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Poultry planner


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Poultry Planner Sep.

Poultry Planner Sep.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. R.N.I. 71668/99 Vol. 1, Issue 5 | September 2012 ARTICLE With Rhodimet®AT88*, Adisseo offers a way to acidify feed when supplementing methionine We Aspire to Deliver Value Products Cover Story PRESS RELEASE ›› Zydus AHL Organised Technical Seminar in Hyderabad ›› Zeus Biotech Limited makes a strong presence in AGRENA 2012, Cairo, EGYPT between 28th & 30th June 2012 NEW APPOINTMENTS ›› New Appointments at Novus ›› GLOBAL - Meyn Poultry Processing Solutions has appointed Scott Russell to Global Sales Director News ›› Eggs Contain More Vitamin D, Selenium ›› Ban sought on soya meal, maize export BUYERS GUIDE Poultry Breeders IAI Poultry & Meat Expo 2012 Olive Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. 13-15 DecemberIARI Ground, PUSA Road, New Delhi Improving Lives+91 9991705005, +91 9812082121
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  • 3. From the Pen of Chief EditorEditorial CONTENTS Energy from the Poultry Waste 4 With Rhodimet®AT88*, Adisseo offers a way to acidify feed when supplementing methionine In this energy crisis country all types of efforts are being made to create power from renewable sources of energy. All Quality, Functionality and Price possible sources have been tapped e.g. Hydro power, 6 are the key factors! Thermal power, Power from sun and wind, and lastly Nuclear electricity, all failed to meet our demand for DSM Nutritional Products electricity. Now we are to look for the electricity generated 8 organized “Technical Seminar” at Vijayawada from the waste product especially the livestock and poultry waste. Since the first Earth Day wind and solar energy have been fashionable by a variety of names: alternative, appropriate, renewable, and sustainable, etc. But Zeus Biotech Limited makes a strong today, despite decades of subsidies and mandates, it provides less than one per 10 presence in AGRENA 2012, Cairo, EGYPT cent of the electrical power in the world. between 28th & 30th June 2012 It is the need of the hour to encourage the use of non-conventional energy sources. 10 Zydus AHL Organised Technical The chicken droppings produce methane gas at a farm in Goundampalayam in Seminar in Hyderabad Namakkal district and the gas is converted into electricity using a patented technology of a local farmer-turned-entrepreneur. The farmer sells the dried Avitech Launches Performins, litter slurry generated as a residue as manure for farmers. He uses a method 12 based on an Israel technology and converts the remaining liquid scum as liquid An Innovative Solution In The Area NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) fertilizer. Though generating Of Trace Mineral Nutrition energy is not new to the region as a handful of farmers are producing gober gas to generate power for captive use, the district hasnt seen the complete conversion 12 NECC appeal to Government of India of poultry waste into useful products. A few years ago, Chennai-based GK Bio Energy was producing power from Dr. G.L.Jain elected to the International Poultry Hall of 14 poultry litter in Namakkal and was supplying 1.5 mw to the grid using a foreign Fame by World’s Poultry Science Association technology. It is said the company closed due to mismanagement. But sources say a German company has tied up with an Indian partner to re-vitalize this plant. A layer bird generates litter of around 50 grams a day and the 3.5 crore layer birds 16 Lark Engineering Was in Agrena 2012 in the district produce 1,600 tonne litter per day. If the total poultry litter in the district is collected and processed, nearly 16 mw power per hour can be generated along with 800 tonne manure and 10,000 litres of liquid fertiliser as by-products. 18 We Aspire to Deliver This translates to 60 mw power per hour potential for the whole country as nearly Value Products 6,000 tonne poultry litter is generated in India every day. It is benefiting the farmers as they get to earn around Rs 13 per layer bird in its lifetime from just its 17 New Appointments litter. It is actually 30% of the profit that a farmer earns through a layer bird in its lifetime of 1.5 years. 30 Buyers Guide So encouragement and patronage from the government to earn a subsidiary income from these by-products and save the world from industry pollution on this World Environment Day. 20 News Office : Our Team Advertisement 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal 132 001 (Haryana) Tel.: + 91 (184) 4033326/327, 2202174/75 DSM 26 Fax : + 91 (184) 2231050 Bhavana Gupta E-mail: | Website Chairman & Editor in Chief Fowler Westrup (India) Pvt. Ltd. 9 Editorial Policy is independent. Views expressed by IAI Expo 2012 36 authors are not necessarily those held by the editors. Registered as Newspaper by Registrar of Newspaper Vinod Kumar, General Manager IMV Technologies 31 for India : RNI No. 71668/99 Licensed to post at Karnal HPO under Postal Regn. No. Indian Herbs Overseas 21 PKL-91/2007-2009 Jawahar Khurana, Mkt. Manager Interface Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. 15 Editorial & Advertisements may not be reproduced without the written consent of the publishers. Whilst Microteknik 35 every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of Poultry Planner the publishers do not accept any responsibility or liability for the material Dr. S.S. Mondal, Technical Editor Natural Remedies 13 herein. M.V.Sc. & A.H., Ph.D. Novus 7 Publication of news, views and information is in the interest of positive poultry industrial development in India. It does not imply publisher’s endorsement. Provimi 29 Unpublished material of industrial interest, not Prachi Arora, Co-editor Pfizer 33 submitted elsewhere, is invited. The submitted material will not be returned. Toshniwal Systems 27 Publisher, Printer - Mrs. Bhavana Gupta on behalf of Pixie Publication India (P) Ltd. Karnal Manish Arora, Assistant Co-editor Vamso Biotec Pvt. Ltd. 02 Printed at: Jaiswal Printing Press, Chaura Bazar, Karnal Published at: 821, Sector-13, Urban Estate Karnal Venky’s (India) Limited 5,11,23,34 132001 (Haryana) Ashwani Verma, Graphic Designer Editor-in-chief - Mrs. Bhavana Gupta Zydus 25 All legal matters are subject to karnal jurisdiction.
  • 4. ArticleWith Rhodimet®AT88*, Adisseo offers a way to acidifyfeed when supplementing methionine development (up to -50% for Aspergillus flavus or Fusarium verticillioides) at standard feed incorporation rate (2.5 kg/ton). In another test, 1 kg of Rhodimet®AT88 appeared even as efficient as 1.25 kg of potassium sorbate on Fusarium graminum Rhodimet®AT88 helps the gastric acidification.Dr. Yves Mercierexpert in methionine research, AdisseoWhen balancing feed with sulfurcontaining amino acids, feed producershave the choice between DL-Methionine (Rhodimet®NP99) andMethionineHydroxy-analogue (Rhodimet®AT88). The HMTBA molecule ofRhodimet®AT88 has similar acidifying benefits as organic acidsmolecules and participates on controlling the growth of feed molds andimproving intestinal micro flora and nutrient digestibility.In Rhodimet®AT88, the NH2 group of methionine found in DL-methionine is replaced by an OHgroup, which gives it similar properties Figure 3 Optimal ABC-4 value of feed for maximum crude protein digestibility in piglets A well-known effect of organic acids is the enhanced gastric acidification, especially for postweaningpiglets. In vitro trials carried out on a monogastric gut model (TIM) in CERN laboratory of Adisseo prove thatFigure 1 Rhodimet®AT88 inhibits growth of feed molds atstandard feed incorporation rateto organic acids. The pKa of Rhodimet®AT88 is lower than the pKa ofmost of feed acidifiers such as propionic, sorbic or acetic acid andequivalent to pKa of formic and lactic acid. The acidifying value of Figure 4 Optimal ABC-4 value of feed for maximum crude protein digestibility in broilers Rhodimet®AT88 decreases the need for HCl gastric secretion to achieve a target pH of 2. This is due to the capacity of Rhodimet®AT88, as an organic acid, to reduce the buffer effect of the diet (see explanations on ABC-4 value). Moreover a low buffer effect in feed may enhance theFigure 2 Rhodimet®AT88 enhances gastric acidification in a gutmodel (Source: Internal trial on TIM. 2005)Rhodimet®AT88 is largely proven by experimental results reported inscientific publications and communications.Control of feed molds at standard incorporation rate ofRhodimet®AT88In vitro tests have shown that Rhodimet®AT88 strongly inhibits mould Figure 5 Rhodimet® AT88 decreases in vitro gas production (Source: Internal trial, 2007)04
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  • 6. Article Quality, Functionality and Price PRODUCT RELEASE are the key factors! Trade-Unlimited B.V. supplies since 2006 a new vaccination program under the name TU-MasterLine!". Years of experience in the market of veterinary products prove that quality, functionality and of course a reasonable price are the key factors for a successful product. In addition to these points Trade U n l i m i t e d i sFigure 6 Rhodimet®AT88 decreases Minimal Bactericidal characterised by excellentConcentration for pathogens but maintains normal intestinal and above all reliableflora in vitro (Source: IRTA, 2006) service. Due to the veryantimicrobial effect of organic acids as only the non-dissociated form high quality, easy to(when pH is below pKa) is active against bacteria m a i n t a i n a n dReduction of ABC-4 value enhances digestibility interchangeable parts theData from scientific publications show that the ABC-4 value of feed is TU-MasterLine!" applicatorscritical to reach optimal do distinguish themselves fromcrude protein digestibility. ABC-4 values have been calculated in diets other brands on the market. Theand related to crude protein digestibility results on piglets on wheat guns are serviceable and for long term use!based diet (Mroz et al., 2000) and corn based diet (Blank et al., 1999; TU-MasterLine!" features:Falkowski and Aherne 1984). In piglets, the ABC-4 value should be All TU-MasterLine!" vaccinators have ergonomically designed,between 200 and 300 mEq H+/kg to maximise crude protein durable, high-grade plastic handles!digestibility. Parts made of durable synthetic material are medicine resistant!In poultry, the ABC-4 value should be between 120 and 170 mEq H+/kg Critical parts such as bottle and needle connection are made ofto maximise crude protein digestibility (Ghazalah et al., 2011). high-grade metal to avoid breakage!Inhibition effect on bacteria is also proven All TU-MasterLine!" injectorsRhodimet®AT88 has also a positive effect on gut micro flora. It clearly have standard metal Luer-reduces the total micro flora growth. Considering total gas production in Lock needle connection!the gut, Rhodimet®AT88 has similar effect to formic or fumaric acids. If dirty or small partsAssociated with organic acids (butyric, formic or fumaric acids), the obstruct the barrel orinhibitory effect on bacteria growth is better than only organic acids. This valve system(s),effect is particularly significant against Campylobacter jejuni, as shown