User Story Mapping


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User Story Mapping

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User Story Mapping

  1. 1. User Story Mapping (USM) Manik Choudhary, PMI-ACP, CSPO, PSM-1 Picture Source: Jeff Patton
  2. 2. Disclaimer  These are my personal opinions on the subject and in no way represent that of my employer.
  3. 3. How do you combine Design and Development ? Product Vision Product Backlogs Product Creation Business Model Framework Business Model Canvas / Lean Canvas Design Thinking User Story Mapping Lean / Scrum
  4. 4. Software Requirements Use Case Scenario User Stories IEEE 830
  5. 5. Software Requirements - IEEE 830 Standards  It Shall be possible to Search for the Books  It Shall be possible to Pay for the Books  It Shall be possible to order the Books  It shall be possible to check the status of ordered Books.  IEEE 830 Standards describe behavior of the software not the behavior or goals of a user  It focus on a checklist of requirements rather than on the users’ Goal  Time consuming to write and Read
  6. 6. Backlogs are usually flat You don‘t get the big picture Why User Story ? Source: Jeff Patton
  7. 7. User Story Mapping Why User Story Mapping ? User Story Mapping helps teams to get a common understanding of the requirements from the user's point of view and it facilitates the backlog creation.  The backlog quality improves & the team wins time  Communication within the team, with other teams and with customers improves The Three C’s of a User Story  Card  Written description of the Story used for planning and as a reminder  Conversation  Flesh out the details of the Story  Confirmation  Tests that convey the document details and can be used to determine when a story is complete As a <Persona>, I want to <feature> So that <Value> As a Carl I want to use my credit card to pay for books so that it's convenient for me. Test with Visa Card Test with Master Card Test with Expired Card ConfirmationConversation
  8. 8. A Good Story is - INVEST  Independent  Negotiable  Value to users  Estimable  Small  Testable As Carl I want to use my credit card to pay for books so that it's convenient for me. Picture Source: Jeff Patton
  9. 9. Who?  Create the map with the whole team  Enhance and validate the map with customers (End users and business owners) and stakeholders Picture Source: Jeff Patton
  10. 10. User Story Mapping – How it looks?
  11. 11. User Story Map - On Line Grocery Shopping Store Usage Sequence Logon Search for the Items Search for the Items Place a Order Cash On Delivery User Handling Search Order Payment Credit Card Vision Priority Add to Basket BACKBONEWalkingSkeleton fromhightolow Time Customer Owner As Owner, I want to search (Via Free Text) for the Items so that I can quickly find out the stock of the items As Customer, I want to Pay for the ordered Items using Cash on Delivery so that I don't have to enter payment data on the internet. Slicing
  12. 12. References  
  13. 13. Thank you !!  Manik Choudhary   Linked In - psm/1/54/529
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