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Marketing Plan for Greenduniya by manpreet singh digital
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Marketing Plan for Greenduniya by manpreet singh digital


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The document contain the full marketing plan for it is an innovative green consulting firm by manpreet singh digital

The document contain the full marketing plan for it is an innovative green consulting firm by manpreet singh digital

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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  • 1. “If we do not protect our environment, My Grandchild will Scratch your Grandchild’s Eye for a glass of water….”GURDEEP SINGH ANAND When you are green, you are growing. When you are ripe, you rot…RAY KROC
  • 2. Universal Business School Project title: Marketing plan for a new product launch Presented to: Prof. Bibhas Basumatary Presented by: Marketing group 1 Members : 1. Manpreet Singh 2. Anurag Bisen 3. Chayya Devi Singh 4. Aseem Dubey 5. Omkar Phatak 6. Ajay Puranik Company Name : MaaaOc Ltd. Product : Logo : greener everything from today
  • 3. CONTENT Part 1: Cover Page Part 2: Contents Part 3: Executive Summary. Part 4: Introduction to Company.  Vision.  Mission.  Organization Structure Part 5: Product Description. Part 6: Scope Part 7: Situation Analysis.  Industry Analysis A. Porter Five Forces. B. PEST Analysis.  Product Analysis A. SWOT Analysis B. Market Size. C. Market Share of competitors. Part 8: Marketing Mix(4 P’s). Part 9: STP Part 10: Value Chain And Ansoff Matrix Part 11: Financial Analysis with estimated 5 years Cashflow. Part 12: Consumer Behavior. Part 13: Citation.
  • 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report explains the marketing Plan for the launch of a web portal for green products and consultancies. This product is launched by MaaaOc Ltd. (Manpreet, Anurag ,Aseem ,Ajay, Omkar, Chayya) . Portal will act as middle men between the producers who do not have enough capital to bring their products to market & the customers who actually requires those products. Business is supported by renewable sources of energy dept., a body of govt. of India. In the very beginning we have explained the mission & vision of the company. The product will be launched, following same vision & mission. Product will be launched in the market with great promotional & advertisement strategies. The report examines that the product will be launched all over India with E-Business focusing mainly on Urban Population and Consulting Business focusing on both rural and urban sector. Segmentation is followed by marketing mix, Situation Analysis, Deep product and market analysis of renewable energy sector. For this purpose we have conducted SWOT analysis of the product to see its Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats. PEST analysis and effect of Porter’s five forces are also included. Finally, it is accompanied by Budget and financial Analysis
  • 5. Introduction to the MaaaOc Ltd. Vision Statement: For a betterment of tomorrow, everything should be green from today. Mission statement: Our mission is to save the earth by providing our customers, all green Solutions for a better tomorrow. We deliver specifically developed solutions, which promise success for their project. Our mission is to help society adopt environmental practices that are sustainable as well as profitable. We achieve our mission by setting stringent criteria, providing technical assistance, and publicly recognizing and promoting Green Businesses with a seal that enables customers to shop in keeping with their values. MaaaOc ltd. In India MaaaOc ltd. will commence their business in India from 1st April 2014. With the company office at a small room in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
  • 6. INTRODUCTION TO GREENDUNIYA PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Our business is divided in 2 parts: A. E-Commerce. B. Consultancy Services. With the view of green everything our E-Commerce website will act as a market space for all the green products. There are many products available in very small parts of our country for which, either the customers don’t have awareness or the producers do not have enough money to bring their products in the market. For example, one of the partner of our company recently visited Darjeeling, where he founded an old man selling an Ayurveda medicine for diabetes patients for a merely Rs.200/- later on our partner founded the medicine to be very effective .Similarly, there are so many people like the old man who have these products but people don’t know about them. Our Company will provide platform for these kinds of products. Also all the green products available in the market will be listed on our website thereby providing each and every individual in this country , an access to these beautiful gifts of nature .And how we are going to do this is included in “the Business Strategy” in the coming pages.
