AUS Action plan 2012-13


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AUS Action plan 2012-13

  2. 2. Introduction to School Action Plan Arab Unity School has welcomed the suggestions made by KHDA following the inspection of March 2012. The school is fully committed to continuous improvement throughout all sections of the school operations. The following Action Plan is based on suggestions made by KHDA inspection: Improve students’ attainment in Islamic Education and Arabic; Ensure that teaching meets the needs of all students by: o Using assessment accurately and effectively; o Identifying and meeting the needs of students with special education needs; o Providing appropriate challenge for all students in their learning; o Improving the recruitment, retention and training of teachers; Ensure the safety of all students at the end of the school day; Ensure that self-evaluation is accurate and focuses on the priorities for improvement; Allow parents, teachers and students to have a greater say in the development of the school.ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 2
  3. 3. To improve students’ attainment in Islamic Studies:Success Indicators: All Muslim students should be able to recite the different Surahs correctly and understand the meaning of the Surahs according to their year level. Students have increased awareness of the Islamic culture and traditions as well as perform the social obligations as residents of UAE. All Muslim students to be clearly aware about significance of the important Islamic events and able to link their knowledge to their daily life. ACTION IMPLEMENTATIONRaise the profile and quality of Islamic Special assemblies focusing on Islamic history and celebration of Islamic events will be organized.studies across the school Activities for spreading Islamic awareness across the school will be organized. Devise step by step learning program to include :- a) history of Islam taught across year groups effectively, focusing on major events, their significance To develop a common set of criteria b) to compare it with the modern world leading to creating a link while incorporating and implementing with the Islamic values in theirof effective lessons based on: daily life.- link between Islamic History and Establish interdisciplinary connections between Islamic Studies, Arabic and other subjects.Modern World- depth and knowledge of Islam Regular Quranic recitation with more focus on correct pronunciation and intonation. Assess students’ level in Quaranic recitation. Plans implemented for individual improvement.Improve students recitation abilitiesand skills ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 3
  4. 4. To accelerate pupils’ progress and attainment in Arabic:Success indicators: All students should be able to read, comprehend, converse and compose simple to complex sentences according to year level objectives. To develop sufficient vocabulary to be able to conduct basic conversations. To incorporate effective lesson planning and teaching with focus on differentiated learning. ACTION IMPLEMENTATIONTo lay more stress on speaking Arabic Students will be encouraged to converse only in Arabic during Arabic lesson.language for the Non-Arabic students Provide support to students in correct pronunciation of Arabic words. Use a variety of speaking activities in the form of role plays, story time, debates, quizzes, short skits, conversations, speaking about their experience & hobbies.Improve communication skills Modify assessment system to include listening, speaking. Enhance students reading skills by more extensive use of library resources. P.D. throughout the year as per department needs.Improve reading skillsTraining and support of teachers ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 4
  5. 5. Ensure teaching meets the needs of all students by: Using assessment accurately and effectively:Success Indicators: Teachers use data and Class Profiles to track pupils and inform planning. Target setting is used consistently and effectively across the school to ensure pupil progress and raise standards. Assessment strategies are embedded consistently across the school and have an impact on children’s learning, progress and attainment. ACTION IMPLEMENTATIONReview the assessment procedure & Assessment, Reporting policy & procedures modified.policyIncrease student involvement in Encourage & promote self-assessment, peer assessment & reflections at all levels.assessment Lesson plans to reflect student involvement in assessments. Comparative analysis of students’ data critically reviewed.Statistical analysis of students marksfor the academic year P.D. provided for staff on assessment, data entry and analysis.Support and training of staff in Assessment Coordinator, Supervisors & HoD’s train, support teachers in assessments through lesson observations and monitorassessment, data analysis implementation of effective assessments. Lesson Observation rubrics modified. ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 5
