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MinVesta Corporate Presentation 2010

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An introduction to MinVestas products and services

An introduction to MinVestas products and services

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  • 1. MinVesta:
    An Introduction to the Products and Services
  • 2. This Presentation…
    • Who we are
    • 3. What we do
    • 4. An Introduction to the Products
    • 5. The Product Methodology
    • 6. An Introduction to the Services
    • 7. The Services Methodologies
    • 8. Our People
    • 9. Why MinVesta?
  • Who we are
    • A fully owned subsidiary of Ma Foi Management Consultants (MMCL), Chennai, India – A Randstad Corporation.
    • 10. Currently over 140 technical experts with domain and technical experience spread over 2 development facilities in India – Hyderabad and Chennai
    • 11. M-Payroll product HMRC accredited (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, UK)
    • 12. CMMI Level 3 certified (V 1.2)
    • 13. Proven domain expertise
    • 14. Highly satisfied customers across the globe
  • What does MinVesta do?
  • 15. MinVesta Products:Minerva HR
  • 16. Minerva HR Suite – The Key Features
  • 17. The modules of Minerva-HR
    RPM: The Recruitment Process Manager
    • Web Enabled
    • 18. Highly customizable
    • 19. De-duplication Check
    • 20. Consolidated Reports
    HuRIS : The Human Resources Information System
    • Captures detailed personal, professional and official information of each employee in an organization.
    • 21. Updates and maintenance of employee details can be achieved at the click of a button.
    • 22. Generates Personal history reports on all employees.
    LeMS: The Leave Management System
    • Enables employees to apply for leave, view request status, cancel / withdraw leave, view leave balance online, request for encashment….etc
    • 23. Enables Reporting Seniors / HR Managers to authorize and view leave requests and leave balance of all employees
    • 24. Automated Process of Leave Balance Calculation, Carry Forward , Lapse etc
  • 8
    The modules of Minerva-HR
    AttMS: The Attendance Management System
    • Captures daily employee turnout through manual swipe
    • 25. Employee Attendance status viewable for user defined periods
    • 26. Bulk upload of Attendance data from Swipe System Reports
    • 27. Online absence authorization and feedback
    RATEs: Resource Allocation and Timesheet Entry
    • Enables allocation of employees as resources to various projects in the organization.
    • 28. Employees can be assigned, reassigned and released from projects at any time through this module.
    • 29. Skill levels, resource allocation status and project details can be viewed for efficient planning and utilization of manpower.
    • 30. Empowers employees to enter timesheets and daily activity details into the system.
    • 31. Timesheet periodicity is configurable as per client's requirements.
    • 32. Daily activity sheets can also be configured, thus enabling support function employees to record their daily activities.
    • 33. Allows viewing of processing status information.
  • The modules of Minerva-HR
    PerforMS: Performance Management System
    • Automates the entire Performance Management Process of an organization.
    • 34. Allows employee to set their performance objectives and submit appraisal forms online.
    • 35. Reporting Senior can view, approve or reject submitted appraisal forms. They can also add remarks and ratings to the same.
    • 36. The HR department is the global viewer of the online appraisal process.
    • 37. Multiple Appraisal form templates can be assigned for different categories of employees.
    TREDS: Training & Employee Development System
    • Focused on managing the Training needs of the organization.
    • 38. Enables HR Managers to:
    • 39. Design and upload training calendars,
    • 40. Prepare participants list,
    • 41. Approve training requests,
    • 42. Monitor training attendance
    • 43. Provide / view feedback on training programs
    • 44. Interfaced with Performance Management (PerforMS) module allowing proficient management of organization’s training needs.
  • The modules of Minerva-HR
    PSS: Payroll Self Service
    • Every employee can access the self service facility, allowing them to view their monthly payroll details viz. Pay Slip, Reimbursement Slip, and Tax Computations.
    • 45. Print documents in user friendly formats, enabling employees to print Pay Slip, Reimbursement Slip,etc directly from the system. 
    • 46. Enables employees view company policies, download forms….