disassembly for cleaning isthrough in vitro cultures, while beneficial flora lactobacillus and very easy!bifidobacterium- is not altered. The modern design of the valve systems avoids small parts fallingIn vivo trials also prove the efficiency of Rhodimet®AT88 on out of the injector while disassembled!Campylobacter in the gut on broilers. Several trials in the world show its The modern valve systems have a very short refill time with highspecific and strong effect on Salmonella (Salmonella pullorum, Salmonella viscosity products!typhimurium, Salmonella enteritidis) and Clostridium perfringens. The The complete gun can be sterilized by boiling or autoclave!efficacy is similar to that of potassium diformate or formic acid, and better For the poultry industry a wide range of vaccinators tube feed as wellthan lactic acid. as bottle mounts and accessories are available. The vaccinators are allThese properties are of great interest regarding to human health. available in a dosage from 0.10.5 / 0.11.0 0.1-2.0 ml with adjustable or fixed dose. The vaccinators can be customized colored, printed andCampylobacters are considered as the main bacterial cause of human gastro packaged.enteritis, especially Campylobacter jejuni, via chicken meat. Salmonellas are Beside the automatic syringes and vaccinators also injectors, drenchers,the second most reported cause of food-borne illness in human in Europe, pour-on guns and single shot syringes like TU-Flex-Master!" insespecially Salmonella enteritidis and Salmonella typhimurium. different dosages and different accessories are available. Worldwide users do very much appreciate the high quality of the applicators they are ergonomically to use, strong, durable and easy to IAI Expo 2012 clean. For more information and/or prices please feel free to contact at 13-15 December Leading Exhibition on For more information or to customize your own applicators we invite you to visit our new website: or contact us: Poultry & Livestock Industry Trade-Unlimited B.V. IARI Ground, PUSA Road, New Delhi Amersfoortseweg 241, 3888 NM Nieuw Milligen, Holland 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal (Hry.) Phone: +31-577-456155 | Fax: +31-577-456157 +91 9991705005, +91 9812082121, E-mail: hans.snijders@tu-masterline.com06
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  • 8. Press ReleaseDSM Nutritional Productsorganized “Technical Seminar” at VijayawadaDSM Nutritional Products India Pvt. Ltd. customers ahead of the ever-changing Ingredients”, emphasized significance oforganized Technical Seminar at Vijayawada, marketplace, anticipating customer needs, as Ronozyme ProAct (Pure Protease enzyme) inAndhra Pradesh on 27th August 2012; aiming to nutritional trends develop and customer demands reducing feed cost and to better utilize feedextend its technical expertise in Vitamins, evolve. As a leader in nutritional research, DSM proteins and improving its digestibility when soyaCarotenoids & Enzymes to poultry producers Nutritional Products works in conjunction with & other protein ingredients prices are extremelyaround coastal Andhra Pradesh. major universities throughout the world and high, as at present. By using Ronozyme ProAct The seminar actively assists industry in developing new, feed producer can reduce protein and amino acids was organized beneficial products for the market and users. substantially and reduce feed cost . a t “ T h e Dr. Lokesh informed that DSM is the global market He also talked about various constraints in Gateway Hotel” leader in vitamin manufacturing and in marketing digestion and absorption of feed ingredients and MG Road and of vitamin premixes and at present they have 46 how they can be utilized in an efficient way w a s w e l l premix plants worldwide to cater global market through use of biotechnology and genetic attended by and to offer customized blends as per local needs. engineering. He suggested use of various enzymes progressive DSM is the largest and only integrated vitamin solutions (RONOZYME VAX, RONOZYME NP, layer farmers, manufacturer of all vitamins, pro-vitamins, their Ronozyme WX, Ronozyme ProAct) from DSM to f e e d intermediates reduce feed cost in poultry. He demonstrated feed manufacturers, and its quality cost reduction in feed formulations by using Mr. Venkat Reddy welcoming integrators and vitamins have Ronozyme NP, VAX and ProAct and other feed all guests and speakers veterinary been produced additives to utilize feed nutrients most efficientlyconsultants of Vijayawada and near by areas. in their own and to maintain better health of birds.Mr. Venkat Reddy, Area Sales Manager - AP, DSM state of art Dr. S. V. Ramarao and Dr. Lokesh Gupta answeredNutritional Products welcomed the guests and manufacturing many questions raised by farmers and poultryintroduced speakers to the guests. plants located at consultants for optimum utilization of feedDr. S.V. Ramarao, Senior Scientist, Project different parts of ingredients and to economize rising feed cost. TheyDirectorate on Poultry, Hyderabad delivered a world. DSM gave a simplepresentation on “Nutrient Optimization in Poultry produces and advice to reduceProduction”. Dr. Ramarao emphasized on m a r k e t feed cost byoptimum nutrient allowances for birds to get Dr. S V Ramarao during vitamins, using protease presentation on nutrientmaximum return. He shared lot of experimental optimization in poultry carotenoids and (Ronozymedata to suggest right amount of energy, amino enzymes for ProAct) andacids, micronutrients and other feed additives to poultry, dairy and aqua feeds as well as for human NSP degradingget maximum production from birds at an nutrition, therapeutics and personal care. He also e n z y m e seconomical way. mentioned that all DSM products are (RonozymeDr. Lokesh Gupta, Technical Manager- DSM manufactured with stringent quality measures that VAX) at presentNutritional Products, gave brief introduction assure to meet critical parameters of “Safety, and maximizeabout DSM Global and DSM India and their Quality, Reliability and Traceability”. n u t r i e n tactivities of focusing and working for people and Dr. Lokesh further informed that all the DSM utilization from Dr. Lokesh Gupta duringplanet by providing right solution to improve vitamins are sold under the brand name of presentation on maximizing feed to bird.quality of life. “Rovimix”, carotenoids as “Carophyll” and feed nutrient utilization from feed Mr. Venkat enzymes are named as “Ronozyme”. DSM ingredients Reddy gave voteDSM Nutritional Products is the global leader innutrition and nutrition related innovations. DSM is Nutritional Products India Pvt. Ltd. has started its of thanks to the participants, consultants andthe worlds premier producer of vitamins, own premixing plant at Ambernath, near Mumbai, speakers for sparing their time and for valuablecarotenoids, custom nutrient blends and Maharashtra to deliver the premixes and products exchange of information. Seminar ended withnutraceuticals to feed, food, beverage, dietary precisely, quickly and as per local need. cocktail and dinner.supplement and personal care industries. DSM Dr. Lokesh Gupta, during another presentation on BETTER FEED…… BETTER FOODNutritional Products has global research and “Maximizing Nutrient Utilization from Feeddevelopment facilities and an internationalnetwork of technical services, production anddistribution network with sales and marketingpresence in more than 100 countries.In addition to its vast ingredient portfolio, DSMprovides unparalleled processing andmanufacturing expertise in developing innovativeformulations that provide optimum performanceand health. DSM Nutritional Products provides asolid platform for technological innovation andnew product development.Utilizing its extensive resources, DSM keeps its View of guests in the seminar08
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  • 10. Press ReleaseZeus Biotech Limited makes a strong Zydus AHL Organised Technicalpresence in AGRENA 2012, Cairo, EGYPT Seminar in Hyderabadbetween 28th & 30th June 2012 Considering the importance of preventing infectious diseases in poultry and effective methods to reduce feed cost, Zydus AHL organised aAGRENA 2012 is the biggest livestock event in Egypt organized by Crose Technical Seminar in the Hotel Golkonda, Hyderabad on 16th Aug 2012.Fairs Organizers, Egypt. The current event was the 14th edition ofInternational Exhibition for the management and production of poultry,livestock and fish.AGRENA 2012 was most significant event that has focused on all theaspects of animal health, genetics, nutrition, equipments, etc. The eventserved as the best platform for exhibiting most recent trends in livestock The seminar was attended by prominent personalities like Mr. A. Gopal Reddy (Convener AP Broiler Farmers Association), Mr. K.S. Reddy (General Secretary, AP Poultry Federation & Treasurer, Poultry Breeders Association, A.P.), Dr.Kotaiah ( ex-President , All India Breeders Association), Mr. D.S. Subramaniam (Vice President, Poultry Federation of India- South Zone), Dr. K. BalaSwamy, Adviser NECC and President National Egg & Chicken Promotion Council, Mr. M.N. Rao, President, Indian Poultry Journalists Association amongst other eminent Veterinarians, Breeders and Integrators.and poultry products and innovations in most up-to-dateequipments, information, and services. The event featured plenarysessions, conference and seminars on the latest research, technologies,commercial findings, veterinary medications, and other motivatingtopics from renowned speakers. Dr.Himanshu Kumar, Group Product Manager welcomed and greeted the Guest Speaker Dr. S.V.Rama Rao Principal Scientist of Project Directorate on Poultry, ICAR, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad, Managing Director of Zydus AHL - Dr. Arun Atrey and all the delegates. Dr. Arun Atrey started with the introduction of Zydus&Zydus AHL and spoke on the vision of the company and about recent developments. He highlighted that Zydus AHL is a serious player in the Animal Health Industry, which has now presence in over 50 countries globally with the acquisition of BremarPharma a German based company. Dr. Mrigen Dutta, Sr. Marketing Manager - Poultry discussed at length on “Various Immunological Concepts to Maximize Immune Response”.Zeus Biotech Limited has participated in the show. The officials of the He emphasised on the importance of local immunity in preventing theDistributor of Zeus Biotech in Egypt were present in the booth to handle replication of the disease agents and the need for Geneticallythe visitors. Mr. Jose Jinesh, Director-Marketing and Dr. E.Saravanan, Stable/Clone vaccines for effective immunisation. He also discussed theTechnical Manager of Zeus Biotech were also present in the show. The benefits of using ND VH clone and the genetically stable IBD MBproducts of Zeus Biotech are well accepted in the Egyptian market. The vaccines in respect to protection and safety.stalls were crowded with the visitors from various parts of Africa & Dr. S.V.Rama Raoelaborated on the importance of using alternativeMiddle East even in the last day. source of protein ingredients and manipulation of its content in order to reduce overall feed cost. He stressed on the importance of maintaining productivity through optimisation of protein content and addition of IAI Expo 2012 quality feed additives. Dr. Himanshu Kumar made a presentation on “ZANITISER”a feed sanitiserfor the first time in India. With the introduction of Zanitiser, it 13-15 December would now be feasible to prevent and control feed-borne diseases viz. Salmonellosis, Nectrotic Enteritis and the outbreaks of orally transferred Leading Exhibition on viral and fungal diseases. Poultry & Livestock Industry An interactive session followed and technical queries were satisfactorily answered. The participants were pleased with the technical discussion IARI Ground, PUSA Road, New Delhi and highly appreciated the team Zydus AHL. 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal (Hry.) Mr.SrinivasaRao, Divisional Sales Manager of Zydus AHL-Hyderabad +91 9991705005, +91 9812082121, offered a vote of thanks.10
