Sprint Healthcare Newsletter First Quarter 2013


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Sprint Healthcare Newsletter First Quarter 2013

  1. 1. First Quarter Healthcare Newsletter 2013In this issue: • Introduction • What’s Hot o Sprint Port In Credit (NEW!) o Apple iPad Mini & 4th Generation iPad (NEW!) o Machine to Machine o Sprint Buyback Program o Individual Line Employee Discounts o Fleet Management for Healthcare o Remote Monitoring New Solution Highlight (NEW!) • New Updates to Business Service • Mindy’s Top Device Picks • U.S. “Green” Environmental Rankings (NEW)! • Highlight’s of Group Purchasing Organization AffiliationsIntroduction: “The SPRINT Healthcare News” is customized for Healthcare & Group Purchasers only. The intentis to inform, educate, and proactively distribute information relevant to your business with Sprint.Understanding that your time is valuable, this newsletter will provide a quick glance of changes, but mightnot apply as a whole to everyone. Feel free to let me know if there is something new that you would likeadded to the quarterly newsletter. I am extremely excited to have rejoined Sprint in the Summer of 2010 as the Healthcare AccountManager. I have 10 years’ experience working in the wireless business and am eager to meet with eachand every one of you to discuss your business goals and challenges. Sprint is and always has been aninnovator in mobility and there are many wonderful things happening in this industry that truly relate toyour Healthcare business. You will be hearing a lot more about Sprint in the upcoming months and I lookforward to working with youIf you are interested in having a demo of any of our equipment I am more than happy to get that processstarted for you!I appreciate your continued business with Sprint and respect your time. Please let me know when youwould like to meet in person to discuss any of this information.Sincerely,Mindy Altiero614-330-1379www.linkedin.com/in/mindyaltiero/
  2. 2. What’s Hot?Sprint Port in CreditAny Corporate-Liable business customer who ports their existing number from anotherwireless carrier to Sprint and activates on any Sprint PDA, Voice line, Sprint Phone connect,connection card, tablet, or netbook device will receive a service credit. This credit will be$100 each for devices ported in a calendar month.Example: If you have 50 Mobile Broadband cards with another provider, switch them toSprint and receive 50 FREE connection cards, and a $100 Service credit for each line (creditwill appear on the bill that arrives after the line has been ported for 61 days).Apple iPad Mini & 4th Generation iPadSprint is announcing that we now offer the Apple iPad Mini and 4th Generation iPadMachine to Machine (M2M) – The Future of Wireless Communications:M2M is machine-to-machine communications where one or both ends of a connection is adevice whose primary function is the transfer of real-time wireless data throughembedded wireless, local or wide-area networking. Applications of M2M include DigitalSignage, Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Metering, Security, Remote PatientMonitoring, Emergency, Public Transport and more.Imagine any aspect of your business in which a process could stand for improvementthrough automation. Imagine any challenge you face, where an internet connected devicewould alleviate the issue.The Sprint M2M group’s primary function is to take your idea or challenge, and make it areality. Our goal is to gather data from ANY application (be it how many times a dooropens to how many times a coin drops in a machine to giving internet to a kioskapplication) and provide real time two-way information.Current examples of M2M that I am working on are: Wireless backup, Digital signage,Remote Patient Monitoring, Remote Monitoring of video surveillance, Vehicle Monitoringfor diagnostics, distracted driving, and Hours of Service, and Energy Management tocontrol costs.Please visit http://m2m.sprint.com/?ECID=vanity:m2m for information and contact me todiscuss your ideas.