    • 47. Submit investment declaration / proofs details
    FlexSal: Flexible Salary Module
    • Every eligible employee will be able to select the flexi components of their salary in the system
    • 48. System will validate their level wise eligibility and accordingly allow selections against all components
    • 49. HR will be able to approve such selections for payroll team to include in payroll
    • 50. HR will activate / deactivate / reactivate Flexi Declaration (FDF) access for any employee
    • 51. Employee can view / print his / her entire history of FDFs in the system
  • 52. The modules of Minerva-HR
    SURVEY: The Survey Module
    • HR can create employee surveys and define rules for every survey
    • 53. HR can design the questionnaire for every survey independently  
    • 54. Employee mapping can be done for creating the list of participants for the survey
    • 55. HR can deactivate / activate a survey at any point of time
    • 56. MIS reports can be generated on Survey results
    TMS: The Travel Management System
    • Employees to give their travel request online
    • 57. Approval work flow can be used for defining the approval process as per organization policy.
    • 58. Travel Requests can be categorized as per travel policy and the requests can be routed to the travel desk.
    • 59. The online option allows employees to put in their travel details and preferences which the travel desk uses for booking purposes.
    • 60. Stream lines requisition process and also helps an organization to do away with the manual process. It also eliminates the need for an approval through email /hard copies
  • 12
    The modules of Minerva-HR
    ExiMS: Employee Exit Management System
    • ExiMS provides the organization an end to end automated Employee Exit Management System
    • 61. HR managers are empowered to initiate the exit process on line
    • 62. Enables the HR department to:
    • 63. Conduct online Exit interviews.
    • 64. Disburse department wise exit checklists.
    • 65. Collate and file check list responses.
    • 66. Approve F&F settlement and
    • 67. Generate relieving letter.
    CLAIMS: The Claims Management System
    • Provides the organization an end to end automated Claims/Reimbursement Management System
    • 68. Employees are empowered to put in their reimbursement details and initiate the claims process on line
    • 69. Reimbursement categories can be defined and employees can chose the type of reimbursement and enter the details.
    • 70. Employees can take a print of the reimbursement form filled up and furnish with the original bills.
  • 13
    The modules of Minerva-HR
    The Query Management System
    • Emails can be triggered for employee birthdays/anniversary/ confirmations etc.
    • 71. Homepage Content can be customized
    • 72. FAQ’s can be managed
    • 73. Employee Policy documents or other forms etc. can be uploaded
    • 74. Employee can post queries under different categories
    • 75. Identified process owners will be responsible for query resolution
    • 76. SLA Timelines can be configured for escalation
  • M-Suite : An Introduction
    End to end IT solutions for recruitment and staffing companies – from front office to back office. M-Suite is easy to configure, platform agnostic and customisable for any geography. The suite can be implemented within an organization with perpetual licensing or in the SaaS model. The modules can be easily integrated with existing applications and perfectly integrate with each other. The modules include:
    M-Time : Online timesheet system
    M-Rule: Unique work rules manager
    M-Payroll: Real-time payroll application
    M-Bill: Billing Application
    M-Front: Intuitive Front Office System and
    M-Portal : Gateway to M-Suite
  • 77. M-Suite: The Modules
    • Supports Multiple Timesheet Formats
    • 78. Supports different periodicity for timesheet weekly, monthly etc
    • 79. Designed to support handwritten as well as printed timesheets
    • 80. Manual comparison and edit
    • 81. Exception Queue
    • 82. Integrated with Timesheet System
    • 83. Captures all business rules easily as per the contract with clients
    • 84. Manages multiple clients with complex business rules
    • 85. Processes timesheets consistently and reliably
    • 86. Real time processing
    • 87. Designed to cater to multi-jurisdictions
    • 88. Can handle temps and perm employees
    • 89. Configurable Pay calculation, Flexible Attribute Management
    • 90. Based on custom rule engine / DSL – Business Object Manager (BOM)
    • 91. Multiple Payroll schedules
    • 92. Field, Record and Window level Security
  • 16
    M-Suite: The Modules
    • Provides the ability to handle client business needs
    • 93. Is future proof by catering to invoice scheduling, distribution, formats – all automated and driven by business rules
    • 94. Handles Payroll and Non-Payroll billing needs
    • 95. Each line item in an invoice, termed as a Billing Item has several product lines
    • 96. Revenue detail product line
    • 97. May have multiple cost lines
    • 98. Each of these product lines can have multiple split information
    • 99. Requirements & Design done in close interaction with Vedior APAC
    • 100. Rich and Intuitive User Interface – Ribbon UI
    • 101. Configurable Workflow (WWF)
    • 102. Configurable Business Rules (BOM)
    • 103. HR Xml Compliant
    • 104. Configurable User Interface
    • 105. Integration with Distribution Engine for Email, SMS, Fax and Print
    • 106. And many more features…
  • M-Express: An Introduction
    M-Express is an offering from MinVesta – which offers the users the benefits of a well established HRMS – without the expenses and the effort that goes into deploying a regular HRMS.
