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Profiling siri

  1. 1. Profiling Siri The mythical Google killer is possibly here
  2. 2. Siri Works • Voice recognition has been the next big thing for 15 – 20 years. • Siri is the best voice rec app ever — and it’s still in “beta.”
  3. 3. Siri has a personality • Siri accurately recognizes voices and has a personality to boot. • Makes the app addictive
  4. 4. Siri is hard to copy • Voice Reco. is a combination of science, art and artificial intelligence • Google and a few others have the science (Voice reco app) • However the personality bit is the art thing • Building the AI is another story
  5. 5. Siri - Synonymous with Apple experience • From Text input to Haptic control.. Siri now takes it to voice control – The evolution of “Input” • Siri can be leveraged by Apple in the future to become the primary device interface.
  6. 6. Voice is the new data.. • …and Siri is amassing it – It is not about what Siri does today. – It is about unlocking a new door to internet through speech and voice • In Siri, Voice based applications find a eco- system lead • All voice lead data builds up an awesome warehouse of information powered by Siri
  7. 7. Siri the innovator • Currently, Siri is in “beta” and no 3rd party app exists. • When Siri opens up its API to 3rd party developers, growth and adoption will go ballistic. – When developers write Siri-enabled scripts that tie into their websites – like Yelp, OpenTable- Siri will become even smarter. – Siri will become more valuable because better and better data results will come back to it
  8. 8. Kinect and Siri • Innovative platforms with commonalities: creating a new form of interacting with information. • Voice, so much more powerful and universal as an interface compared to hand-waving.
  9. 9. Will Siri kill Google? (like iPhone killed Blackberry) • Wont happen overnight • Research in Motion didn’t collapse after the iPhone was released in January 2007. – RIM hit all-time highs 18 months after iPhone’s introduction. Only now — 4.5 years after its introduction — that we see how iPhone caused RIM’s slow-motion car crash. • Might take that long for Siri to inflict that much harm to Google • Google has lots of cash to throw at the problem.
  10. 10. Bottomlines • …. we might be watching the beginning of the end of Google, thanks to innocuous introduction of Siri in the iPhone 4S.