  3. 3. Sprint Buy Back ProgramSprint has set up a program where you can sell your old devices from any carrier back to usto get credit on your bill. Simply go to www.sprintbuyback.com/crp and enter yourcorporate account number. Then select the device(s) that you want to sell back. Next,enter the name, email address, address, and one phone number from your account. Youwill be able to print a prepaid shipping label. The quote that you receive will be locked for45 days so take advantage of this today! We will also buy back certain iPADS, but contactme for more information on this programSprint Individual Line (IL) Program for Healthcare:22 to 23% Employee Discount and much more! Contact Vincent Altiero atVincent.altiero@sprint.com or (614) 353-5383 for more details regarding your specificdiscount.Fleet Management for Healthcare -Our Solution allows you to hardwire your vehicles with a low cost monitoring device so youcan improve visibility and visualization, reduce fuel costs, increase driver safety, and gainpeace of mind. Two large Sprint customers using this technology are UPS and WasteManagement.What are some benefits of using Tracker solutions? • Gaining visibility into Nurse & Care workers, vehicles, assets. • Basing time management on actuality. • Understanding operations through real-time monitoring. • Automating routing, scheduling, tracking and communications. • Increasing worker productivity & Patient Safety • Increasing Patient Satisfaction by responding to deviations and emergencies with accuracy and efficiency. • Pinpointing where inefficiencies occur and take action. • Documenting events and activities with an unlimited history for Medicare & Medicaid. • Monitoring workforce scheduling with remote time card management. • Incenting “role model” behavior by recognizing top performing Nurses and Care workers. • Providing real-time, rather than after-the-fact, attention to performance. • Being in compliance with government regulations on hours for Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursement. • Meeting commitments and promised deadlines for patients • Resolving patient disputes with documented activity.MRM Solutions require an in depth knowledge by our account team to understand yourgoals and habits of your employees before we make recommendations.
  4. 4. Remote Patient Monitoring New Solution Highlight:Updates to Business ServicesWiFi:Wi-Fi preserves battery life because less power is used by your device than when using thenetwork for data. This also allows you to surf the web and talk on the phone at the sametime. This also can reduce data charges for tablets and netbooks not on an unlimited plan.PHONE INSURANCE (TEP) Only $8 per user per monthTotal Equipment Protection (TEP) has been beefed up with more added services than justinsuring your phone in the event of loss or damage. • You can now find your misplaced phone with an audible alarm even if the phone is on vibrate or silent mode. The phone has to be turned on to use this. • You can locate your phone on a map using GPS technology. • You can remotely lock a misplaced phone. • You can wirelessly sync, manage, and restore your contacts.This can all be done online through your sprint.com account.411:411 can be a very costly expense each month for businesses at $1.99 per call. There is afree service that you can use in lieu of the traditional 411 call. Simply dial 800-BING-411(800-2464-411) from your device instead to get the information that you need.
  5. 5. Mindy’s Top Device Picks – In the event you have not iPhone5 Call me for more details! heard, we have the iPhone Sprint offers a great bundle with the latest iPad and Call me for more details!iPad mini & 4th Generation iPad Hotspot w/unlimited 3G/4G Embedded chipset also available data NEW, top of the line Samsung Galaxy SIII Samsung Android Device New, top of the line HTC HTC EVO 4G LTE Android Device High-End, rugged, field ready Motorola ES 400 device with bar code scanner(Inspection, Wireless Workorder) & Windows Mobile OS For all the Blackberry lovers Blackberry Curve 9350 out there NEW rugged devices with Kyocera Dura XT and DuraPlus Sprint Direct Connect (SDC) 3G/4GUSB Connection Cards Sierra U250 and Franklin U602 UNLIMITED DATASierra Overdrive Pro & Novatel 3G/4G Mobile Wifi Hotspots TriFi or Mifi UNLIMITED DATA Data Device for ODB2 Vehicle Port for Fleet GeoTab – GO6 Management –Call for Additional Details
  6. 6. U.S. “Green” Environmental RankingsToday, Newsweek released its annual Green Rankings list, which rates the sustainabilityefforts of the 500 largest publicly traded corporations in the U.S. I am pleased to share thatfor the fourth consecutive year, Sprint was named one of Newsweek’s greenest companies.This year, we came in at No. 3 and were the only wireless carrier to break the top 25.Today’s Newsweek ranking comes to us on the heels of several other environmentallyfocused accomplishments. Earlier this year, the U.S Environmental Protection Agencynamed us No. 4 (and the only wireless provider) on its Top 20 Technology and Telecom listfor the Green Power Partners Program. This summer, independent analyst firm Verdantixrecognized us as the top U.S. wireless provider for corporate-sustainability performance.And, of course, for the last two years, Compass Intelligence has named our Sprint Buybackprogram as the best phone trade-in program in the industry. I hope that you are as proudof these achievements as the rest of the executive lead team and I are.Newsweek’s Green Rankings are based a number of criteria, including efforts in whichSprint has shown leadership for year. In particular, we have made significant progress inthese areas:· Electronic-waste reduction: We are the first and only U.S. wireless carrier to outline specific commitments that address electronic waste (e-waste) holistically by focusing on the full lifecycle of the electronics we buy and sell. Through efforts like our Electronics Stewardship Policy and our industry-leading Sprint Buyback program, we continue to lead the industry in e-waste reduction. To date, Sprint Buyback has diverted millions of phones from landfills. The program has put more than $75 million back in customers’ pockets just this year. Along with Sprint’s other device take-back programs, it’s also helped Sprint avoid more than $1 billion dollars in costs through reuse and recycling.· Sustainable devices: By working with Underwriters Laboratory Environment (ULE), we were able to help create the first environmental standard for wireless mobile phones: ULE 110, which was launched in early 2011. Today, we have achieved ULE 110 certification for more than 80 percent of the devices we offer customers.· Greenhouse gas emissions: Sprint has the most aggressive greenhouse gas emission- reduction goals of any U.S. wireless carrier. We were the first U.S. carrier to publicly announce an absolute emission reduction goal. By the end of 2011, we were halfway toward meeting our goal of a 20 percent absolute emission reduction by 2017.