  • 11. 11
  • 12. Press Release NewsAvitech Launches Performins, NECC appeal to Government of IndiaAn Innovative Solution In The Area National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) has appealed to the Government of India, to initiate strong measures to curb speculationOf Trace Mineral Nutrition and hoarding of Soya Meal and Maize, so as to bring down the priceTRACE MINERALS- Essentials for Performance of these essential feed ingredients, and, provide relief to the farmers, who are facing the worst crisis, due to an unprecedented increase inTrace minerals play a vital role in Poultry performance. Trace Mineral the price of these commodities. .levels required for high efficiency are well above those below whichphysical deficiency symptoms may be observed. During the past two months, there has been a steep increase in the price of soya meal, mainly due to forward trading, speculation and hoarding by traders, exporters and certain multi-national companies, in anticipation of a substantial increase in the volume of export. During the past three months alone, the price has increased from less than Rs.2000/- per quintal to Rs.4200/- presently and that of maize from Rs 950 Rs 1000 to Rs 1400/- and above. As a result of such steep increase in input cost, the break-even level for egg production which was Rs.2.25 per egg two months ago has now gone up to Rs.3.00. Similarly, the break-even level for broiler production has increased from Rs.40-45 per kg live weight two months ago, to Rs.64-65/- presently. As compared to the above mentioned cost of production, farmers are unable to get a farm-gate price of even Rs.30/- per kg live weight of broilers and Rs.2.80 per egg - due to the perishable nature of the products and various other factors beyond the control of the farmers.The ever increasing genetic potential of poultry creates a demand for As a result of such steep increase in input cost and in the absence of aincreased trace mineral availability. To an extent, this increased corresponding increase in farm-gate prices, farmers are incurringrequirement may be met efficiently through increasing levels of huge losses. Unless remedied soon, a large number of small scaleinorganic trace minerals in the diet. Beyond a point, however, adding poultry production units may be closed down, and thousands ofincreased levels of trace minerals in the diet does not imply increased farmers might lose their only means of livelihood.levels in the system. This may be due to antagonism between metals, Apart from 5.0 million persons engaged in poultry farming andincreased competition for ligands and other factors. It is at this point that related activities, more than 2.0 crore maize farmers and 5.0 millionorganic metals may require to be supplemented on top of inorganic ones soya bean farmers are also directly dependant on poultry industry, asto result in an actual improvement in mineral status. more than 80% of maize and a substantial share of soya mealTo meet the increasing demands of modern day poultry, Avitech has produced in the country are consumed by the poultry industry.ideally designed a synergistic blend for improving mineral status and Hence, a set back to poultry industry will have a direct and adverseoptimizing performance. Performins, designed by scientists at Avitech impact on the economy of the maize and soya farmers also.incorporates highly bio-available inorganic trace mineral salts Moreover, the resultant loss of production could lead to a severesupplemented with organic minerals from Zinpro. It offers efficient and shortage of eggs and broilers, and, the consumers will have to pay anrapid absorption of specially selected and highly bio-available inorganic exorbitant price for eggs and chicken, which is the cheapest source ofsalts in the initial stage of supplementation and complements it with animal protein for the poor and vulnerable sections of theMetal Complexes from Zinpro, U.S.A. population.Performins is presented as a separate formulation for broilers, breeders In view of the above mentioned, NECC appealed to the Governmentand layers looking into the specific need of each segment. It represents an to ban exports and forward trading in soya meal and maize or at leastinnovative range of formulations in which the latest technological place quantitative restrictions on volumes for export and forwardadvancements have been incorporated with a view of providing trading, to discourage speculation and lower the prices of soya mealadequate nutritional support to achieve the genetic potential of high and maize to affordable levels. Simultaneously, NECC also appealedyielding poultry. Performins, therefore, successfully offers high levels to the Government for allocation of at least 10 lac tons of wheat by theof metals required for increased productivity in modern Poultry flocks. Food Corporation of India, so as to minimize the pressure on thePERFORMINS is positioned as a one-stop solution to improve the price of maize in the domestic market.mineral status in poultry and thereby get the maximum advantage of NECC said that it is optimistic about a quick and positive responseimproved immunity and optimum production/reproduction. from the Government.12
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  • 14. Press Release Dr. G.L.Jain elected to the International Poultry Hall of Fame by World’s Poultry Science Association Dr. Gendalal Jain, Managing Director, Venco recognition of his far reaching contributions sub continent’s agro-climatic environment Research and Breeding Farm Ltd, and Chief in the field of Poultry Genetic Research at the and husbandry conditions as well as Geneticist of Venkateshwara Hatcheries marketing practices. This focused approach Layer and Broiler Pure Line Research and Group was honoured by the World’s Poultry adopted by Dr. Jain resulted in the Breeding Farms of VH Group. Science Association (WPSA) – which, development of BV-300 Layers and Vencobb incidentally, is celebrating its Centenary this The Genetic Research programs, planned and Broilers, with productivity levels matching year - by including him in the WPSA executed by Dr. Jain were tailored according and often surpassing the best in the world. In the process it brought great prosperity to lacs of poultry farmers across India, and, facilitated the growth of Indian poultry industry as the second largest egg producer and fourth largest broiler producer in the world. Dr. Jain is perhaps the only geneticist in the world who has successfully conducted both the broiler and layer breeding program for over 30 years. Dr. Jain is the recipient of several prestigious awards including M.S. Swaminathan Award for his contribution to the Poultry industry to the needs and requirements of Indian and Indian agriculture at large. Dr. Jain also International Poultry Hall of Fame. received Lifetime Achievement Award from The prestigious award was conferred upon poultry farmers and designed to develop the Dr. B.V. Rao Poultry Research Foundation Dr. Jain at the XXIV World’s Poultry Layer and Broiler breeds which perform and Scroll of Honour from the Indian Poultry Congress on 8th August at Salvador Brazil, in better than the imported breeds in the Indian Science Association.Product Release Product Release “JUSTMARK (SS) CODER” Caltron Biofood & Fauna (self inking type, sturdy hand held stamping machine) With this hand operated device you can MARK/PRINT Packaging Feed Industries date/information like Batch No., Packaging/Manufacturing Date, CALTRON BIOFOOD & FAUNA FEED INDUSTRIESis proud to announce the commencement of their new feed supplement Exp. / Best before date, Net weight , Lot No., MRPs., Incl. all taxes & manufacturing plant at MIDC MAHAD in Raigad District, other information (just like INK JET PRINTER*) Directly on Top or Maharashtra. Caltronundertakes all kinds of “THIRD PARTY Cap or Bottom or Side (Curve) of containers & box, Labels, Pouches, MANUFACTURING ORDERS”. For the following products: Corrugations etc. on variety of packaging surfaces which includes Poultry Premix cartons, cardboard, polypacks, polyethylene, cloth bags, jute Bags, HDPE bags, LDPE, Plastic containers, Auto/Electric components etc. It has printing area of 35 mm by 60 mm and has STAINLESS STEEL long lasting body for best coding results and sturdy feature. It comes with a stereo set (grooved types) and 50 ml of ink and 50 ml of inkaid (diluter) and inkpad. For more details please call us on 09825039844 / 09327218883 (Mr. Sharma) or email on Liquid Suspensions Bolus Mineral Mixture For all your feed supplement needs, kindly contact us (.) CALTRON BIOFOOD & FAUNA FEED INDUSTRIES A div. of Caltron Clays & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001 certified & CRISIL rated company. Contact Person: Mr.Sanskar Jain +91 98 33 66 222 9 Tel:- 022- 28764864 / 022- 67254891 | Fax:- 022- 28764865 E-Mail:- / 14
  • 15. 15