  • 7. Green consulting is a phrase used to describe a range of consulting services that are aimed at helping businesses become more ecologically friendly, or "green." Green consulting is a relatively new field, and its popularity is increasing quickly as more businesses see greening their business practices as a route to attracting new customers or retaining old customers. Greening a business can also in some cases help businesses to earn financial credits for being ecologically sustainable. Our Consultancy services will provide the solutions to do everything in a green way. There will be solutions of all the questions ranging from, how to clean your toilet? To how to manufacture a Car? The consultancy services will be provided to each and every individual at a very reasonable price. Thereby giving access of the consultancy service to individuals, to farmers, to small industries , to large industries and to Corporates etc. How illiterate people will have access to our services will be explained in “the Business Strategies” SLOGAN “greener everything from today”
  • 8. Organisation structure Greenduniya.Com E-Commerce Consultancy Services Products & Distribution Manager Marketing Manager Renewable Energy Sector CDM & Carbon Advisory Sector Energy Efficiency Ecommerce will be done by Chayya , Anurag & Ajay Consultancy will be managed by Aseem, Omkar & Manpreet
  • 9. SCOPE Some Facts  According to the November 2009 issue of “Business Today” size of green products in India is $56 bn. Which is increasing every year by approximately 14%.  120 green products and technologies were displayed in green building congress held in Hyderabad last year.  74 million people in India have access to internet (30% increase over March 2012) of which more than 60% shops online. GREEN PRODUCTS AND MARKET CONCERN Concern about the environmental issue is growing among people as the effects of environmental depletion and resource exploitation are dramatically becoming visible and an object of media interest. A well-informed public opinion recognizes the priority of the environmental issue and people are domestic with some environmentally friendly behaviors. Companies started offering “green products” to this base of consumers worried about the environment. These products traditionally offer an additional benefit to the consumer, called “greenness”, and charge a premium price. Thereby providing us and opportunity to enter this unexplored market as we are providing these green products at a very reasonable price. In the last two decades, Green products have been protagonists of a continuous growth in sales and popularity. Although the situation is very specific according to each industry, they reached a considerable market share in several industries and their sales are often growing at a rate of more than 10% per year.
  • 10. Soul of India lies in Villages but the irony is that more than 70% of villages receive electricity for not more than 2 hours daily(Average). The situation even worsens in the summer seasons. A study concludes that, to light up Indian villages a whopping 94.51 billion Kwh(units) of electricity is required. The average per capita consumption of electricity in India is 778.63 Kwh. Many states are moving towards power generation through solar , wind and other renewable sources of energy. In the city of Surat in Gujarat , it is mandatory to have solar water heater installed in your home. According to recent norms of government of India no Building will approved if solar water heater is not installed.
  • 11. SITUATION ANALYSIS Industry analysis Porter’s Five Forces of Competitive Position Competitive Rivalry  4 green retailers and 1 green consultancy.  Industry size is huge and people prefer to buy more green products.  Being only company to offer green products & consultancy give us competitive advantages. Supplier Power  Supplier power is low as there are many suppliers for green products.  Switching cost is not very high. Threat of Substitute Products  In general, it is easy to sell in the internet, so, there are threats of substitute products  Other E-Commerce sites. Buyer Power  Buyers have lot of choices  Buyers are large in number.  A product change cost is low and frequency is high.  Product & service is importance as it deals with sustainable New Market Entrants.  Easy to enter but difficult to sustain.  Requires extensive knowledge of services to be provided.  High initial investment required
  • 12. PEST Analysis POLITICAL  Government has passed legislation which requires further reductions of CO2, HC and NC emissions for vehicles until 2015.  New Political forces, which are against tax reductions, may be elected in the next year’s elections.  Import restriction has increased in 2013.  Government is increasing its funding to ‘Specific’ industry.  Government is easing regulations for employment.  Increasing tensions between our Government and our major export partner’s government. ECONOMICAL  iGDP will grow by 3.4% in 2014.  Availability of credit for business will slightly grow or remain unchanged in 2014. The same applies for the cost of credit in the 1 half of the year.  Unemployment is expected to decrease by 5.6% in the year 2014.  Wages will rise by 11% in 2014. Metal & Oil Prices will increase by 3.84% and Oil (Diesel= 1.2% & petrol = 6.5%) respectively in 2014. SOCIO-CULTURAL  Positive Attitude towards products
  • 13.  Large & Dynamic consuming Classes buying through internet is $90 Billion is expected to grow.  Immigration is increasing  Increasing attitude towards job with shorter working hours.  Swadeshi thinking  People change their eating habits and now tend to eat healthier food. TECHNOLOGICAL  New machinery that could reduce cost of Production costs by 20% in development. Requirement of green norms in every industry.  Countries major companies announced its plan to expand their internet infrastructure.  “New” Technologies like 6- sense and Li-Fi will be introduced in the market. Product analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths:  Only company in the world providing green products and green consultancy  Product pricing lowest compared to competitors.  Distribution channel  Tieups with Suntek Solar products & Windsystems U.K.
