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  • 1. List of countries by no. Of mobile usersRetail:postpaid pre and vasWholesale:roaming interconnectVAS value added service such as SMS , music download ringtonesTransmission or reception of voice visual images and data through electric or radio signals usingelectronic devices to encode or decode information as signalsTransmitter medium and receiver4 major telcom tech,: analog digital hybrid and wirelessWireless:radio frequency comm., microwave comm. Or infrared short range comm..Analog: waves losses can be diminished by shielding good connections several cable types ssuchas coaxial or twisted pairFixed Line network: PSTN,ISDN,DSLPublic switched telephone netwok or POTS(Plain old telephone service) Voice commIntegrated Services Digital Network , voice data and other network servicesDigital Subscriber LineChallenges of Fixed Line :Long lead time for provisioning of services ., limited mobility,limitedfeatures, breakage of cables due to ageing,CELLULAR OR WIRELESS NETWORKS:GSM,CDMAGSM: Global System for Mobile Coimmunication, requires SIM( Subscriber Identification Module)includes 3 elements: Base Station SubSystems (bss) ,Switching Systems(SS), Operation SupportSystem(OPS) . Users use GSM bandwith simultaneouslyCDMA: Code Division Multiple Access : one single communication channel where several userscommunicate at the same frequency.authenticated by Electronic Serial Number(ESN)3 Transmission Modes:TDMA: Time Division Multiple Access. Each signal is transmitted at a different time by use of multipletime slots same communication channel though.FDMA: Frequency Division Multiple Access. Transmitted over diff. Frequencies acts as diff comm.Channels.
  • 2. CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access Unique codes , SO NO INTERFERNCECDMA is more efficient than GSM as GSM uses time slotsRGS: Revenue Generating SubscribersARPU: Average Revenue per UserMOU: Minutes Of Usage Voice services availedGross Addition: New subscribers added, excludes who leftChurn Rate: No. Of subscribers leaving within a period of timeCPGA: Cost Per gross AdditionInternational Telecom union(ITU)GSMAQualcomm:SanDiego, California , largest fables chip supplier, inventred CDMATM Forum: SID(Shared Information Data),eTOM(Enhanced Telecom Operations Map), NGOSS( NewGeneration Operations System), best in class IT 2. GSM219 countries , Finland 19914.8b subscribers 800 mobile networks 15 pers second 1.3 m connections per dayBase Transciever Station(BTS)Mobile Switching Centre(MSC)Public Land Mobile Network(PLMN):Group of MSC areas serviced by same operatorMSISDN( Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network) Phone Number, It has CountryCode, National Destination Code and Subscriber No.I MSI(International Mobile Subscriber Identity) 15 digit no.,stored in SIM, Mobile Country Code,Mobile Network Code, Subscriber Identity number,IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) 14-17 digit code to identify Mobile Phone
  • 3. Integrated Circuit Card Identifier onSIM Cards 19 -20 digitsDetached, Idle (Registration)(Location Updating) PAGINGGSM (Break Before Make)CDMA(Make Before Break)BTS + BSC - BSSMSC (authenticate the subscriber information and establish call)VLR (if failscontacts HLR)SAMe network ON NET CALLElse OFF nET CALL handled by Gateway MSC which uses B number tableThen it generates CALL Detail or data record.Finally OSS(Operations Support Systems)HLR(Home Location Register) Roaming is not a part of it. It contains subscriber informationVLR(Visitor Location Register) Current location of the subscriber, IMSI, Authentication data, MSISSDN, HLR addressAUC(Authentication Center) authenticates SIM to connect to GSM networkEIR(Equipment Identity Register) helps to block calls from stolen mobilesIt has BLACk( IMEI blocked) White (IMEI valid and authentic) Grey( IMEI under monitoring)SMS MSCSMSCMSC IMSI form HLR send to MSC to subMEDIATIOn billing conversion of CDR from MSC to billing format postpaidIntelligrnt Networks control prepaid callsInteractive Voice ResponseGPRS: General Packet Radio ServicesSurfing net, accessing mails, Instant messaging, MMS, 171 kbps maxSGSN( Serving GPRS Support Node) and Gateway GPRS Support Node together Combined GPRSSupport NODE(GGSN)(acts as an interface between GPRS and PDN packed data networkBTS to BSC PCU(Packet Control Unit) to SGSN (SGSN And HLR communicate) transfers to GGSN basedoin APN ID(Access point ID)
  • 4. SGSN and GGSN does billing tooEDR Event DATA Record similar CDR records data vol, MSISDN, IMSI, APN ,Time of usageBilling Interval or Pulse: Smallest unit of time having a rate attached to it.Provisioning: Process of configuring subscribers to CRM , HLRRating: Process of calculating the call chargeBill Run: Activity of generation of bills for post paidRevenue Cycle:In a postpaid segment is a sequence of inter related processes that begins with thesale of0020connectiomn includes all processes thereafter.CRM: subscriber name, address, account no.,allowed /barred,billing historyHLR: allowed/barredBilling System:accno.,al/bar,CDRs,billing historySGSN, msc TO Mediatiin sstme o billing, to accountingDunning: blocking service due to non payment[------------------------------------------------------------PREPAID 2.5b users, 60%Portuguese provider TMNInterconnect CDRs generated at MSCsPOC CDR at terminating origination MOCPOI switching point at which 2 networks interface and come togetherINTEC supplies billing and mediation3M of Frauds: Motive Mean Mechanic