  • 16. Press Release Lark Engineering Was in Agrena 2012 the visitors were from outside the country rather than Egyptians. Qualified veterinarians were Lark Engineering Company (India) specializes Lark offers total grinding solution for all types also among visitors. They had explored their in Design, Engineering and Manufacturing of of grinding and operations in manufacturing of knowledge and new methods of treating Feed machines and complete Feed Projects in animal feeds. Here we depict detailed design animals to enhance this industry. India. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, first features of Larks individual machine and their working; During the opening ceremony, Dr, Nabeel said in its field in India, Lark today is the leading and he is looking for Egypts good future in poultry trusted Feed Machinery brand in India. Lark Agrena 2012, the 14th International exhibition for the management and production of poultry, industry especially after presidential election. offers all kind of machines, from simple feed grinder to fully automatic computer controlled Livestock and Fish, was opened by Dr. Nabeel Egypt expects more investors in poultry and plant and modifies existing machines for Darwish, Director General of Poultry Union fisheries sector to acquire self sufficiency in red specific need. In a poultry farm, whether it is Association in Egypt. The event was organized meat, chick meat and eggs for Egypt market. He broiler or egg production, feed comprises the 70 by Crose Fairs Organizers. added that many Arab & International to 80% of the total cost of production. The More than 600 companies from 18 different companies participated in the fair are looking quality of feed is governed by two major factors; countries participated in the event. In its 14th for more business opportunities and also to get one is formulation i.e. the balance of nutrients. anniversary, new animal health and poultry latest technologies in animal field industry. Second is the processing-means how best it is companies were participated. They considered Egypt as one of Egypt is being processed. In grinding, Lark offers Half considered as the heart of the Middle East Event Organizers say the increase in number of Screen, Full Screen, Patented QGA series, according to its unique location and its visitors shows confidence and interest of local Paddle Mixer, Double Ribbon Screw Mixer and population numbers. and international companies in Egypt. Most of Double Shaft Paddle Mixer. 4G Would Benefit Farming, says NFU UK - Two out of every three farmers who use the internet say they would benefit from the rollout of superfast mobile broadband (4G) according to new research, says the National Farmers Union. The findings are taken from the results of the annual NFU communications survey. Speaking at a seminar in London NFU chief rural affairs adviser NEWS David Collier said that it was clear that farmers have high expectations of 4G mobile broadband. “Farmers expect multiple benefits from 4G mobile broadband,” added Mr Collier. “They expect to be able to use the internet more and use it more effectively. From doing business with their customers or seeking out new suppliers to doing administrative work such as banking, invoicing or completing online forms, the internet has become a vital component of rural life. “Those in areas where the current landline connection is painfully slow are looking forward to using the internet much more easily and effectively than before. “Farmers also expect to have more time to get on with farming and looking after the environment.” UK poultry council appoints Caroline Leroux as the head ofAPPOINTMENTS external relations The on-going effort to raise the profile and reputation of the UK poultry meat sector, British Poultry Council (BPC) has announced the appointment NEW of Ms Caroline Leroux to the new position head of external relations. Ms Caroline has spent three years in dairy industry. Mr Peter Bradnock, Chief Executive of the British Poultry Council said: “Were delighted to welcome Caroline to the BPC team. Her experience in agriculture and agri-food combined with her communications skills will be an asset to the organization.” Before getting involved in the poultry industry, Ms Leroux spent three years in the dairy industry, working as Communications Specialist for the International Dairy Federation in Brussels after a stint as Communications Coordinator for Dairy Farmers of Canada in Ottawa. She holds a Masters Degree in Political Science and Communications for the Sorbonne University in Paris and started her career in national and local politics before moving on to agriculture. 16
  • 17. New Appointments New Appointments at Novus US - Aviagen, the worlds Novus, a leader in Orissa and North East) of India. He will be based leading poultry breeding animal health and at Kolkata, India and can be contacted at company, today announced nutrition programs, or his mobile at +91 announces the 9831141304. the promotion of Jason appointment of Mr. Novus International, Inc. is headquartered in St. Mack to Vice President of Amris De as Sales Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. and serves customers in Manager (East India). more than 100 countries around the world. An Operations for North Dr. Vaibhav Nagpal, industry leader in animal nutrition and health, America. Sales Director-South Novus products include ALIMET® and MHA® Asia for Novus Animal Jason will report directly feed supplements, ACTIVATE® nutritional feed Nutrition (India) Pvt. to Aviagen President acid, ACIDOMIX® preservative premixture,Ltd. said that “The expansion of the team will Ben Thompson and will MINTREX® chelated trace minerals,further strengthen our presence for continued be responsible for the SANTOQUIN® feed preservative, MERA™METgrowth and development in the rapidly implementation of aquaculture feed additive, AGRADO® feedexpanding South Asian market.” ingredient, CIBENZA™ feed additive and many programs to improveAmris has a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology other specialty ingredients. The ARENUS® biological performancefrom Bangalore University, Karnataka & brand of products (, through interaction withPGDBM in Marketing from NIMT Ghaziabad. part of Novus International, Inc., focuses on hatchery and breederHe has more than six years of experience in developing performance products for the equine operations. In addition,various regions of poultry and animal health and companion animal markets. Novus is J a s o n w i l l m o n i t o r Jason Mack, Vice President of Operations for Northmarkets in India. privately owned by Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc. h a t c h e r y a n d America.In Novus, he would be responsible for sales in and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. For more information production operation efficiencies, as well as anpoultry in Eastern parts (West Bengal, Bihar, visit active participation with Quality Assurance in establishing programs and corrective actions to maintain chick quality standards. Working GLOBAL - Meyn Poultry Processing Solutions closely with production planning, Jason will has appointed Scott Russell to Global Sales Director work to ensure adequate supply of product, and along with Veterinary Services, R&D, and In 2000, Mr Russell was asked to lead Meyns North America operation. Technical Service, his focus will be on bird During his tenure as President, Scott and his management team grew the health and biological performance. business significantly and he played an integral role in the successful “Having someone with Jasons experience is acquisitions of Dapec and Hill Parts. truly an asset to the Aviagen team and to our Prior to joining Meyn, Mr Russell spent 28 years in the poultry processing customers. He understands the business and and equipment industries where he held leadership roles in sales, project our customers needs and is committed to management and engineering. achieving the performance required for our Scott takes over from Roel de Borst, Managing Director Meyn mutual success,” said Ben Thompson, International, who retired earlier this year after 10 successful years with president, Aviagen, Inc. Meyn. In his new role, Jason will focus on maintaining Scott Russell Meyns new Global Sales Director In his role as Global Sales Director, Scott will be responsible for identifying the open line of communication between the new markets and developing sales programmes and strategies. many departments and developing a stronger Scott Russell said: “Im looking forward to working with our global customer base to deliver the sense of teamwork among the groups. “As best answers to their challenges.” someone once said, The achievements of an organization are the results of the combinedGeorge Watts Named Secretary General of IPC effort of each individual, and nowhere is this more exemplified than at Aviagen. I am proudGLOBAL - George Watts, who retired last year as Research, Extension, Education and Economics to work with this team of productionpresident of the National Chicken Council (NCC), Advisory Board from 2006-2009, and was an professionals who take pride in their work, inhas been named secretary general of the advisory member of the Board of Directors for the International Poultry Development Program joint- the company, and who are committed to itsInternational Poultry Council (IPC). He assumedthe position during the IPCs recent annual venture broiler project in Russia (Elinar Broiler). future success. I look forward to what we willmeeting in Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil. Mr Watts received the Poultry Industry Lifetime achieve together,” commented Jason Mack.Mr Watts replaces George Winn, who recently Achievement Award from the National Poultry Jason earned his Poultry Science degree fromstepped down as executive secretary of the IPC, a and Food Distributors Association in January 2002, Auburn University in 1998 and has been withposition he had held for the last four years. The IPC the Merial Distinguished Poultry Industry Career Aviagen since April 1998. His experienceExecutive Committee also renamed the title from Award in 2009 from the Poultry Science includes Grandparent and Great Grandparentexecutive secretary to secretary general. Association, the Harold E. Ford Lifetime Production and Operations; he also served asBefore his retirement from NCC, which is based in Achievement Award presented by US Poultry and the director of Operational Synergies andWashington, DC, Watts served as its president for Egg Association "for exemplary service to the director of Quality Assurance from 2010-11.39 years. Prior to joining the organization, he poultry industry" in January 2011, and was Most recently Jason held the position ofworked as a legislative assistant to two members of inducted into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame in technical services manager for the Easternthe US Congress. November 2011. Regions.During his career, Mr Watts served as a member of Mr Watts holds a degree from the University ofthe US Chamber of Commerce Food and Throughout his career with Aviagen, Jason has Georgia, where he studies journalism and politicalAgriculture Committee, president and director of science. He currently serves as a member of the implemented various programs that havethe Commodity Club of Washington, and as Board of Directors of Case Foods and a consultant produced improved performance andchairman of the Food Group. He served on the US for Arrowsight, Inc. He and his wife Barbara reside efficiencies within both the production and salesDepartment of Agricultures National Agricultural in Alexandria, Va. operations.17
