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  • 1. Have you discovered that within months yourwebsite becomes out of date and becomes a headache to maintain? DotNetNuke is the answer to your problems.dedicated server
  • 2. DotNetNuke® Overview DotNetNuke® is a portal contentmanagement system (CMS) ideal for creating any type of website fromcommercial web sites, corporate intranets and extranets, onlinepublishing portals, to a personal blog DotNetNuke® is provided free, asopen-source software It allows individuals to do whatever they wish withthe application framework, both commercially and non-commercially TheStatic Website Problem So youÂ’ve created your static website usingDreamweaver, Frontpage, or programmed it manually in HTML? Yournext job is to promote your website and keep it up to date with lots offresh content that the Search Engines love
  • 3. You soon discover that keeping your website up to date with the latestnews and articles is a lot of work, within a few months your websitebecomes out of date and the site becomes a complete headache tomaintain CMS – The Benefits Using the DotNetNuke® ContentManagement system enables you to: Login to your website fromanywhere in the world and update your content live Quickly and easilypublish articles, images, documents, news, important information andmore Save Money – Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) you nolonger need to pay a webmaster to maintain your site Support for anunlimited number of content contributors (ie Give permission to membersof staff to login and update certain sections of your website) Easilychange the look of your entire web site with just one click using skinsExtremely extensible admin interface to add and move content, panelsand more
  • 4. Security - Every element of your website can have specific securitysettings applied to allow or deny users from seeing, editing, oradministering the different parts of your site Once you have usedDotNetNuke®, you will not look back - your old web design programmeswill gather dust! What do you need for DotNetNuke®? To runDotNetNuke® you need to use a web hosting package that providesASP NET and a Microsoft SQL-Server database The DotNetNuke®Community An advantage with DotNetNuke® being open-sourcesoftware is the vast number of users out there
  • 5. There are many developers contributing in the form of improving theDotNetNuke® core code and ‘modulesÂ’ which provide extra functionsto your website, such as photo galleries There are designers creating‘skinsÂ’ which you can use to change the graphics of your website, andthere is also a central forum area where you can ask DotNetNuke®related questions This community is rapidly growing by the day and itdemonstrates how DotNetNuke® is the web of the future
  • 6. Where do you get DotNetNuke®? You can download theDotNetNuke® code for free from: simply register with the website togain access to the downloads How do I learn DotNetNuke®? There aremany resources out there supplying documentation, videos and tips frominstallation and programming, to web design using DotNetNuke®dedicated server You do not need to be a programmer to useDotNetNuke®; the hardest stage is installing DotNetNuke®
  • 7. This is just a matter of uploading the correct files to your hosting providerand setting up your SQL database DotNetNuke® will then automaticallyinstall when you open your website All you now have to do is add thecontent! Beginner Resources To see the functions of DotNetNuke® inaction, there are two free beginnersÂ’ guides available from DNNCreative Magazine: An Introduction to the principles of DotNetNuke®and DotNetNuke® Quick Start Guide Video (25mins)
  • 8. dedicated server