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The presentation I created for presenting the books read, in mentoring program in University of Moratuwa.

The presentation I created for presenting the books read, in mentoring program in University of Moratuwa.



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Mortivation Mortivation Presentation Transcript

  • Have positive attitudes in everything every time.Believe and be faithful to The God!Do not accept defeat.
  • BUT…..! Do not be a slave of theories in books. Have your own vision.
  • This book is good because It motivates our lives. Teach us how to work efficiently. Reduce our tears. Appreciates the happiness. View slide
  • After 20 mentoring sessions You will think…….. Does positive thinking really works? Can I be a successful person one day? Will I be happy after I becomes the best? What is the point of being the best? View slide
  • Unfortunately  Although almost all are answered answers are not clearly defined by anyone. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. Answers are up to YOU!
  • Back to the “+ thinking”…..Theory behind positive thinking is, Our mind is mysterious. You can impress your wishes to the Subconscious mind. The wishes will become true.
  • But The Book Says…. If you strongly faithful to the God he would help you to achieve the goal. It is up to you to decide.
  • What is the Golden theory of life? Think freely. Theories should be applied in the appropriate case. Understand the life.
  • Theories in this book…., Are glasses with different colors. Are special purpose algorithms.  Narrow our broad vision. But are useful if you are wise.
  • Be a swornWho extract milk from the water.
  • Realize,Everybody is wearing sunglasses. Identify the color ofyour sunglasses.
  • Open your mind By removing anger, desire, laziness, confusion and suspicion from your minds. Be an island for yourself.
  • When you set goals Your heart asks, But not because the society appreciates.
  • Happiness Comes from your inside, but not from achieving goals. The amount of happiness is independent from the size of the goal.
  • There are 2 kinds of happinesses1. Happiness created by physical objects.2. Happiness created when anger and desire is reduced to a certain level. Everybody knows and appreciates the 1st kind but Do not know that there is a 2nd kind. 2nd kind is the most beautiful happiness. Try for 2nd kind YOURSELF.
  • Limit your workload Select your true priorities. Understand your true potentials. Concentrate on remaining goals. Happy with what you have. Experience the beauty of 2nd kind.
  • Understand that the “Satisfaction” Is the ultimate happiness. Does not need extreme hard work. May not be achieved with large goals. e.g. Is a CEO the happiest person in a company? Becomes very expensive if you want to become a giant.Does not need to,  “Be the best.”  “Push your self.”
  • Time = Life Life is only a limited time. ( ≈ 75 Years) The time requires to,  Study  Earn money  Enjoy  Help others  Help the community
  • If you think the time is money
  • You will work haaaard Forgetting your family work, Sacrificing your happiness, Days, months, years will be vanished, With only one target.
  • You will waste your time!
  • You may achieve it You will feel happy! But how long will it remain? Recall your past experience. If answer is “long time”, good.
  • But can you forget sacrifices? What is the value of an year of your life? Is the goal important than sacrifices? Are you sure you will be happy? If answer is “yes”, good.
  • At last you will stop in…….
  • So……Balance the life Remember, The life (an ordinary) needs Money Prestige Freedom Love Goodness And much more…… Balance them
  • Enjoy your life
  • Make your life by yourself Do not let others to take decisions in your life as you can. Take decisions with your own responsibility.
  • While making others happy Do not forget people who help in your life. Serve the society, And all living beings Which will give you a long term happiness. AND……..
  • Do not be lazy until you become old
  • Before the time ruins you
  • Try to get freeeeeeeeeee
  • Understand your life Understand how your life make you happy. Think weather you can control every bad incident by yourself. Who is responsible of them?
  • Be more watchful  Look deep in to your mind.  Find good and bad characteristics in it.  Try to control your mind and try to find a way to control.
  • Calm down the mind It would help to understand your mind. You will feel more and more happy when you calm it down into more deep stages. You will addict it.
  • Do not addict to anything Keep finding the truth. You will see the truth. All the sufferings will be over.
  • The path mentioned above Is a different vision from the book. This is my vision of the positive thinking. You can absorb ideas from books and make into your own vision. 