How To Clone A WordPress Website


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Clone a Site Using ManageWP
ManageWP gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily clone a WordPress site for rapid deployment elsewhere.

Here’s an example: you always a have a specific way that you set up your WordPress websites, a group of plugins that you always install, a specific permalink setup and a bunch of customizations that you’ve got used to doing manually each time. With the ManageWP clone tool, you can create a template website that you can rapidly deploy each time you install WordPress to a new site. This means that it will take you only a few minutes to carry out a task that previously took you hours.

You could also use the clone tool to deploy a client’s website from a test server to their server, or to migrate your site to a new server or domain. You can clone to a new site, or overwrite an existing one. The ManageWP clone tool streamlines your workflow and deployment process, letting you spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time making a beautiful, powerful WordPress website.

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How To Clone A WordPress Website

  2. 2. IF you are a business expanding to a new market, forexample, you will probably have a decision to makeabout cloning your website. What is the best way to doit, can you even manage it yourself, and how time andbudget consuming the whole process will be?Most of the companies that can do this for you are over-priced and once they finish the job they forget all aboutyour company and you. Also, you don’t want to rely onsomeone you don’t trust, because you can lose time andmoney in the process.
  3. 3. With ManageWP you get a dedicated team of peoplewho will do their best to make you satisfy in the longrun. The tools will be available for you so you can clonethe website in a short time frame and move on to othercloning projects that may come up in the future, for thesame price.Rapid deployment is one of our strongest assets. Youcould also use the clone tool to deploya client’s website from a test server to their server, or tomigrate your site to a new server ordomain.
  4. 4. Because it simple, affordable, fast and user friendly. The ManageWP clone toolWHY CHOSE streamlines your work flowMANAGEWP? and deployment process, letting you spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time making a beautiful, powerful WordPress website.
  5. 5. CLONE OVER AN EXISTING SITE The easiest way to use the clone tool is to clone over an existing site already added to ManageWP. The process is explained in the steps below, just skip to step number 3.
  6. 6. CLONE TO A NEW SITETo clone your site using ManageWP, you will need tohave the following information: • Domain that site will be cloned to • MySQL database name, username and login • FTP login detailsIf you are cloning to an existing WordPress site youcan jump to Step 3.
  7. 7. 1. CREATE YOUR DATABASETo begin with, youll need to install MySQL. To do this login to your hosting provider. The following two steps willshow you how to create a MySQL database usingcPanel. For other methods refer to the WordPress Codex.Find the MySQL Databases icon.
  8. 8. Name your database.Click Create Database.
  9. 9. 2. ADD A USER TO YOUR DATABASEYou need to add a user to your database. Scrolldown to Add New User.
  10. 10. Add the user to the database.
  11. 11. Give your user the necessary permissions.You’re now ready to install your site using ManageWP.
  12. 12. 3. SELECT THE WEBSITE Log in to the ManageWP Dashboard. Navigate to Tools > Clone Wizard.Select the website that youwish to clone. You can also clone from a backup.
  13. 13. ManageWP will now take a snapshot of your website.Make sure to exclude any folders you don’t want to becloned, and to include any folders that aren’t wp-content,wp-includes, or wp-admin.
  14. 14. 4. Select the Destination Once the backup is created you will be asked where you want to install your site to. You can install to an existing site that is already managed by ManageWP, or you can install to a new site.
  15. 15. a) Installing to an Existing Site If you are installing to an existing site, you will be asked to choose which site you wish to install to. You can also add a new admin username and password.
  16. 16. You’ll be asked if you’re sure. Make sure you are!!! Your site has now been cloned!
  17. 17. b) Installing 1. to a New Site If you are installing to a new site you’ll need to have your MySQL, FTP and URL ready. Click onNew Site and input your details:
  18. 18. 2.
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  20. 20. FTP Details You should test your connection before cloning your website, this will help you to make sure that your FTP connection is working correctly. To do this click Test Connection. If your FTP connection is not working, you may need to click on Advanced to get advanced FTP options.
  21. 21. MySQL Your MySQL database should have a unique name. Make sure you don’t overwrite one of your other sites’ databases. When you are happy click Clone. You’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to clone the site:A few seconds later and your website has been cloned!