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Facebook what you really signed up for
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Facebook what you really signed up for


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. What you really signed up for. Uploaded to Flickr by Uploaded to Flickr by Opensourceway Farmville 2010. Facebook 2010. Uploaded to Flickr by ShooterKKU
  • 2. Facebook 2010. Did you read Facebook’s Terms of Service? Or did you just scroll down and click agree? Let me fill you in on some things you may have missed.
  • 3. You own the content that you put on Facebook. But you agreed that Facebook can unconditionally use your content. They don’t even have to tell you that they’re using it.
  • 4. You have agreed to not provide any false information on Facebook. Which includes using your real name. And keeping your contact and general information up to date.
  • 5. Have you used Facebook’s friend finder? Facebook 2010. Did you know that Facebook stores all your imported email contacts? To delete them go to settings/edit friends/invite friends.
  • 6. Facebook is about sharing. If you haven’t changed your privacy settings than…. Your information is shared with the world. Including search engines. Uploaded to Flickr by Creative Commons
  • 7. Yahoo, 2010. Google, 2010. Bing, 2010. Search engines keep the information for some time. That means your personal information can be searched. Even after changing your settings to “friends only”.
  • 8. You have changed your privacy settings? When Facebook makes an update they change them back to sharing. Check your settings regularly to ensure full privacy. Uploaded to Flickr by Spark CBC
  • 9. Farmville 2010. Uploaded to Flickr by Sing-ming Lee Do you love playing games on Facebook? The third party providers also love you playing games. They get access to all your info…. and all your friend’s information.
  • 10. More and more companies are using Facebook for marketing. That’s because Facebook allows them to target their advertising.
  • 11. Your General Info is used to target you by your age, sex & relationship. “Liking” something is used to target your specific interests.
  • 12. Not on Facebook? How many of your friends use smart phones? Have they synched their phone address book to Facebook? Then your name and phone number are stored within Facebook’s system.
  • 13. Uploaded to Flickr by The Unnamed Has this got you worried enough to delete your account? Even after you work out how to delete your account…. Facebook still keeps a backup copy for at least 90 days.
  • 14. What you really signed up for. Uploaded to Flickr by ShooterKKU
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