  • 18. Cover StoryWe Aspire to DeliverValue ProductsOlive Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., an enterprise Stress management supplements R&D centre of the company is recognizeddedicated to improving lives through the Weight management supplements under Department of Scientific and Industrialgoodness of natural products, was established Sugar management supplements Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science andin 2007 with an objective of manufacturing and Technology, Government of India Liver health supplementsmarketing quality dietary ingredients with Accreditations:international regulatory compliance. The core Ayurvedic products The companys manufacturing facilitiesbusiness of the company is to manufacture and Herbal Animal health care formulations / are certified by various certifications like:supply botanical extracts, phytochemicals, Feed supplementsnutraceuticals, dietary supplements, ISO-9000:2000 certified manufacturing Achievements/ Awards/ Recognition:pharmaceuticals, food supplements, facility Company has been awarded by thecosmoceuticals and food products. SHEFEXIL (Shellac and Forest Products GMP certified by AYUSH, Government ofOur vision is to strive to become a market leader Export Promotion Council) export award Indiain providing herbal and nutraceutical sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and Kosher certified ingredients by staringredients and offer services which help to Industry, Government of India. Mr. Pranab KOSHERconstantly improve and optimize our customer Mukherjee presented this award to Olive Halal certifiedworkflow. Our main goals are to develop a well- Lifesciences for excellence in export of Organic processing certification (NPOPorganized team in the company and to bring the herbal extracts. and NOP)company to number one position in herbal Company has been awarded the Backward Integration:industry. PHARMEXCIL Eminence in Outstanding Olive Lifesciences play a very significant role inUnder ANIMAL HEALTH CARE segment, export GOLD award under Herbals the area of cultivation. It engages more thancompany manufacture natural botanical segment. PHARMEXCIL is an Export 10,000 farmers in the state of Tamil Nadu andproducts, herbal feed supplements, natural Promotion Council for Pharmaceuticalgrowth promoters, immunity boosters and feed Karnataka in the cultivation of medicinal plants industry, promoted by Ministry ofadditives which are essential for the growth and Commerce and Industry, Government of spread over an area of more than 20,000 acres.productivity of livestock, poultry and pets. India, to focus on healthcare and This activity has resulted in numerous benefitsProducts are manufactured in compliance with pharmaceutical products in the global to the farmer community leading to betterstringent global standards of plant operations, arena. income levels and thereby improving standardquality and safety. and quality of lives. Company provides The company also awarded for buyback agreement with latest farmingProducts Manufactured / Services Offered outstanding contribution in the field of methods, high quality seeds, bio fertilizer and Botanical / Herbal Ingredients Conservation, Cultivation and Utilization bio pesticides in addition to educating them Antioxidant supplements of Medicinal plants - University of about Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Colombo, Srilanka.18
  • 19. Cover StoryManufacturing Facility: Animal Health Care:Manufacturing facility is equipped with batch Olive Lifesciences is one of Indias leading animal care companies specializing inextraction and continuous extraction plant 100% natural & safe herbal products. The companys portfolio includes herbalwhich is very essential to supply huge quantity healthcare and nutritional products catering to a wide range of animal species.of material. The company is positioned to offer Olive Lifesciences portfolio of poultry products has been developed keeping inits clients end-to-end high quality products with mind the modern Poultry farming practices. The portfolio includes productsoptimized production practices. aimed at maximizing production and maintaining the natural health of theThe entire manufacturing process is supervised flock. Below is the brief on the products MAQXAN is stabilized source of yellow carotenoid ,and monitored by a team of highly qualifiedprofessionals with hands on experience in thespecialized herbal extracts domain to ensure Sl. Product Name Brief Description No.products of consistent quality batch after batchwithin the assigned time schedules. 1. A Herbal Supplement known for hepatoprotection,Quality: which improves the liver health, overall performanceOlive Lifesciences is committed to deliver a and productivity in animalsworld class product range confirming to 2. A synergistic combination of traditionally knownstringent international standards to its herbs to help in relieving stree and improves immunity.customers with quality par excellence.The QA/QC teams are responsible formonitoring all production processes right from 3. A natural blend of chosen herbs, effective in optimizingincoming of raw materials till final inspection. the reproductionThe company is fully integrated with the lateststate-of-the-art analytical equipment facility.R&D: 4. Marigold oleoresin and luteinThe Innovation strategy of Olive Lifesciences is based productsstructured in line with the vision and missionstatement of the organization. The R&D Other herbal products for animal health care include:function focuses on development of clinically Sl. Product Name Brief Descriptionproven ingredients, highly bio available No.ingredients, poly herbal ingredients and vetcare formulations. 1. A unique poly herbal preparation with anti -Our company has earned recognition for its in- inflammatory and antibacterial properties for the fasterhouse research and development facility fromthe Department of Scientific and Industrial for the faster recovery from clinical mastitisResearch (DSIR) under the Ministry of Scienceand Technology, Government of India. 2. A herbal remedy for effective topical careR&D center at Olive Lifesciences is a completeresearch facility with independentPhytochemistry, Microbiology, Bio-assay andFormulations & development laboratories. It is 3. A synergistic powder helps in improving quality andvery well equipped with state of art laboratoryequipment like HPLC, GC, UV, Head space quantity of milkanalyzer, etc and possess core strength in thearea of standardization and bio-activityevaluation of natural products. Ourmultidisciplinary approach to work at variousstages of product research and development isdriven by the true scientific temperament.R&D department works in close co-operationwith various prestigious Universities andprivate research institutions right from thebiological assessment of safety and efficacy of its extracted from Marigold flowers. This helps to Fast and efficient absorption of xanthophyll inproducts to conducting clinical trials. bring more orange color to the broiler skin and the body of poultryOur Strength: egg yolk. It is recommended as an effective Application: Traceability: We have the traceability right natural yellow pigment. MAQXAN can be used as a pigment to enhance from the cultivation to the finished Specification: egg yolk and broiler skin color. Dosage is products and the stringent quality checks Appearance : Free-flowing yellow powder established in accordance with the desired throughout the process and liquid pigmentation level. Cultivation: We are backed by large Ingredients : Marigold flower extracts MAQXAN is available as: number of farmers which is very essential Key Functions: Free-flowing powder - 2% & 4% xanthophyll for continuous supply of Raw materials Excellent Pigmentation: Natural and adequate Liquid - 1.5% & 2% xanthophyll this in turn ensures consistency in carotenoid source for poultry. Recommended Usage of MAQXAN (g/ton supplying of products to our customers Antioxidant: Lutein is a powerful natural feed): Science Based: Clinical/ Scientific antioxidant, good for poultry and human Broilers skin - 300-2000 [dose varies in validation of the products health. accordance with desired pigmentation] Manufacturing expertise and Research and Advantages: Layers (Egg Yolk) - 300-1000 [dose varies in Development Natural yellow caroteniod, safe for human beings accordance with desired pigmentation]19
  • 20. NewsBroilers Next on Agenda for Aviagen Production School Tax and Duty Cut toEUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA - Aviagen Key topics of the module include: Help Poultry Producershas announced that the second module of the Economics and world trade for chickennew Production Management School for meat ALGERIA - In order to reduce the price of whitecustomers based in Europe, Turkey, the Middle Biology of the broiler poultry meat and to help the struggling poultryEast and Africa (EMEA) will be held in Turkey sector, the Algerian government is removing Health and welfarebetween 29th October and 5th November 2012.The School will focus on broiler management Nutritionincluding health, welfare and nutrition. Optimised broiler growthAimed at poultry professionals involved in the Environmental control within the broilerbroiler industry the broiler module builds on the housefully-subscribed breeder module taking place ð· Financial benchmarking andthis August in the UK. A further module on developing farm budgetshatchery practice will take place in the The School is tailored to build careers within theNetherlands in Spring 2013. industry. By understanding how broilerNick Spenceley, Course Director, said: management fits in with the cost per kilogram VAT and exempting raw poultry materials and“Aviagen Production Management Schools in live weight our students will be able to see finished products from customs duties from 1other parts of the world have proven very exactly how the changes they make in the September until 1 August next year.successful and popular with customers. We are management of a flock affects the commercial The move is designed to help the 35,000keen to offer a similar opportunity to our EMEA dynamics of their business. With that producers and 350 livestock feed specialists incustomers to attend a School in their region.” knowledge it is easier for them to make the wake of rising prices of corn and soybeans.“The benefits of joining are significant. informed decisions to improve performance Minister of Agriculture and RuralParticipants get a real boost to their skills from and realise the full potential of their flocks. Development, Rachid Benaissa, told theour expert tutors in a real learning environment. To request an application form, please contact Interprofessional Council meeting of theThey can then pass on this knowledge to their your local Aviagen representative or email industry that bank loans at a zero interest rate,colleagues when they return to work, enhancing including Rfig, Ettahadi and federal credit, willflock performance and revenue as a result.” also be available to some producers, As well as helping to ensure the survival of thisNovus Receives New Product Innovation industry, which employs between 100,000 and 300,000 people and has a turnover of $1.5 billion,Award in Prebiotics the minister has also announced a programmeGLOBAL - Novus International, Inc. has been Frost & Sullivan. "Based on the findings of this of modernization for the sector and move toselected to receive the 2012 North American Best Practice research, were delighted to help protect the purchasing power ofNew Product Innovation Award in Prebiotics present the 2012 North American New Product consumers.for PREVIDA. The award is presented by Frost Innovation Award in Prebiotics for Animal The minister said the sector requires a massive& Sullivan, a 50-year old global research Health to Novus." concerted effort to develop the sectororganization of 1,800 analysts and consultants PREVIDA is a unique prebiotic comprised of an sustainably.who monitor more than 300 industries and all-natural, hemicellulose extract that promotes Mr Benaissa said: "The latest move can alleviate250,000 companies. intestinal health for a variety of species. The the effect of increasing