Global Megatrends 2020


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Created: February 2010

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  • Mexican America farm worker, labor leader, civil rights activist who co founded the National Farms Workers Association whiohc later became United Farms Association. Agenda: to look at the megatrends and changes that have already started happening and that will further shape national and global picture in the next 10 years. The megatrends and patterns of today have the potential to influence person’s life throug the countries, gender, industries etc and they open up the new challenges and opportunities for the future. As I go through the presentation I will point out the opportunities too.
  • Let us look at the big changes that are happening. Demography is the biggest.
  • If you see the next 10 years from demographic lens then what do you see. Demographic changes are leading to the need to expand the healthcare sector, which can be attributed to the growing population as well as the aging population in the developed countries. Old people will just work longer provided they can catch up with the technology
  • Aging population has opened new opportunity for the healthcare sector. There is a virtuous circle for health care sector. The early baby boomers as they grow older they spend on health care to live longer and as they live longer they spend more on health care. The investors will capitalise on the ageing theme by investing in services like care services, assisted-living homes, various leisure and travel firms, cruises for example. Home and personal security technology could do well. Infrastructure- bridge to nowhere SINTEF is the largest independent research org in Scandanavia
  • If you are going to be mobile, you need an identity that travels with you. The ability to create a national identity infrastructure is very important in a very mobile society. Young people cannot meet their aspirations witrhout and identity. Only 5% indians have passport Migration and mobility- internal and external mobility Already, we have some 100-120 million migrants. In the next 10 years it will become only more enhanced. And remember, when a migrant moves and leaves his family behind, it means that people impacted by migration will be four times the number that migrates . This has huge socio-economic consequences . It builds a remittance economy; the guy sends the money back, the family is no longer poor.
  • Young world has aspirations---> they migrate ---> adopt technology like in India, Africa. The mobile phone is classic example. Distribution of sms equipped and smart phones in emerging nations like Africa. Mobile market is likely to give rise to specialized mobile devices like eBook as people are getting mobile in search of opportunities mHealth- physicains accessing patient’s medical history on smartphone, patients measuring their sugar and BP level, , mobile payment and transfer, NFC (near field communication will become more common, mLearning, mobile DNA, mobile data portability, less use of emails . Earlier it was PCs, and browsers and in next 10 years we will see extensive use of mobile and apps. PCs are dead. Mobile blogging- will give access to real time info as it is updated on the go. Mobile market is likely to give rise to specialized mobile devices like eBook as people are getting mobile in search of opportunities
  • In the next 10 years- Social commerce. 500 million users of facebook. Poor migrants get access to internet and facebook app then what happens in that case. According to Morgan Stanley report facebook has the potential to be the only communication engine/ platform of one to one and one to many communication on mobile internet
  • Migration -- > more human resources, less natural resources. 40% increase in consumption of crude oil by 2020. 1.8 billion will be living in countries with water scarcity (UN, 2006)
  • The price driven search for substitutes has already started. Next 10 years we will see green products all over the place. One of the best ways to carve out a new niche in the market is to create a full-blown ecosystem. And these days, that means creating apps that make use of the gadgets.
  • Global Megatrends 2020

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