Arab Unity School Alumni Association 1st DAR Committee meeting


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Arab Unity School Alumni Association 1st DAR Committee meeting

  1. 1. A R A B U N I T Y S C H O O L AUS Alumni Association 1st AUS Development & Alumni Relations (DAR) meeting 2 1 S T S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 3
  2. 2. Agenda  Welcome / Introduction / Ice Breaker  Overview  AUS Advisory Board  Alumni Association and DAR Committee  Vision / Roles and Responsibilities  1st AUS Networking Night  Briefing  Brainstorming  3i strategy (Idea, Innovate and Implement)
  3. 3. About  The Arab Unity School (AUS) Alumni Association was formally endorsed on Feb 9 2013 by Ms. Arwa Abdul Hussain Taher, Executive Director  The AUS Alumni Association is an official AUS chapter which represents more than 10,000 alumni living throughout the world  AUS Alumni Association shall encourage alumni to develop strong ties with each other and AUS through an engaging mix of programs and activities
  4. 4. Arab Unity School Advisory Board Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) Committee Association A Association B Structural Overview
  5. 5. Ice Breaker
  6. 6. Development & Alumni Relations (DAR) Committee  Director: Mrs. Arwa Taher  President: TBA  AUS Liaison Officer: Mrs. Gomes  Faizan Hassan: Finance Manager  Mashfique Hussain: Web Manager  Mehvish Fatima: Media Relations Manager  Imran Omar Buksh: Marketing Manager  Principal: Mrs. Sunita  Vice President: TBA  Manal Siddiqui: General Secretary  Rizwan Farooq: Events Manager  Rabea Ahmed: Social Media Manager  Raza Hassan Ali: Sales Manager  Nashmia Rashid: Media Content Officer
  7. 7. Vision "To be recognized as the gateway that fosters lifelong connections between its alumni and Arab Unity School"
  8. 8. Mission "The mission of the AUS Alumni Association is to serve its members and alumni and to support and serve the needs of Arab Unity School, its students, faculty, staff, and friends"
  9. 9. Value Statements 1. Promote and preserve the distinctive values and traditions of Arab Unity School (AUS), founded in 1974 on 2nd of October by Mrs. Zainab Taher 2. Promote AUS’s role as a provider of quality education at an affordable price through progressive teaching methods and advanced technology 3. Communicate to alumni, students and other constituents the achievements, concerns and activities of the Alumni Association and Arab Unity School 4. Encourage alumni and friends to make their human and financial resources available to AUS, and influence others to help AUS achieve its goals 5. Provide networks for alumni to interact with each other and with AUS 6. Building on the legacy of past leadership, pass on to future generations a strong Association that will serve effectively the interests of alumni and be a strong advocate for Arab Unity School
  10. 10. What is expected from DAR?  2013 / 2014  Passion; purely voluntarily  Meeting once in a month / off during summers  5 hours a week
  11. 11. How do we start?  Paid membership in the AUS Alumni Association, open to all graduates, students, fans, and friends, is the most recognizable way of expressing loyalty and affinity to AUS  Engagement process  Register for free with limited access to benefits and privileges  Paid member with full access to benefits and privileges  Modes of engagement 1. Network 2. Support 3. Connect 4. Merchandise
  12. 12. 1. Network  Reunions / Networking nights  Corporate profile providing services and products  Search / announce jobs  Career mentors during graduation events  Facilitate economic opportunities
  13. 13. 2. Support  Alumni Awards  Honor through dedication  Applicable to both Alumni, faculty and ex faculty  Generate funds  Scholarships funded by Alumni’s  New development for the school  2nd Generation / Alumni offspring's  Attract through offers and scholarships
  14. 14. 3. Connect  Website  Dedicated AUS Alumni Portal  Online directory  Magazines  Emails / database  Social Media  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter  Email for life
  15. 15. 4. Merchandise  Promote memorabilia  Desktop items – pens, cups, mugs  Apparel – shirts, caps, sweatshirts  Car decal  AUS calendar  Certificate / Card
  16. 16. 1st AUS Alumni Networking Night 1st AUS Development & Alumni Relations (DAR) meeting 3 0 T H S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 3
  17. 17. What is a Networking Night? An event usually held in the evening where a group of people exchange information, contacts, and experience for professional or social purposes  Possible networking goals: • To increase market share/customers • To find new ideas • To learn and develop yourself • To find a job/work/career • To find new colleagues/friends • To pursue a hobby or interest • To gain new perspectives on topics of interest to you • To go into business for yourself
  18. 18. 1st AUS Alumni Networking Nite  30th Sept 2013  7 to 9 pm  New Taher Hall  AED 20 cover charge  Dress code: Straight from the office, a business suit, national dress or smart casual is all acceptable attire  Eligibility: an ex-student of Arab Unity School over 21 years old or in the last year of college may attend. All current & former teachers and administrators of AUS are also welcome. You do not need to be employed as one major reason of participating
  19. 19. 3i Strategy Idea / Initiative Innovation Implement?
  20. 20. Before and After Before  Aim for at least 100 attendees  Create a lot of hype and momentum  Call non Facebook alumni’s After  Put a lot of pics after the event followed by comments  Budget analysis  Announce the next date – Dec 2013? Or do a poll?
  21. 21. Initiative: Menu
  22. 22. Initiative: Countdown / Tips 1. Be sure to introduce yourself! Say your name clearly. Use an "elevator" speech: describe who you are or what you do in ten seconds or less 2. Bring plenty of business cards! When appropriate, offer a business card, and ask the other person for one of his or hers 3. Name tag is worn on the right side to provide an easy sight-line to your name when shaking hands 4. Have an effective handshake. This may appear obvious, but you have probably been on the receiving end of at least one "bone- crusher" and one "limp fish.“ 5. Working a room: Don't stay too long in one place. After eight to ten minutes, excuse yourself with a pleasantry such as, "It was nice meeting you ... “ 6. Be sure to introduce yourself! Say your name clearly. "Hello, my name is Tom Jones, It's a pleasure to meet you." 7. Once the event is over, your networking doesn't stop! Be sure to follow up with those you've met, keep in contact, share information and offer to help in any way you can
  23. 23. Initiative: Badges / Name Tags The name tag is worn on the right side to provide an easy sight-line to your name when shaking hands.
  24. 24. Initiative: Photography
  25. 25. Initiative: Cash Counter / Registration
  26. 26. Initiative: AUS Photo Corner
  27. 27. Initiative: Message Board
  28. 28. Initiative: Current and Ex Faculty
  29. 29. Initiative: Support Staff
  30. 30. Initiative: Podium / Speakers
  31. 31. Idea: Awards
  32. 32. Idea: Quiz / Spot Prizes
  33. 33. Idea: Sponsorships for booths and awards
  34. 34. Idea: Giveaways
  35. 35. Idea: Twitter Feeds
  36. 36. Idea: online sign up
  37. 37. Idea: Opening Ceremony like Morning Assembly
  38. 38. Idea: Pair Discount
  39. 39. Idea: Collage video of old pics