  6. 6. Ensure teaching meets the needs of all students by: identifying and meeting the needs of students with special education needs:Success Indicators: Progress is improved as appropriate interventions are put into place. Staff are armed with strategies to meet the needs of all learners. Greater number of parents consenting to and participating in their child’s targeted support. ACTION IMPLEMENTATIONStaff become more aware of policy Inform/remind staff of procedures and policies at Dept. meetings.and procedures of the school Ensure policy, procedures and proformas are on intranet. Counselor explains role in supporting staff, parents, and students.Improve procedures for early Counselor develops stepped procedures for identification and referral.identification and referral of studentswith additional needs Target staff to attend appropriate training in supporting students.Increase staff knowledge andunderstandings about students withcomplex additional needs Departmental meetings assess the needs and determine strategies/steps to ensure growth in learning.Consistent analysis of data to ensure Training by counselor how to identify & assess SEN students.appropriate support forunderachieving students and providechallenging tasks to high achievers IEPs to cater for SEN. Strategies to ensure progress of Emirati students.Support to SEN students Differentiated activities further developed and implemented. IEPs to be developed more extensively. Learning expectations of SEN to be reviewed & updated regularly as per students’ progress. Continuation of existing modifications to programmes, exams, support times. Parents to be oriented to support need of SEN. ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 6
  7. 7. Provision for gifted and talented Regular meetings between School Counselor and relevant teachers.students Computerisation of student welfare files. Handover of updated student observations records to new class teachers at beginning of academic year. Opportunities for gifted and talented students to work with like-minds. IEPs developed according to needs, regularly reviewed. Lessons, activities arranged to ensure appropriate challenges. ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 7
  8. 8. Ensure teaching meets the needs of all students by: providing appropriate challenge for all students in their learning:Success Indicators: All staff recognize, plan and implement to deliver appropriate strategies, support and challenges for every student. Students will complete more appropriate and relevant learning, staff will be designing and guiding quality learning projects. Greater student engagement and parental support. ACTION IMPLEMENTATIONReview of curriculum Emphasis on depth of curriculum, subject and ICT Integration, collaborative unit planning, daily lesson plans across all levels. Provision of variety of learning experiences to challenge and engage all students in a meaningful way.Learning engages students Assessment at beginning, during and end of units to gauge understanding and need for explicit teaching. Variety of tools/strategies used to clarify student needs.Focus on student learning to suit theindividual needs of students Targets set according to ability, learning styles of students. Targets monitored ,modified as required. Learning styles are recognized and catered for.Students work with teachers to Tasks include research, higher order thinking, individual and team work.establish targets Tracking of all students to gauge and support learning. Emirati students encouraged to actively participate. P.D. throughout the year, special focus on differentiation, continuous assessment and target setting.Training and support of teachers ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 8
  9. 9. Ensure teaching meets the needs of all students by: Improving the recruitment and training of teachers:Success indicators: Policy and procedures in place and supporting staff. Decreased staff turnover. Performance management has identified areas that staff members need to develop and support has been arranged. Improved staff morale and satisfaction in the workplace. ACTION IMPLEMENTATIONEstablish an active recruitment Review and update recruitment plans, needs and practices, both short and long-term.committee Update and maintain a recruitment plan that reflects bestImplementation of recruitment plan to recruitment for short and long-term school employment needs, bothshort- and long-term Contact recruitment agencies, international job sites.Review current sources of potential Encourage employee referrals to assist with recruitment.job applicants Develop, maintain AUS Web site recruitment sections in order to market and appeal to potential applicants.Use technology methods to attracthighly effective employees Scheduled induction program implemented at all levels to facilitate transition into AUS employment.Provide induction for newly hiredemployees Audit of training needs, P.D. plan developed.Training and development -Assess Review and revise performance management needs of all staff Provide performance management training to supervisors. Ensure that all performance management procedures are completed according to protocol.Evaluation process for all employeesto promote expected Recognize and celebrate the contributions of AUS staff in an ongoing, consistent, appropriate manner.performance and behaviors Improved amenities & facilities for staff. Timetable and workloads reviewed and monitored.Recognition of staff ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 9