  • 14. Weakness:  Constant knowledge required for green solutions  Need moderately high amount of working capital  Consumer awareness  Low penetration in Rural market which is one of the major target of our product Opportunities:  Policies and laws mandating application of green solutions within various sectors.  Changing consumer behavior for green solutions and products.  Technological innovations  Opportunity for partnerships wing companies like Suntek solar services & wind systems U.K.  Government providing subsidies for green businesses & tax exemptions too.  State Bank of India providing loans at a rate as low as 5% for businesses for social welfare Threats:  Change in PESTLE environment  Consumers reluctance for adopting green products.  Continuous requirement of knowledge updation for providing unique solutions for consultancy services  High initial capital requirement for wind & solar energy systems
  • 15. Market size  According to the November 2009 issue of “Business Today” size of green products in India is $56 bn. Which is increasing every year by approximately 14%.  74 million people in India have access to internet (30% increase over March 2012) of which more than 60% shops online.  India's e-commerce market was worth about $2.5 billion in 2009, it went up to $6.3 billion in 2011 and to $14 billion in 2012. CAGR vis-à-vis a global growth rate of 8–10%. Market Share Note :- eco India provide only eco-tourism and green tokari is only for food products Market share in consultancy : There is only one green consultancy firm in India and that too provides ideas for green buildings. E- commerce green the gap green n good green tokari eco india 26% 26% 5% 43%
  • 16. Marketing Mix PRODUCT MIX Bath & Beauty:  Face Care.  Body Care.  Hair Care.  Bath. Baby & Kids:  Baby clothing  Baby Oil  Baby Accessories.  Toys & Books.  Mommy Clothing. Fashion:  Women Clothing  Men Clothing.  Kids Infant Clothing. Health:  Organic & Ayurvedic Remedies  Health Supplements Food & Beverages:  Organic Beverages.  Organic Food. Home:  Home Décor.  Laundry.  Bed. Solar Product:  Jar Bulbs.
  • 17. SERVICES Renewalable Sources of Energy A.Solar Energy:  Solar heater  Solar Cooker  Solar water Pumps  Solar Fans  Solar Inverter B.Wind Energy  Windmill installations C.Other renewable sources  Small hydro Powerplant  Bagasse Co-generation  Biomass  Waste to Energy conversion D.Carbon Advisory Services Consultancies provided to manufacturing companies to reduce their carbon emission which seriously enhances the greenhouse effect. We even provide low carbon emission ratings & points to industries. Consultancy provided to automobile manufacturers to suggest them ideas to reduce the emission from their products.
  • 18. Initially, major target will be areas where solar Power, solar electricity & windmills are important. So the major products required will be the following three products :- Suntek solar inverters  Voltage output: 650 va  Power output : 150 watt solarpanel  With solar LMLA (Low maintenance lead acid battery) of 100 ampere hour charge.  Money recoverable in 2 years Suntek Solar Water heater  An average person require 25-30 litres of water per day.  A water heater with a capacity of 125LPD  5 year warranty  No maintenance  100% Safe  Money recoverable in 5 years  Will heat water at almost 330 days out of 365 days a year Wind systems U.K. windmills  1KW capacity microwind systems  Can be installed on roof tops in rural as well as urban areas.  No maintenance  Money recoverable in less than 3 years Note: Solar water heater will be required majorly in the areas where installations of the same is mandatory according to norms of govt. of India. Windmills will be installed in the villages where electricity is very rare. There are future plans for ecofriendly packaging also.
