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Frindle Lessons
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Frindle Lessons



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  • 1. Frindle by Andrew Clements
  • 2. Day 1 Chapter 1-2 Pages 1-12 Read to find out who Mrs. Granger is. Write down 7-10 things that describe Mrs. Granger on a sticky note.
  • 3. Day 2 Chapter 3-4 Pages 13-21
  • 4. 1. What did “teacher-stopper” stop and how? 2. On page 16, the passage says that Nick “could feel the tops of his ears glowing red.” How did he feel and why? Use details from the text to support your answer. 3. What did the author mean when he wrote “it was like reading the ingredients on a shampoo bottle?” 4. At the end of chapter four, Nick had an idea for his report and it “brought a grin to his face.” Predict what you think Nick is going to do next.
  • 5. Day 3 Chapter 5-6 Pages 22-38
  • 6. Make at least three connections with the text. Copy the T-chart.
    • Text Connection
  • 7. Frindle is a synonym for pen. List five pairs of synonyms.
  • 8. Day 4 Chapter 7-8 Pages 39-48
  • 9.
    • Write five important events on separate sticky notes after you read the story. (don’t number them) 2. Mix them up. 3. Trade with your partner and put the events in order.
  • 10. Word Play: 1. Review the different parts of a dictionary entry: the word, pronunciation key, part of speech, word origin, and definitions. 2. Choose three objects to rename and create new words. Be creative and use your imagination. 3. Write dictionary entries for the new words. Follow the dictionary format. You can also add a small illustration of the word. 4. Write your favorite word in a sentence. 5. Read your sentence to your group and have them guess the meaning. 6. Discuss which word might be the "frindle" of the group (the one which would achieve widespread use and recognition). Why?