  10. 10. Ensure the safety of all students at the end of the day:Success Indicators: Road safety training is integrated into personal, social and health programmes at all levels of the school community. Improved dispersal practice is evident. ACTION IMPLEMENTATIONTrain and increase awareness for Create awareness campaign around safe crossing practices; reinforce parents’ model good behaviour by always using school crossingsafety procedures throughout the points in all community Safe Crossings -Paint a logo designed by the students at safe crossing points. Reinforcement of road safety messages at school assemblies. Facilities for parking & waiting area to provide for students using private transport. Bus area to be paved & marked to show walkway to students. ID to be made compulsory for all students. Orientation of parents on safety to be given at the beginning of academic year. Organise a column in the school newsletter to circulate road safety information and messages. Set up Road Safety Plan notice board in public viewing area, to include bus routes, road safety information. Display the Safety Plan at Parent/Teacher evening. Update school prospectus and new entrant information, bus route, safe drop off zones, road safety information.Communicate importance and Road Safety Plan on the school’s website.expectations to parents and Design, develop and use leaflets to advice drivers of safe road conduct and Hold a school event to promote the Plan. Board to discuss and make contact.Engage support of RTA and police ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 10
  11. 11. Ensure that self-evaluation is accurate and focuses on the priorities for improvement:Success Indicators: Established robust and rigorous line management procedures at all levels of leadership; all line managers at all levels know their roles and responsibilities. Self-review accurately indicates progress and areas for development. AUS staff demonstrate a sustained and substantial presence in whole school improvement. ACTION IMPLEMENTATIONTo use the KHDA self-evaluation Develop shared understanding of criteria, evidence, making judgments.handbook as a supplementary guideensuring commitment to continuousimprovement Reflect on current practices.Embed processes of accurate self- Develop understanding rigorous self-evaluation helps the school to throughout all levels of theschool SLT, Dept. meetings:- -alignment of timing and cycles to manage School Self EvaluationReview and update self-evaluation - tools to ensure accurate judgmentsprocesses -identify types of monitoring and reporting. Plan scheduled time frame for monitoring, lesson observations and departmental reviews. Create timelines for focused lesson observation. Analyse students’ progress against benchmarks, external results and compare with international standards. Analyse data relating to students’ progress and attainment so that it can be easily understood and analysed to show trends over time. Judgments are moderated. Training on data collection, analysis, reflection, lesson observations, peer observation, monitoring and dept. reviews. Develop common understandings of underperformance by staff, students and departments Understandings shared with staff, students and departments.Measurement and monitoring are SLT training and development.reliable P.D. for Middle management-HoDs about-attainment and achievement using online and other in-school data across all subjects, monitoring student’s personal development and well being.Staff support ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 11
  12. 12. Performance criteria agreed withindepartmentsLeadership at all levels to takeresponsibility in the accountabilityprocess ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 12
  13. 13. Allow parents, teachers and students to have a greater say in the development of the school: Success Indicators: School community members have opportunities to support school. High level of satisfaction with school communication.ACTION IMPLEMENTATIONSchool environment is welcoming Staff member is responsible as Parent Engagement Coordinator. All staff, admin and teacher exhibit culture of welcoming. Focus on ‘Working Together’ -induction, assemblies, newsletterDevelop home /school partnerships ‘Welcome Notice board’. Review administrative procedures. Procedures in place to ensure parent enquiries, concerns telephoning/emailing/visiting/writing are met with timely action to address anyThe school’s systems respond issues/suggestions.effectively to the needs of theparents Twice yearly surveys-Analysis of evidence.Regular feedback sought- Encourage membership of-Advisory Board/ Parent Forum/Student Council.parent, teachers, students Expand membership of Parent Forum. Board and Forum members take responsibility for organizing, conducting procedures.Further a collaborative involvement Parent Forum sub-committee to organize seminars, presentations for students, activities, charity drives.of school community members Board members regularly and timely attend meetings. Garner the support of Alumni. Teacher representation on Advisory Board. Recognize teachers’ professional support-encourage them to recommend resources, programs for the school. More active role developed for Student Council in-conducting activities, ascertaining views/needs of students. Questionnaires given to students to garner their ideas. Frequent meetings between SLT and Student Council to discuss ideas, provide feedback to students.Teachers involvementStudents voice is recognized ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 13
  14. 14. RESOURCES: School leadership will be providing resources –time, IT, book and non-book according to recommendations made after curriculum audits andassessment needs have been conducted.TIMELINES: Improvements to systems, policies and procedures will be continuous and dependent on committee recommendations.ARAB UNITY SCHOOL ACTION PLAN 2012-13 Page 14