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The presentation I created for presenting the books read, in mentoring program in University of Moratuwa.

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  1. 1. Have positive attitudes in everything every time.Believe and be faithful to The God!Do not accept defeat.
  2. 2. BUT…..! Do not be a slave of theories in books. Have your own vision.
  3. 3. This book is good because It motivates our lives. Teach us how to work efficiently. Reduce our tears. Appreciates the happiness.
  4. 4. After 20 mentoring sessions You will think…….. Does positive thinking really works? Can I be a successful person one day? Will I be happy after I becomes the best? What is the point of being the best?
  5. 5. Unfortunately  Although almost all are answered answers are not clearly defined by anyone. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. Answers are up to YOU!
  6. 6. Back to the “+ thinking”…..Theory behind positive thinking is, Our mind is mysterious. You can impress your wishes to the Subconscious mind. The wishes will become true.
  7. 7. But The Book Says…. If you strongly faithful to the God he would help you to achieve the goal. It is up to you to decide.
  8. 8. What is the Golden theory of life? Think freely. Theories should be applied in the appropriate case. Understand the life.
  9. 9. Theories in this book…., Are glasses with different colors. Are special purpose algorithms.  Narrow our broad vision. But are useful if you are wise.
  10. 10. Be a swornWho extract milk from the water.
  11. 11. Realize,Everybody is wearing sunglasses. Identify the color ofyour sunglasses.
  12. 12. Open your mind By removing anger, desire, laziness, confusion and suspicion from your minds. Be an island for yourself.
  13. 13. When you set goals Your heart asks, But not because the society appreciates.
  14. 14. Happiness Comes from your inside, but not from achieving goals. The amount of happiness is independent from the size of the goal.
  15. 15. There are 2 kinds of happinesses1. Happiness created by physical objects.2. Happiness created when anger and desire is reduced to a certain level. Everybody knows and appreciates the 1st kind but Do not know that there is a 2nd kind. 2nd kind is the most beautiful happiness. Try for 2nd kind YOURSELF.
  16. 16. Limit your workload Select your true priorities. Understand your true potentials. Concentrate on remaining goals. Happy with what you have. Experience the beauty of 2nd kind.
  17. 17. Understand that the “Satisfaction” Is the ultimate happiness. Does not need extreme hard work. May not be achieved with large goals. e.g. Is a CEO the happiest person in a company? Becomes very expensive if you want to become a giant.Does not need to,  “Be the best.”  “Push your self.”
  18. 18. Time = Life Life is only a limited time. ( ≈ 75 Years) The time requires to,  Study  Earn money  Enjoy  Help others  Help the community
  19. 19. If you think the time is money
  20. 20. You will work haaaard Forgetting your family work, Sacrificing your happiness, Days, months, years will be vanished, With only one target.
  21. 21. You will waste your time!
  22. 22. You may achieve it You will feel happy! But how long will it remain? Recall your past experience. If answer is “long time”, good.
  23. 23. But can you forget sacrifices? What is the value of an year of your life? Is the goal important than sacrifices? Are you sure you will be happy? If answer is “yes”, good.
  24. 24. At last you will stop in…….
  25. 25. So……Balance the life Remember, The life (an ordinary) needs Money Prestige Freedom Love Goodness And much more…… Balance them
  26. 26. Enjoy your life
  27. 27. Make your life by yourself Do not let others to take decisions in your life as you can. Take decisions with your own responsibility.
  28. 28. While making others happy Do not forget people who help in your life. Serve the society, And all living beings Which will give you a long term happiness. AND……..
  29. 29. Do not be lazy until you become old
  30. 30. Before the time ruins you
  31. 31. Try to get freeeeeeeeeee
  32. 32. Understand your life Understand how your life make you happy. Think weather you can control every bad incident by yourself. Who is responsible of them?
  33. 33. Be more watchful  Look deep in to your mind.  Find good and bad characteristics in it.  Try to control your mind and try to find a way to control.
  34. 34. Calm down the mind It would help to understand your mind. You will feel more and more happy when you calm it down into more deep stages. You will addict it.
  35. 35. Do not addict to anything Keep finding the truth. You will see the truth. All the sufferings will be over.
  36. 36. The path mentioned above Is a different vision from the book. This is my vision of the positive thinking. You can absorb ideas from books and make into your own vision. 
  37. 37. THE END