Dude, where are my Customers???


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My keynote at Philips global event "Agile 4 Ever" at Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore, Oct 3

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  • Great! Makes me feel like such an amateur.
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  • @Raj - thanks. There are multiple ways to do this. One idea is the use the concept of hackathons or 24/48 hour events where people come up with working prototype of ideas. Yahoo! does such events routinely and an Australian company Atlassian calls them 'FedEx Days' (because FedEx ships something 'overnight' and that's what they want people to do in a matter one 'overnight'). Another way might be run an idea exchance using tools such as ideascale.com and let people submit their ideas all the time and keep voting them and asking questions to improve them. Whenever there is a good idea (which could be measured by the number of responses or popularity, etc.), then that could be taken up for prototyping or concept proving. Another approach might be to encourage 'skunk works' inside the organization by giving them an environment away from the world of process compliance, a runway away from accounting controls and an area away from public glare so that they can spend time and effort to get some idea built quickly. Yet another radical though much less used method is what Proctor and Gamble calls as C&D (http://www.pgconnectdevelop.com/). Yes another way is to align entire group or company's energies to a specific issue in a so-called 'kaizen blitz'.

    I think depending on the culture and the type of business, each company can find one of these methods that work for them. The good news is that there are several methods to choose from :)
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  • Good presentation. I would like to know more on How to process and implement New ideas (coming from bottom up) in a very short time , in a large NPD setup.
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Dude, where are my Customers???

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