  • 19. Price Mix Though the market is still undiscovered by big players, also the existing firms in the business are not considerably big, we will follow a mix of Market penetration and Predatory pricing strategies to wipe out the the existing players. (still the margins will not be deliberately low so as to meet the norms of Competition commission of India) Profit Margins: Ecommerce Product Range Industry Average Ours F.M.C.G.(except food) 8-11% 5-7% Organic food 6-8% 5% Beverages 4% 3% Apparels 30% 12.5% Fragrances 40% 20% Health products 17-20% 5% Baby products 12-15% 10% (Above all is Primary Data from Karjat, Thane, Vashi, Bhopal & Indore Markets & Through some green websites like etc) Consultancy Project Price Industry average Ours Rs. 0-5 lacs - 1% Rs. 5-30 lacs - 0.8% Rs. 30lacs + - 1.2% ( - indicates no player in the market) Our Highlighted products
  • 20. a. Suntek solar inverter For Us Dealer price for us 7,500( after discount of achieving target of selling 100 inverters in 1 year) Downpayment 2500 Rs., 270Rs/month EMIs for 40 months For Customers One time buy price is Rs. 8990; (market price is 9990 Rs.) Or EMIs of Rs. 300/month for 46 months (maintenance done by us) b. Suntek solar water heater Dealer price for us 12,000( after all discounts, target 50 units /year) DownPayment 4000 rs., 350 rs. EMIs for 60 months For Customers One time buy price Rs. 12499.;(market price 14000 Rs.) Or EMIs of Rs. 400/month for 66 months (maintenance done by us)
  • 21. Promotion Mix  Theatre Ads showcasing our Website.  Creating mobile apps for different platforms showcasing our product, & twitter, facebook & whatsapp Advertisements  Tie-ups with publishing house for printing our ads on back page or FrontPage. Guerrilla marketing on women magazines, sport magazines & automobile magazines  Organizing marathons and quiz competitions in schools, colleges and corporates.  Award Functions for Green companies  Carbon credit points will be given to green industries & best will be awarded  Customer loyalty programs on website  Going to the villages, educating each and every individuals & telling the USPs of our products  Go green plays in schools & colleges  Direct marketing through door to door selling for water heaters & windmills  Tv ads on Doordarshan & Star news , Radio ads on Vividh bharti, FM gold & my FM Place Mix As our product is a web base product we will be having a web space on internet for selling of our product. For consultancy too, we will be providing solutions all over India through website only. For Direct marketing of products like renewable sources of energy, Village to village travel will be done.
  • 22. Segmentation Ecommerce Consultancy E- business 17-25 26-35 36-45 Individual business Very Rare Tech smooth (Green thinker) Can be influenced for green thinking Tee- youth Internet Sufers & thinkers Enjoy Traveling internet user Rarely exit House buyers Influencers Major decision taker influenced by Green High tier –I mid Tier - II Consultancy Small Mid Large Household Budget constraint Status conscious Corporate less attractive Highly attractive C S R activities NGO Involvement in village
  • 23. Targets Our main targets for ecommerce will be tee-youth segment of 17-35 years and businessmen & house buyers of 26-45 years age For Consultancy services, our Target will mainly be village areas where electricity is rare, cities where govt. has issued norms for solar energy etc. Positioning GREEN THE GAPGREEN N GOOD LEAD CONSULTANCY HIGH PRICE GREEN EVOLUTION ECO INDIA LESS CHOICES GREEN DUNIYA MORE CHOICES LOW PRICE
  • 24. VALUE CHAIN Payment Payment order &packing COD material Customer Online Portal Supplier Courier services Producer
