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Take along honey
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Take along honey


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Jacob wanted to add some extra to make the pot a little sweeter. In our life we must take along some honey.

Jacob wanted to add some extra to make the pot a little sweeter. In our life we must take along some honey.

Published in: Spiritual, Business, Technology

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  • 1. TAKE A LITTLE HONEYGenesis 43:11And their father Israel said to them, "If itmust be so, then do this: Take someof the best fruits of the land in yourvessels and carry down a present forthe man--a little balm and a littlehoney, spices and myrrh, pistachionuts and almonds.
  • 2. The TextFamine in Palestine – go to Egypt for grainTrying to gain favor with EgyptTake some fruit, balm, honey, spices, myrrh,pistachio nuts, and almondsTake double money, return the money in the sacksTake BenjaminGenesis 43:14 And may God Almighty giveyou mercy before the man, that he may releaseyour other brother and Benjamin. If I ambereaved, I am bereaved!"
  • 3. Take HoneyHebrew word – debashCan refer to bee honeyAlso to grapes, squeezed, boiled down to 1/3 –making a thick syrup – like grape jellyBee honey was useful, but it was not rare orexpensiveGrape debash – was rare and very expensive inEgypt
  • 4. Whats the point?The important thing was the money for grainImportant was to return the money in theirsacks from the previous tripHoney and nuts were “to boot” - offer them to“sweeten the pot” - something extraSell corn – give them 13 earsSell a horse – throw in the saddle and bridle
  • 5. Show some kindness in lifeJacob Wanted to get on the“good side” of theman in EgyptSent extras to showappreciation
  • 6. Show some kindness in lifeJacobHoney =kindness1 Corinthians 13:4Love suffers long andis kindEphesians 4:32 Andbe kind to oneanother,tenderhearted,forgiving one another,just as God in Christforgave you.
  • 7. Show some kindness in lifeJacobHoney =kindnessColossians 3:12 Therefore,as the elect of God, holy andbeloved, put on tendermercies, kindness, humility,meekness, longsuffering2 Peter 1:5-7 5 But also forthis very reason, giving alldiligence, add to your faithvirtue, to virtue knowledge, 6 toknowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, toperseverance godliness, 7 togodliness brotherly kindness,and to brotherly kindness love.
  • 8. Show some kindness in lifeJacobHoney = kindnessHomeSpouseChildrenVisitorsPhone calls
  • 9. Show some kindness in lifeJacobHoney = kindnessHomeChurchEldersDeaconsPreacherOne another1Thessalonians2:7 But we weregentle amongyou, just as a
  • 10. Show some kindness in lifeJacobHoney = kindnessHomeChurchBrethrenProverbs 18:21 Deathand life are in the powerof the tongue, And thosewho love it will eat itsfruit.Genesis 50:21 Nowtherefore, do not beafraid; I will provide foryou and your little ones."And he comforted themand spoke kindly tothem.
  • 11. Show some kindness in lifeJacobHoney = kindnessHomeChurchBrethrenEverydaybusinessServant sent to find awife for IsaacGenesis 24:12 Then hesaid, "O Lord God of mymaster Abraham, pleasegive me success thisday, and show kindnessto my master Abraham.
  • 12. ConclusionHow can I show kindness in mylife?Where can I take along somehoney?NOT: How can others treat mebetter?BUT: How can I show kindness toothers?