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Gucci saree

  1. 1. GUCCI SAREEPresented By: Sharfa Neshat Amhed Mandira Rai Shweta Kumari Gupta Anandita Basak Ashish Gupta
  2. 2. gUcci Industry – Consumer Goods Founded – 1921 Head quater – Florence, Italy Founder – Guccio Gucci, Imogen. E. Goldsworthy Products – Clothing, watches, jewellery, shoes, leather goods. SAREEAn extremely versatile garment popular and native dress of the Indian women. It simply consist of a single, rectanglar piece of material five to six yards in size accomodating any size. The style, colour and texture of this material vary according to the region & caste. Different drapping style convey the status, age, occupation, region etc.
  3. 3. SHOULD GUCCI DO A SAREE Nokia bent Mc.Donald’s bent Suzuki pinoeer in significantly with and introduced Mc bending for India specially low price Aloo Tikki and Launched low price, phone for India. Mc.Chicken Burger high performance for Indian instead of Maruti in 1980’s beef patty burger.Global companies are now bending to innovate for Indian. Term Indovation refers to adopting Indian needs eg. Pepsi Co. introduced Nimbu Pani bottle serving Indian taste.
  4. 4. INDOVATIONIt is the key to success for many global brandscoming to India.There is risk of a luxury brand getting diluted ifthey drop prices to adjust with the enviroment orthe country in which they are doing business.But for India luxury brand like Gucci have to bendif they want to achieve the kind of scale they haveachieved elsewhere in Asia.The reason is that in almost every Asian country has abandoned their nationaldress & slipped comfortably into Western Allire expert Indians where Sari, Lehenga& Salwar Kameez are alive & exvolving under local designers.If luxury brands don’t indovate, they will miss out on a large part of the action. Asaree by Gucci might become the new to die for item for Indian Fashionistas.
  5. 5. Profile Executive Teenage Bridal Mother FestiveAmong the mass Saree wearing women it is seen that women who will mostly desire to buy a Gucci Saree in two most occassion • For festival • For marriage occasionIn every festival like Diwali, Puja, Eid the women will want to treasure a Gucci Saree.Apart from this, Executive working in office, Teenage girls and for Mother Day’s special Gucci Saree will be in high demand.
  6. 6. Gucci should taget After Banarsi, Kota, Kanjeevaram women will soon be able to add Gucci Sarees to their wardrobes. The italian clothing using local tradition & design. In China Gucci experimented with stuffed Panda toy and a bicycle using traditional chinese colours and it was a good success. Similarly it should start saree with Indian taste & preference.
  7. 7. SEGMENTATING TARGET CUSTOMER Festival Saree: Trendy sarees are no limited to Diwali & other festive occasion. The credit for popularity gained by these women clothing items goes to the manufacturer and designers who come up with latest trend every now & then. Bridal Saree: Gucci can manufacture Saree for bridal as per the colour, texture, material used in India marriages . Traditional work on Gucci Saree with local designers can pull a great demand among the women for their marriage different Saree on different day like mehndi, Sangeet, Mangni, Shaadi, Reception etc. Teenagers: Saree is loosing popularity among the order Saree clad generation. It will be wrong to expect youth especially teenager to wear them. Teens are mostly seen in Lenhenga/Jeans, dress etc. Teenagers wear Saree mostly on Teacher Day, College etc. If Gucci launcher Saree for teenagers, they better price it reasonably.
  8. 8. For (target user) – Women in festive occasionbetween age group 20 – 50.Women in marriage occassion.Who needs – Bride - Celebrities - Rich business women, executiveProduction name – Variance,Key benefit – The Trust in the brand among itsloyal customers.Competition – Louis Vuitton, Dolce &Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, AlbertaFerreti, Denim, Prada. Local compititor – SatyaPaul, Raj Kamal Mills, ChiragKey Differentiation – Can go with Saree havingpockets for women to keep their keys, mobilemostly for working women.