the cost of production on"Novus is proud to receive such a prestigious product contains a high level of soluble dietary the prices of poultry products, includingaward from Frost & Sullivan," stated Thad fiber in the form of specific oligosaccharides, chicken, stabilising the prices first, beforeSimons, President and CEO, at Novus. "Were which have been shown to provide compelling gradually pushing them down."equally humbled by this recognition because digestive health benefits. Studies suggest For their part, poultry producers haveour mission is not to seek awards for what we PREVIDA impacts gut microflora and announced their commitment to act in theirdo; rather it is to focus on sustainably meeting significantly improves immune response respective business segments and workthe growing global need for health and leading to healthier, more resilient livestock. together to ensure satisfactory market supplynutrition. Were excited about offering our conditions for the consumer. PREVIDA was discovered by research scientistscustomers the health and nutrition solutions at Temple-Inland, a wood products company. Poultry farmers and other stakeholdersassociated with feeding PREVIDA." After Temple-Inland assessed the nutritional expressed their willingness to fight against theFrost & Sullivans selection of PREVIDA was the profile and health benefits of the product, they waste of livestock feed, reducing theresult of a decision support matrix (DSM) reached out to Novus for its expertise in consumption index in order to reduce the cost ofcomprised of five criteria, including 1) a kilogram of white meat - both chicken and developing animal health and nutritionInnovative Element of the Product, 2) Leverage turkey. solutions. Novus has the exclusive globalof Leading-Edge Technologies, 3) Value Added marketing and distribution rights for PREVIDA. Currently, it is estimated that poultry farmersFeatures/Benefits, 4) Increased Customer ROI “Preliminary studies indicate that PREVIDA use 3.5 kg of feed to produce a kilogram of meat,and 5) Customer Acquisition/Penetration promises to be a Prebiotic with increasing health while poultry farmers in developed countriesPotential. Frost & Sullivan concluded that and nutrition benefits for all livestock," said Ted and Maghreb use only 1.6kg to 2 kg through thePREVIDA was truly an innovative product with Toburen, Senior Director Therapeutic Nutrition use of modern farming techniques ofimmense market penetration potential. Solutions, at Novus. "Were excited about production.Frost & Sullivans research philosophy offering another solution to our livestock This partly explains why the price of chicken inoriginates with the CEOs 360-Degree customers in helping them optimize the health Algeria is twice that of Tunisia or Morocco.Perspective™, which serves as the foundation of The poultry producers have also promised to of their animals."its TEAM Research™ methodology. "This modernise their buildings and improve farmingunique approach enables us to determine how Novus will attend a special awards ceremony, hosted by Frost & Sullivan, in San Jose, CA in conditions and to help each comply with thebest-in-class companies worldwide manage technical standards and improve the health ofgrowth, innovation and leadership," noted September 2012 where they will be presented their livestock in order to improve performanceAarthi Janakiraman, Senior Research Analyst at with the award. and reduce mortality rates.20
  • 21. D PROL IBIThe wer po of 21 in INDIAN HERBS SPECIALITIES Pvt. Ltd. S.C.O. 233, 2nd Floor, Sector - 20, PANCHKULA - 134116 Ph. No. : (+91)9357247217, TeleFax No. : (0172) 5011470, E-mail : 21
  • 22. NewsAvangardco Release Financial Results for Chicken producersFirst Half of 2012 forced to cut jobsUKRAINE - Avangardco the leading producer thousand tons), or 541 million eggs in egg Poultry producers might have to cut jobs asof shell eggs and egg products in Ukraine and equivalent (H1 2011: 534 million eggs); companies struggled to pass expenses ontoEurasia, has issued its financial results for the six The average price of dry egg products consumers, the South Africa Poultrymonths ended June 30, 2012. increased by 9.1 per cent year-on-year to Association said yesterday. Astral Foods cutRevenue increased by 26.6 per cent year-on-year US$7.54/kg (H1 2011: US$6.91/kg); 150 jobs as it reduced output after the price ofto US$283.6 million (H1 2011: US$223.9 million). In H1 2012 export of shell eggs and egg grains, its biggest cost, surged to a record andEBITDA increased by 33.9 per cent year-on-year products in egg equivalent amounted to cheaper imports of the birds increased, theand reached US$122.1 million (H1 2011: US$91.2 342 million eggs. countrys second-biggest chicken producermillion), with EBITDA margin increasing up to said Nataliya Vasylyuk, Chief Executive Officer of43.1 per cent (H1 2011: 40.7 per cent). The reductions were “directly related to Avangardco IPL, said: I am pleased to report aOperating profit increased by 36.1 per cent year- cutbacks on production”, chief executive strong first half performance, with all keyon-year to US$114.5 million (H1 2011: US$84.1 Chris Schutte said in response to questions financial metrics significantly ahead of the samemillion). last week. “Further cutbacks and possible period last year, which shows the effectivenessNet profit for the year grew by 45.6 per cent of our chosen strategy. Despite the presence of retrenchments will follow.”year-on-year to US$97.6 million (H1 2011: substantial price growth of eggs and egg Local prices of grains, which comprise asUS$67.0 million), with profit margin of 34.4 per products, demand for our products continued much as 75 percent of the cost of producingcent (H1 2011: 29.9 per cent). chickens, rallied to a record last month as the to increase. Due to this, the Company was ableOperational highlights to significantly increase its exports to the Middle worst US drought in almost 50 years Total flock increased by 6.2 per cent year- East, North Africa and Asia, as well as to damaged crops and raised world prices. on-year to 25.9 million (H1 2011: 24.4 increase sales of its products in the domestic Poultry imports to South Africa are at a million). The number of laying hens market. record according to Astral, which employs increased by 9.6 per cent year-on-year to I would like to note that despite the more than 12 000 full-time and contract 20.6 million (H1 2011: 18.8 million); fluctuations in world grain prices, the achieved employees. Production of shell eggs increased by 8.0 result proves the effectiveness of the strategy of “Some of them have already retrenched, but per cent to 3.106 billion units (H1 2011: hedging the cost of grain in the forward they are planning to retrench in the order of 2.875 billion units); contracts.The Company continues to implement Sales of shell eggs to external clients its investment projects Avis and increased by 12.8 per cent year-on-year to Chornobaivske . The projects comply with the 2.412 billion units (H1 2011: 2.139 billion highest international standards and with the EU units); regulations on poultry keeping. Positive The share of shell egg sales through negotiations between Ukraine and the EU on the modern retail chains increased to 31 per export of poultry products to Europe should cent of total sales to external customers (H1 yield new commercial opportunities. 2011: 30 per cent); The average egg price increased by 26.4 per "The high quality of our products and our well- cent year-on-year and amounted to UAH organised operating activities will allow us to 0.67 excluding VAT (H1 2011: UAH 0.53 continue our successful expansion into excluding VAT); international markets and maintain market The production of dry egg products leadership in Ukraine in the second half of 2012, increased by 22.4 per cent year-on-year which will have a positive impact on the reaching 7.1 thousand tons (H1 2011: 5.8 Companys financial results. 3000 people over the next month or so,”Philippines Bans Dutch Poultry Imports association chief executive Kevin Lovell saidPHILIPPINES - The Philippines has temporarily earlier this month. “Disposable incomes arebanned importing chicken and its products stretched… as much as we know we need tofrom the Netherlands after a reported outbreak raise prices, we also know that the chances ofof low pathogenic avian influenza LPAI, the being able to do that are rather limited.government said. The economy will probably frow 2.6 percentAfter The countrys quarantine officers said they this year, according to the Internationalwould confiscate all shipments of poultry and Monetary Fund, less than the Treasuryspoultry products with the exception of heat February estimate of 2.7 percent. Thetreated products from Utrecht, Netherlands, government said it needed 7 percent growthThe last time the Philippines imposed a ban on to cut the jobless rate to 15 percent by 2020poultry imports from the Netherlands was in from 25 percent now, the highest of more thanJune last year. 60 nations tracked by Bloomberg. The government banned poultry meat, wild Rainbow Chicken, the nations biggestThe move is a precautionary measure to ensure birds and other poultry products fromthere is no outbreak in the Southeast Asian poultry producer by volume, said earnings a Gelderland following the outbreak of LPAI incountry, department officials told share in the year to June probably fell as much that on Friday morning. as 35 percent compared with the previous 15- The Philippines has remained free from avian month period. Astrals profit for the six“We hope the Dutch officials will use this as an influenza which has spread in Southeast Asia months to March dropped 17 percent, it said.opportunity to make certain that their shipments and caused billions of losses in poultrywill not lead to disease,” the official said. Rainbow had not cut any jobs as a result of the industries in the region.22
  • 23. 23