    The Modules:
    M-Express addresses all the basic requirements of an HRMS vide 3 modules:
    HuRIS: MinVesta’s proven Human Resources Information System
    ESS: The Employee Self Service Portal
    Payroll : State of the art, deployment ready and customizable
  • 107. PayGenie – the complete Payroll System for India
    • Complete Payroll Solution
    • 108. Highly Customizable
    • 109. User friendly
    • 110. Integration with other systems – HRIS, HRMS etc
    • 111. In-built Backup and Restoration of Data
    • 112. Windows Interface
    • 113. Flexible Report writer
    • 114. Powerful Security levels
    • 115. Import & Export of Data from Other Systems
  • The Component Based Architecture Approach for Product Development
  • 116. The Services from MinVesta
  • 117. Build : Building Customized Applications
    Minvesta’s Proprietary M-Core framework
    Understanding your requirements and building customized products and applications to suit your specific needs
  • 118. Integrate : Integrating applications seamlessly
    Integrating Applications or products for enhanced performance or functionalities
  • 119. Optimize : Application Performance Enhancement
    Optimizing existing applications and products, enhancing performance and increasing functionalities, thus improving returns on investment.
  • 120. Test : Testing Current and New products and applications
    Testing existing and new applications for performance and issues
    Performance Testing
    Regression Testing
    System Integration Testing
    Migration Testing
    Localization/ Globalization Testing
    Security Testing
  • 121. Support : Maintaining Applications & Troubleshooting
    Ensuring trouble free operations, addressing key pain areas of application management outsourcing, round-the-clock troubleshooting, implementation of software enhancements and new releases
    Maintenance of third party ERP systems
    Benchmarking with industry best practices
    Implementation of New Releases
    Resolving Software Issues
    Improving Service Levels
  • 122. Our Strength – Our people
    Over 140 resources with expertise in:
    Business Application Development
    Domain Expertise
    Areas of expertise
    High performance computing
    • Network Servers, Intelligent Routers, EDA simulators
    • 151. Multithreading, distributed computing
  • Why MinVesta?
    The products
    The services
    • Comprehensive, customizable and scalable end-to-end solutions
    • 152. Dedicated Research team having researched Performance Enhancement,
    • 153. Utilization of multi-core processor architecture, Code Optimization & Profiling
    • 154. Component Based Architecture Approach
    • 155. Building Test Automation tool for performance analysis
    • 156. Efficient search and match technologies
    • 157. Evaluation and adoption of latest technologies
    • 158. Next Generation Rule Engine
    • 159. Application and Product development, Application maintenance , Application and Product Testing
    • 160. Products that have been tried, tested and successful across the globe
    • 161. High end consulting across technologies and domains
    • 162. Robust infrastructure and security systems
    The people
    • CMMI Level 3 processes
    • 163. Standard UML Component based Product Architecture Approach
    • 164. All products has well defined interfaces with other components
    • 165. HM Revenue and Customs accreditation for payroll Software: in the offing
    • 166. As part of an HR giant – rich functional as well as technical expertise
    • 167. Resources experienced from top software companies and most reputed institutions in India
    • 168. Technical Expertise across various platforms as well as domains
  • Thank You!
    Contact us at: