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Carrier IQ

  1. 1. Carrier IQ and the Surveillance state
  2. 2. "When citizens overthrew the dictatorships inEgypt and Libya this year, they uncoveredlistening rooms where devices from Gammacorporation of the UK, Amesys ofFrance, VASTech of South Africa and ZTE Corp ofChina monitored their every move online and onthe phone.
  3. 3. Sprint’s statement regarding its use of Carrier IQ• Carrier IQ provides information that allows Sprint, and other carriers that use it, to analyze our network performance and identify where we should be improving service. We also use the data to understand device performance so we can figure out when issues are occurring. We collect enough information to understand the customer experience with devices on our network and how to address any connection problems, but we do not and cannot look at the contents of messages, photos, videos, etc., using this tool. The information collected is not sold and we don’t provide a direct feed of this data to anyone outside of Sprint.• Sprint is well known for our serious commitment to respecting and protecting the privacy and security of each customer’s personally identifiable information and other customer data. A key element of this involves communicating with our customers about our information privacy practices. The Sprint privacy policy makes it clear we collect information that includes how a device is functioning and how it is being used. Carrier IQ is an integral part of the Sprint service. Sprint uses Carrier IQ to help maintain our network performance.
  4. 4. Apple on Carrier IQ• We stopped supporting Carrier IQ with iOS 5 in most of our products and will remove it completely in a future software update. With any diagnostic data sent to Apple, customers must actively opt-in to share this information, and if they do, the data is sent in an anonymous and encrypted form and does not include any personal information. We never recorded keystrokes, messages or any other personal information for diagnostic data and have no plans to ever do so.
  5. 5. HTC on Carrier IQ• Carrier IQ is required on devices by a number of U.S carriers so if consumers or media have any questions about the practices relating to, or data collected by, Carrier IQ we’d advise them to contact their carrier.• It is important to note that HTC is not a customer or partner of Carrier IQ and does not receive data from the application, the company, or carriers that partner with Carrier IQ. HTC is investigating the option to allow consumers to opt-out of data collection by the Carrier IQ application.
  6. 6. Blackberry on Carrier IQ• RIM is aware of a recent claim by a security researcher that an application called ‘CarrierIQ’ is installed on mobile devices from multiple vendors without the knowledge or consent of the device users,” the company said in a statement. “RIM does not pre-install the CarrierIQ app on BlackBerry smartphones or authorize its carrier partners to install the CarrierIQ app before sales or distribution. RIM also did not develop or commission the development of the CarrierIQ application, and has no involvement in the testing, promotion, or distribution of the app. RIM will continue to investigate reports and speculation related to CarrierIQ.
  7. 7. Nokia on Carrier IQ• Nokia is aware of inaccurate reports which state that software from CarrierIQ has been found on Nokia devices. CarrierIQ does not ship products for any Nokia devices, so these reports are wrong.
  8. 8. Carrier IQ on Carrier IQ• We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the functionality of Carrier IQ’s software, what it does not do and what it does: – Does not record your keystrokes. – Does not provide tracking tools. – Does not inspect or report on the content of your communications, such as the content of emails and SMSs. – Does not provide real-time data reporting to any customer. – Finally, we do not sell Carrier IQ data to third parties.• Our software is designed to help mobile network providers diagnose critical issues that lead to problems such as dropped calls and battery drain.• Here’s what our software does: – Our software makes your phone work better by identifying dropped calls and poor service. – Our software identifies problems that impede a phone’s battery life. – Our software makes customer service quicker, more accurate, and more efficient. – Our software helps quickly identify trending problems to help mobile networks prevent them from becoming more widespread.