  7. 7. HIGHLIGHTS OF SPRINT’S Group Purchasing Agreement AffiliationsAmerinet Accounts:ABOUT AMERINETAmerinet is a national healthcare group purchasing organization (GPO) that collaborates with acute care and alternate careproviders – hospitals, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, clinics and doctor offices – to create and deliver uniquesolutions through performance improvement resources, guidance and ongoing support. Amerinet is known for deliveringbetter product standardization and utilization, financing tools beyond contracting and alliances to help lower costs. CONTRACT DETAILS FOR CORPORATE LIABLE (COMPANY PAID) ACCOUNTS 1. CL subscriptions have two contract service term options, one or two years, with an early termination fee of $200 for both options. Equipment cost is dependent upon the service term selected. 2. CL subscribers receive a 23% discount off eligible monthly recurring plan charges. Features, applications, overage charges, taxes, shipping, insurance and non-recurring charges are not eligible for the discount. 3. Existing CL devices may be upgraded utilizing Sprint’s upgrade program, providing a promotional discount off of equipment list price after 12 months for a one year service term or after 20 months for a two year service term. 4. Accessories for CL subscribers are eligible for a 20% discount off of the list price. 5. Activation and standard shipping fees are waived for CL equipment orders. 6. Custom CL plans are available please reach out to me for more information.Novation Accounts:ABOUT NOVATIONNovation is a privately held contracting company tasked to handle purchasing and contracting for 3 healthcare alliances:1. VHA: focused on non-profit and community owned acute care facilities (1,400) and extended communities (30,000)2. UHC: academic medical centers (111) and their affiliated hospitals (255)3. Provista: primarily non-acute healthcare clinics and smaller medical offices (13,000) and education facilities (3,300)4. CHA: business alliance of (220) children’s hospitals
  8. 8. MedAssets Accounts:ABOUT MEDASSETS MedAssets (NASDAQ: MDAS) partners with healthcare providers to improve their financial strength by implementing revenuecycle, spend and clinical resource management solutions that help capture revenue, control cost, improve margins and cashflow, increase regulatory compliance, and optimize operational efficiency. MedAssets serves more than 4,200 hospitals and100,000 non-acute healthcare providers. The company currently manages $48 billion in supply spend and touches over $340billion in gross patient revenue annually through its revenue cycle solutions.- All of the Group Purchasing Organizations listed above have additional custom specialized pricing. Pleasereach out to me directly for additional information.- If you are not part of an organization and would like to be let me know and I can send over the necessarydocumentation. All organizations listed above are Free to Join for Existing and New Sprint customers.
  9. 9. Note: The Nextel Push to Talk Network will no longer be available as ofJune 30, 2013. If you are on this technology you must upgrade to anew device, we have some devices that are free and others atsignificantly reduced prices! Call me if you are still using the iDEN Pushto Talk network & devices!
  10. 10. Note: The Nextel Push to Talk Network will no longer be available as ofJune 30, 2013. If you are on this technology you must upgrade to anew device, we have some devices that are free and others atsignificantly reduced prices! Call me if you are still using the iDEN Pushto Talk network & devices!