  • 25. ANSOFF MATRIX NOTE :- WE ARE ENTERING IN THE EXISTING MARKET AS EXISTING PRODUCT SO WE ARE IN MARKET PENETRATION ANSOFF MATRIX Existing Market New market Existing Product Market Penetration Market Development New Product Product Development Diversification
  • 26. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS  Loan = 8.5 lacs. @6% p.a. with monotorium period of 2 years and Re-payment period of 5 Year(2+5 yrs.)  Equity from owners= 5 lacs.  For meeting above requirements, the Debt Service Coverage Ratio should be maintained below 2.2%  Expected Revenues for 5 years is 14 lacs, 19 lacs, 27 lacs,35 lacs and 45 lacs respectively.  Fixed Assets of 3 Lacs with depreciation of 30% p.a. as per WDV (Written Down Value) method.  Advertising Budget for 5 years respectively are 8 lacs, 12 lacs,16 lacs,15 lacs and 13 lacs.  Working Capital required will be 6 lacs and 8 lacs for first 2 years and then 25% of revenue generated for next 3 years.  Working Capital finance by bank is 60%.  Other Operative charge will be 2 lacs, 3 lacs, 6 lacs, 9 lacs and 15 lacs for the respective years(Approximate estimation)  Company Registration fees Rs.3750/-, Copyright for Name and Logo are Rs.4000/-  Website registration charge with 5 GB data backup, and high speed server are approx. Rs.10000/-  Opportunity Cost(Room for office can be give on rent) are approx.. Rs.12000/-p.a.  Investment : Rs.50000 deposit with 7 major clients for 5 years accounts to total of Rs.3.5 lacs  10% of all will be the safety margin in case of emergency.
  • 27. ESTIMATED CASHFLOW FOR 5 YEARS. Particulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Depreciation (90000) (63000) (44100) (30870) (21600) Adverting Exp. (8 Lacs) (12 Lacs) (16 Lacs) (15 Lacs) (13 Lacs) Written off Preliminary Exp. (5,000) (5,000) (5,000) (5,000) 0 Interest (51000) (51000) (51000) (40800) (30600) Other operative expenses (2 Lacs) (3 Lacs) (6 Lacs) (9 Lacs) (15 Lacs) Salaries (1 Lacs) (2 Lacs) (3.5 Lacs) (5 Lacs) (6 Lacs) Revenue generated 14 Lacs 19 Lacs 27 Lacs 35 Lacs 45 Lacs PBT 1.59 Lacs 2.81 Lacs 49900 5.23 Lacs 10.48 Lacs Tax 0 (8100) 0 (34600) 1.54 Lacs PAT 1.59 Lacs 2.73 Lacs 49900 4.88 Lacs 8.94 Lacs Add: Dep. & Non-Cash 95000 68000 46100 35870 21600 Working Capital req. (6 Lacs) (8 Lacs) (11 Lacs) (14 Lacs) (18 Lacs) WCBB 4 Lacs 5 Lacs 7 Lacs 8.5 Lacs 11 Lacs Total Operating CF 54000 41000 (3.04 Lacs) (26130) 2.16 Lacs Total Expected Cashflow from all activities (including investing and finance) for 5 Years shows that breakeven point will be achieved somewhere between 5th to 6th year.Hence business is Profitable. Further consumer Analysis based on Secondary data is on next page.
  • 28. Consumer Behaviour Factor 20th century 21st century Emphasis On “environmental” problems On the underlying problems with our social, economic, technical or legal systems Geographic focus On local problems (e.g. pollution) On global issues (e.g. global warming) Identity Closely link to other anti-establishment causes A separate movement embraced by many elements of “the establishment” Source of support An intellectual elite, and those at the fringes of the society A broad base Basis of campaigns Used forecasts of exponential growth to predict future environmental problems (e.g. limits to growth) Uses evidence of current environmental degradation (e.g. the hole in the ozone layer) Attitude to business Business is the problem. Generally adversial Business seen as part of the solution. More partnership formed. Attitude to growth Desire for zero growth Desire for sustainable growth
  • 29. View of environment/business interaction Focused on negative effects of business activity on the environment Focuses on the dynamic interrelationship between business, society ,environment
  • 30. CITATION  The Hindu.  Marketing Management (Philip Kotler).