  • 24. NewsSodexo Announces Shift to Cage-free Layers New technology toUS - Sodexo Inc. has announced that by July welfare of laying hens. provide clean water to birds2014, all of the 39 million shelled eggs it "Sodexos move on procurement of shell eggspurchases each year will be sourced from cage- A new technology has been introduced which from more humane sources reflects a strongfree hens. It is a decision applauded by The makes easy for small flock owners to provide commitment to hen welfare," said Josh Balk,Humane Society of the United States, which clean water to their birds.This technology director of corporate policy for the Humanesays the shift will improve the welfare of nearly Society of the United States. "We are grateful called BriteTap and this is fitted with a set of150,000 hens annually. The announcement that the company has exhibited such leadership one-way valves, or poultry nipples. Aftercomes just weeks after Sodexo committed to the in improving the treatment of farm animals attached to a water supply tank, the BriteTapremoval of gestation stalls from its pork supply within its supply chain.” forms a closed-system that effectively shieldschain. Sodexo views its commitment to the humane water from contamination by dirt, debris and"Shifting to cage-free eggs is just one more way treatment of animals as highly important, just as poultry droppings. This helps to providesSodexo is proactively implementing it is for the people and the communities that it cleaner water to chickens due to its closed-commitments under The Better Tomorrow Plan, serves. This step is an important part of the system design and it is easier and moreour roadmap for sustainability," said Deborah progress the company is making toward pleasant to keep clean. It can be fitted to a wideHecker, vice president, sustainability and CSR, sustainability in a range of areas, from the food it variety of water supply containers to suit theSodexo. "Our decision to source shelled eggs sources to the energy and facilities management capacity and aesthetic needs of owners. Suchexclusively from hens in a cage-free services it provides. contamination is a frequent problem withenvironment specifically addresses our Among some of the recognised achievements in open-air, pan-style, watering devicescommitments to buy local, seasonal or sustainability for Sodexo are: the Dow Jones commonly used by poultry hobbyists, urbansustainably grown or raised products.” 2011-2012 Global Sustainability Leader; farmers, and homesteaders. This technologyWith more than 6,000 clients in settings that Sustainability Yearbook; 2012 SAM Sector introduced by education, health care, government and Leader and 2012 Fortunes Most Admiredcorporate dining operations, Sodexo in North Companies. Guided by the Better Tomorrow General Manager at ChickenWaterer.comAmerica serves 10 million customers daily. By Plan, Sodexos global roadmap to sustainability, Mark Delman said that the BriteTap dispensercommitting to source cage-free shelled eggs for the company works to actively promotethis vast customer base, Sodexo stands to make a nutrition, health and wellness, commit to localsignificant contribution to improving the communities and protect the environment.Ceva combines poultry vaccines into single doseagainst three diseasesThe world leader in poultry vaccine technology made it possible to provide lifetime protectionCEVA has combined two of its poultry vaccines against all forms of IBD with a single doseinto a single dose that will protect against administered via in ovo (in the egg) orNewcastle, Gumboro and Mareks disease. subcutaneous injection.Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) has been a long The companys Gumboro vaccine, Transmunestanding challenge in the field. Producers IBD, and its Newcastle Disease vector vaccine,needed a vaccine that worked in the presence of Vectormune ND (which also protects againsta relatively high level of maternal antibodies.In Mareks Disease), can be mixed in diluent with a gives chickens the clean water they need to blue vaccine thrive. Chicken owners also benefit because tracer and administered in they no longer have to clean a waterer whose the hatchery, pan is filled with mud and droppings. either in ovo or The BriteTap chicken waterer can be connected subcutaneously to a wide variety of water supply tanks, but is at one day old, designed to easily attach to a standard water according to cooler such as those sold under the the Igloo®, C e v a . and Rubbermaid® brand names. Users install "Vaccinating the BriteTap chicken waterer by simply chicks against unscrewing the cooler spigot and replacing it Gumboro and with the BriteTap. This can be done in less than Newcastle two minutes and without the use of any tools. disease has When fitted to a 2-gallon cooler, the BriteTap always been waterer provides a one-day supply of water to difficult for a flock of as many as 16 chickens. broiler producers because of the Users can also attach the BriteTap chicken uncertainty waterer to a wide variety of containers of their around what day choosing including: food-grade plastic pails,response, CEVA developed CEVAC® to administer," said Ceva. plastic pitchers, and water storage containersTransmune IBD, a unique vaccine utilizing The two vaccines used to come in packages in designed for camping etc. To convert theseupgraded immune complex technology that different sizes, but the company has containers into a water supply tank, userseliminated the difficulties of vaccinating for IBD standardized the packaging for ease of use. make a 5/8 inch hole in the side of theby overcoming the challenge of when to Transmune IBD and Vectormune ND are now container with a drill.The BriteTap chickenvaccinate and the problem of non-uniform available in uniform 1,000-, 2,000- and 4,000- waterer can be purchased at theadministration in the chicken house. It also dose vials. ChickenWaterer.com24
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  • 26. NewsEggs Contain More Vitamin D, Selenium Ban sought on soya meal,UK - Official new data shows that todays eggscontain more than 70 per cent more vitamin D and is rapidly accumulating evidence that a lack of vitamin D could be a risk factor for a number of maize exportdouble the amount of selenium than when chronic diseases, says Cath MacDonald, National Egg Coordination Committee NECCprevious analyses were carried out 30 years ago. independent nutritionist. has appealed to the government to ban exportsTodays eggs also contain around 20 per cent less The increased selenium content of eggs is also of and forward trading in soya meal and maize orfat, more than 20 per cent less saturated fat, around public health significance as UK selenium intakes place quantitative restrictions on both the13 per cent fewer calories and more than 10 per cent have declined in recent years alongside a switchless cholesterol than previous surveys suggested. from North American to European wheat. activities to bring down the prices of theseAn average medium egg now contains 66 calories Selenium is important in protecting cellular essential ingredients and provide relief to(compared to the previous figure of 78 calories) and components such as DNA, lipids and proteins average large egg 77 calories (previously 91 against oxidation. NECC also urged the government to initiatecalories). The new analyses reveal that an average medium strong measures to curb speculation andThe data, produced by the UK Food comp project egg now contains around 177mg of cholesterol,consortium, funded by the Department of Health although it is now acknowledged that cholesterolas part of their rolling programme of nutrient in foods such as eggs does not have a significantanalysis surveys, provides the first update on the effect on blood cholesterol in most people. Allnutrient content of eggs since the 1980s. major UK heart and health advisory bodies,Professor Judith Buttriss, Director General of the including the British Heart Foundation, haveBNF, explained: This is the latest in a series of already removed the previous limits on egganalyses from the DH-funded UK Foodcomp consumption linked to their cholesterol content.project that provide up to date information on the The changes are believed to be the result ofcomposition of the food we eat. These particular improvements to hens feed, an increase in the ratiodata reinforce the contribution to essential of white:yolk in an average egg, and improvednutrients that eggs can make as part of a varied diet, analytical methods since the last officialfor people of all ages. Government analyses were carried out in theThe new analysis, part of which is being presented 1980s. Vegetable oils replaced meat and bonemealat The Nutrition Societys Summer Meeting on 18 in UK hens feed in the 1980s and it is believed thatJuly, found that two medium eggs can provide better quality oils, together with otheraround two-thirds of the RDA (Recommended enhancements to hens feed, have improved theDaily Amount for EU labelling purposes) for hens absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and thevitamin D. The additional vitamin D found in eggs take-up of particularly significant in the light of evidence Paul Finglas, coordinator of the UK Foodcompsuggesting that a large proportion of people in the project at the Institute of Food Research, said: TheUK have an inadequate supply of this vitamin. results from this project are important forIt has been suggested that, in addition to the well- monitoring the quality of our national dietsestablished role of vitamin D in bone health, this through surveys such as the Department ofnutrient may also play a role in the immune system Healths National Diet and Nutrition Survey, and hoarding of soya meal and maize.and beneficially influence the incidence of some show the benefits of private:public partnerships working together to support new research During the past two months, there has been acancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. projects.’ steep increase in price of soya meal, mainly dueThis is a very welcome finding at a time when there to forward trading, speculation and hoarding byBanks may shower more farm loans traders, exporters and certain multi-national companies in anticipation of substantialowing to deficit monsoon increase in the volume of export. In the pastConsidering the monsoon deficit, the Union servicing, sheep and dairy management. It isGovernment has set a Rs 5.75-lakh-crore farm loan where these Rural Training Centres come into three months, the price of soya meal hastarget for public sector banks for the current play", he said. increased from less than Rs.2,000 per quintal tofinancial year. In fact, “the banks are hopeful of Elaborating on the training centre, he said that, as Rs.4,200 at present and that of maize fromeven exceeding the target and crossing Rs 6 lakh farmers cannot depend only on agricultural Rs.950-1,000 to Rs.1400 and above.crore,” said Finance Minister P. Chidambaram income, they have to look at non-farming sourcesafter inaugurating a new Rural Training Centre at As a result of steep increase in input cost, the too to ensure regular income flow. This centreAmaravathipudur in Karaikudi (part of his would train farmers in various activities such as breakeven level for egg production, which wasconstituency, Sivaganga). poultry farming, sheep rearing, tailoring and Rs.2.25 per egg two months ago, has now goneChidambaram said the current year target was 20 mobile handset repair. up to Rs.3.00. It also went up for broilerper cent more than that of the previous year. In The centre has been jointly sponsored by Nabard , production. In the past three months, the price2011-12, the target was fixed at Rs 4.5 lakh crore; Indian Bank and Indian Overseas Bank. Besides of soyameal has more than doubled. As a resultagain the banks exceeded that by Rs 25,000 crore. sharing the running expenses , the threeThis loan comes at an interest rate of 7 per cent. This sponsoring banks have shared the cost of of spiralling input costs, the cost of productionwill further come down to 4 per cent if the farmers construction of the new campus as well. for an egg has increased by 25%. Similarly, theservice the loan well, he said. For Tamil Nadu alone, the PSU banks have set a production cost for broiler meat has risen byHe said the bankers, during his recent interaction target of Rs 51,000 crore towards farm loans more than a third. But the absence of awith him soon he assumed office as Finance (against Rs 36,000 crore last year), said M. corresponding increase in farm-gate prices hasMinister, assured him of disbursing Rs six lakh Narendra, Chairman and Managing Director of led to poultry farmers incurring huge losses andcrore agricultural loans this year. Indian Overseas Bank. unless the situation is remedied, half of the"We cannot depend on rain for the whole year for Of this, 60 per cent will go toward crop loans, andagriculture. Besides farming, you should also learn remaining for use in buying tractors, constructing poultry industry would be wiped out, NECCa non-farming activity like embroidery, cell phone cold storage facilities and mechanisation. said.26
