time. LEARNING OUTCOMES Deliberately engineer great customer service experiences. Identify opportunities to deliver the service promise. Acquire appropriate techniques to engage customers, discover customers' expectations and offer appropriate solutions. Deliberate on their service delivery methods, generate new ideas, and use innovative solutions to help improve their service delivery. Show consistency and commitments in delivering the service promise and set high goals and standards to achieve win-win in service situation. WHO SHOULD ATTEND All service professionals across all industries needing to ignite their potential to serve from their heart.
  8. 8. WORKSHOPS FEE Your participation will be confirmed subject to receipt of payment. Nomination can be made by phone, fax or email also. 1-4 nominees All cheques and drafts to be made in favor of “NUTSHELL PKR 7,000 per participant FORUM”. Refunds not allowed, however substitutes may attend. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Nutshell Forum reserves the right to alter the program. Registration will be on first come first served basis. 5+ nominees For registration, please contact: PKR 6,000 per participant Zulfiqar A. Rahim (0333-3027242) Suite # 202, 2nd Floor, 6-C, Lane 4, Zamzama Boulevard, Phase - V Defence Housing Authority Ph: 9221-35875939, 35301928, 35301929 Fax: 9221-35301930 (includes course material, lunch refreshment Email: nutshellevents@yahoo.com, breaks participation certificate) nutshellforum@yahoo.com URL: www.nutshellforum.com Our Training Method Theory: Application: Based on adult learning principles, we use proven, highly interactive Lecturettes Group Exercises 70% participatory sessions and practical Printed Materials Group Discussion techniques that create discernable Reading Case Studies behavioral change that can be applied Assignments Self-Assessments 30% Videos Role Plays immediately in the workplace. Brainstorming We have always been firm believers in (Mind Maps) an interactive and engaging instructing Personal Reflection style appropriate for adult learning. Goal and Objective From theory, to strategy, to proven Setting practical tools, our trainer delivers Theory readily applicable ideas and solutions to prepare participants for real-world Application situations.