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  • 28. NewsRs 14-cr emu processing unit tocome up in MedakAndhra Pradesh, which is home to majority of the countrys emupopulation, will have a processing facility soon.The facility will come up atPatancheru in Medak district with an investment of Rs 14 crore.“It would have equipment and process to suit the FDA (United States Foodand Drugs Administration) requirements,” N. Srinivas Chowdary, apromoter of AP Emu Processors Private Limited, said. Andhra Pradeshaccounts for more than half of the countrys emu population of 13 lakh. Theplant, to be set up under the companys new subsidiary AP EmuProcessors on 10 acre, will have an initial capacity to process 600 kg offrozen emu fat into refined oil and soap stock per day. “ I n t h e absence of processing facilities, the farmers are not fully realising the potential of emu meat and fat. We have tied up with about 1,500 farmers to procure thebirds,” he said. Chowdary is the Managing Director of AP IncubatorsPrivate Limited that produced about 700 incubators to hatch the birds.“We are in touch with the supply chain of the birds and we noticed theunder realisation of potential,” he said.“They are following crude methods for slaughter and production of oil. Asa result, we see poor quality of oil with no standardisation,” .He said therewas huge scope for the emu oil in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industriesglobally.“We have tied up with a US firm for procurement of the scientificallyproduced oil,” Chowdary said. With a view to creating awareness on therearing of the bird and business opportunities, the company is organisinga meeting in Hyderabad on August 19.According to SK Maini, partner, AP Emu Processors, Andhra Pradeshleads the country in emu farming with approximately 3,500 farmers and abird population of 800,000, closely followed by Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra,Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka and Gujarat. The total emu population inIndia is estimated to be 1.4 million.China total feed output to reach200 million tonsDuring Chinas 12th Five-year Plan Period, China is expected to see asteady growth of feed output, and by the end of that period, the total feedoutput is estimated to reach 200 million tons.According to data from a report, "Chinese Feed Industry Analysis andInvestment Strategy Report 2013-2017, in the first half of 2012, Chinasmixed and compound feed output reached 80.5575 million tons, Of that,66 percent (53.1697 million tons) was made up of compound feed and theother 34 percent (27.3878 million) was made up of mixed feed. The reportindicated that Chinas production of compound feed in June was 11.77percent (10.597 million tons) higher than in 2011. Analyzing province byprovince, Shandong provinces mixed feed output reached 7.606 milliontons, increasing 18.40 percent over 2011s number and making up 14.31percent of Chinas total output. Following closely behind are Guangdongprovince, Liaoning province and Guangxi province, making up 9.27percent, 8.34 percent and 7.52 percent of the total, respectively.Among all the output, compound feed will hit 168 million tons,concentrated feed will be at 26 million tons and pre-mix feed will reach 6million tons, according to the report. There will be over 50 feedcompanies with an annual production capability of 500,000 tons, takingup 50 percent of the countrys total feed output.28
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  • 30. Buyers Guide - Poultry BreedersAviagen Group Hubbard Redcomb Genetics LtdCummings Research Park, 5015 Bradford Europe, Middle East, Africa & Brazil 21 Kawhero Drive,RD2 ,Whitianga,Drive, Huntsville, AL 35805, USA Hubbard S.A.S., Le Foeil - P.O. Box 169 Waikato3592,New ZealandTel: +1 256 890 3800 | Fax: +1 256 890 3919 22800 Quintin, FRANCE Tel: +64 7866 5531Email: Tel. +33-(0) Email- Website- Europe Ltd Hellmann Poultry Gmbh & Co KG S.M. EquipmentsA.V.E. House, 17 Clyvedon Rise, Postfach 1232, 49361 Vechta, Germany 6140/2/8, Opp. Anjaneya Temple,South Shields,Tyne & Wear, NE34 8DL. Tel: +49 4441 92590 | Fax: +49 4441 925950 Kanakapura Road Cross, Chunchaghatta MainTel: + 44 (0) 7747 593 293 website- Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560 062Email- Tel- +91 80 26320763 / 26321263Website- Institut de Sélection Animale BV Villa de Körver Spoorstraat 69, P.O. Box 114, Suguna Poultry Farm Ltd.Cobb-Vantress, Incorporated 5830 AC Boxmeer, The Netherlands-EU 5th Floor, Jaya Enclave, 1057, Avinashi Road,PO Box 1030, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Tel- +31 485 319 111 | Fax- +31 485 319 112 Coimbatore 641 018.USA 72761-1030 | Tele: 479-524-3166 Email- Tel- + 91 422 4392503, 4392504Website- Website- Email- corporate@sugunapoultry.comChartley Chucks INDBROstowe-by-chartley Stafford staffordshire 302, Sri Sai Krishna Residency, Aravind Nagarst18 0ld, United Kingdom Simran Farms Limited opp NTR Stadium, Domalguda. 1-B, Vikas Rekha Complex, Near TowerTel- + 07736 960835 Tel - 040-27620447 Chouraha, Khatiwala Tank,Indore-452Email- Email- 001(M.P.) IndiaWebsite- Website- Tel: + 91-731-4255900Francis Engineering Works Email: Indian Broiler Group77 & 78 Marol Co-op. Indl Est. Ltd. Baldeobag, Rajnandgaon (Chhattisgarh)Andheri (E), Mumbai 400059 India Skylark Equipments Tel-+07744-224069, 226009Mobile : +91 9822021285 Shankar Bhawan, Railway Road, Safidon, Dist. Jind, Safidon - 126112, Haryana Tel: +91-9416062447 . E: info@skylarkhatcheries.comFACCO & C. S.p.A Kelly Turkey FarmsW-16, T.T.C. IND. Area, MIDC, Pawane Springate Farm Bickacre Roadn, Danbury, Universal ImpexNavi Mumbai- 400 710 | Tel- +91 22 2767-0536 Essex, CM3 4EP | Tel: +44 (0) 1245 223 581 BU-10,SFS Flat,Pitampura, Delhi 110088Fax: + 91 22 2763-1047 Website- Tel- 011-27346073/075 | Fax- 011-27345432Email- Email: cosmoindus@yahoo.comWebsite- Khadkeshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. Siddhartha Arcade, Opp. MIDC, Railway Vesper GroupGartech Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Aurangabad. | Tel: +91 240 235912 302,Shriman Aishwarya tower, IndiraparkS. No.140/3, Tathawade, Pune Maharashtra Email: road, Hyderabad. 29411033 | Tel - +91 20 6510 1438 Web: Tel- 040-27677130Email- Moon Ridge Farm Email: vesstar@rediffmail.comGroup Grimaud Newton St Cyres , Exeter, Devon EX5 5AALa Corbiere-49450 Roussay- France Tel: 01392 851190 | Fax: 07891 329538 Vijay- Raj poultry Equipment [P] LtdTel; +33(0)2 41 70 36 90 Website: 11-2-391,opp Govt Hospital, Nampally Hyd-Fax: +33(0)2 41 70 31 67 500001 | Tel- Moorgut Kartzfhn von Kameke GmbH & Co. Email - info@vijayrajindia.comWebsite- Kartz-von-Kameke-Allee 7 D-26219 Bosel/KartzfehnGSI Asia Group Snd. Bhd Tel: +49 4494 88188 | Fax: +49 4494 88189 V. H. GroupPlot No. 68, LPM 6,Prai Ind. Estate, Phase 4, Venkateshwara House, S.No. 114/A/2 , Pune-13600 Prai,Penang, Malaysia. Nirsipur Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Sinhagad Road, Viththalwadi, Pune - 411 030.Tel: +60 (4) 5083319 | Fax:+60 (4) 5084876 C-28, MIDC, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai - 400705 Tel- +91-20-24251530 to 41Email: Tel-022-55901320 | Email: Email- response@venkys.comWeb site: Pioneer Poultry GroupHester Pharma 325/1A, Trichy Road, Pongalur, Tirupur Tk, Volito BV16/10, Devendra Society, Naranpura, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu - 641667 Volito BV , Newtonstraat 27, 3902HPAhmedabad - 380 013, Gujarat, India Tel- +91 421 2316330,344 Veenendaal, The NetherlandsTel +91 79 2768-0476 Email- Tel: +31 318 57 59 11 | Fax: +31 848 30 57 29Fax : +91 79 2768-225 Email- info@volito.comE-mail : Website- www.volito.comWebsite- Polchem Hygene Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. 6, Gandharva, 28, Erandwane, Near Venkys India Ltd.Holland Oasis BV Mehendale Garage, Pune 411004, India. Venkateshwara House,Rijksboom 46, Postbus 23149 3001 KH Rotterdam Tel: +91 20 24539858 | Fax: +91 20 25439789 S. No. 114/A/2, Pune Sinhagad Road,Tel: +31 10 4363544 | Fax: +31 10 4366449 Email: Pune 411 030,Website- Web: Maharashtra, India30
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  • 32. Events Calendar 2012 CALENDAR OF EVENTS November 2012 Georgia World Congress CenterEuroTier 201213-16 November 2012 Atlanta, GAExhibition Grounds, Hanover, contact Anne SculthorpeGermany Service GmbH (678) 514-1976+49 (0) 69 24 788-0 February 2013+49 (0) 69 24 Feb. 05 - 07, Canadian International Farm Show 2013 December 2012 Venue: Toronto InternationalSudan Poultry Expo Centre7th Session Organizers12-15 December 2012 +1 (506) 658-0018Khartoum International Sudan, Info@masterpromotions.caKhartoum, Burri Khartoum March2013SudanExpo Team Service Co. Ltd. 13-15 March 013+249 183 74 5905 VIV ASIA 2013+249 183 74 5906 Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) 8 Bangna-Trad Road (Km.1),13-15 December 2012 BangnaIAI Expo 2012 Bangkok 10260 ThailandIARI Ground, PUSA Campus +66 (02) 749 3939New Delhi +66 (02) 749 3949Manish AroraM:+91 99917 05005 May 2013+91 98120 82121 May 2013Fax: 0184 2231050E: Cahe - China Husbandry Exhibition 2013 Venue: Beijing Jiuhua13-15 December 2012 Exhibition CenterISRMAX India 2012 Organizers: CAAA (ChinaPUSA Campus, New Delhi Animal AgricultureChandan Sareen Association)M:+91 99917 05003 98120 82121 +86 10 58677700E: 15th May 2013 The British Pig and Poultry January 2013 FairJanuary 29 - 31, 2013 Stoneleigh Park, WarwickshireThe International Poultry kater@stoneleighpark.comExpo 02476 858 298Advertisement Tariffs Advertisement Type Single Issue (cost per issue) Six Issues (cost per issue) Inside Front Cover Page, 2, 3 & 4 INR 20,000 USD 500 INR 18,000x6 = 1,08,000 USD 450x6 = 2,700 Inside Back Cover Page (last 2 Pages) INR 20,000 USD 500 INR 18,000x6 = 1,08,000 USD 450x6 = 2,700 Full Page INR 15,000 USD 375 INR 12,000x6 = 72,000 USD 300x6 = 1,800 Half page INR 8,000 USD 200 INR 6,500x6 = 39,000 USD 165x6 = 990 Quarter Page INR 4,500 USD 115 INR 4,000x6 = 24,000 USD 100x6 = 600 1/8th Page INR 2,500 USD 65 INR 2,000x6 = 12,000 USD 50x6 = 30032
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  • 35. TM eknik A Symbol of QualityManufacturer & Exporter of Lab Instruments M I C ROT E K N I K ›› Manufacturing Microscopes ›› Manufacturing Projection equipments. ›› Manufacturing of Educational, Scientific Instruments for Education Institutes. Microteknik Mr. Vikas Jain ( CEO ), No. 2759, Timber Market Ambala, Haryana - 133 001, India Tele:+(91)-(171)-2644991/ 2640855 Mob:+(91)-9896044855 | Fax:+(91)-(171)-4001891 35
  • 36. Gold Sponsor TRY P OUL O IAI EXP EAT 2012 &M Dec 15 hi 13 - Del NewINDIAN HERBS OVERSEAS Quality Systems