My 1st&2nd Photo Shoot


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My 1st&2nd Photo Shoot

  1. 1. 1st Photo Shoot Photographs inspired by: Sannah Kvist Demond MeekHouses and people walking in my favourite places.
  2. 2. Inspiration: Demond Meek This is a picture of my house. I do not like this photo very much as it not only has the iron gate in front of it but it also has the houses next to it in the picture as well as the car. To improve this photo, I would use a tripod so the picture does not become blurred like it has on this picture. I do however like the black and white as it makes the house seem older and moody. The shiny tarmac after the rain also adds to the feeling of depression this picture gives. This is the picture I took after the one above. I used a tripod for this photo which improves the picture as nothing is blurred. I like the old film effect I used on this picture as it makes the house seem haunted. I do think that the light shining through the front of the house and the car take away from the overall mood of the picture. Also the gate is in the front of the photo which can be quite distracting. This is a picture of my house. I have positioned myself so that the other houses are not fully in this picture however it has not cut them off completely nor has it excluded the car. I would crop this photo so that I can not only get rid of the other houses and car but also make the photo the same narrow shape of the house, as Demond Meek does in Slum Beautiful. I would also make the shadows more prominent by changing the contrast and I would add a vignette border. Also I would make it so that the top of the house is not cut off
  3. 3. This is the photo inspired by Demond Meek that I would further edit in Photoshop. I wouldcrop the sides so that the next houses along and the cars are not in the photo, so as not todistract from the main house. I would crop it so that the shape of the photograph is narrowand the sides are parallel to those of the house. I would edit the window to make sure thereis no light shining through. I would change the hue and saturation so that the shadows aremore prominent. I will however keep the old film effect on this photo as it makes the houseappear older and also adds a damaged effect on the house
  4. 4. Inspiration: Sannah Kvist This picture is of my friend standing far away in the snow. There is a line of footprints in the snow, leading to her. I like this photo as it is all muted tones and is quite simple. I I prefer this photo as it shows the main subject walking however would have made it off, leaving a trail of footprints behind them. I would so that she is in the middle crop it so that there is only one trail of footprints of the picture instead of following the person so that the other trail is not slightly to the right. distracting anyone. If I crop it I would make the person slightly to the right. I like the black and white effect as it makes the person stand out more as they are the only dark object in a grey and white picture. I edited the picture to black and white in photoshop.
  5. 5. Inspired By Anna Gaskell I do not like this photo as it has I do not like this photo as it I like this photograph as it the bookcase and the door and does not look haunted due to shows the dress billowing wall distracting form the main lack of shadowing and to out meaning the person is object which is the person in the much light that is shone on moving. The black and white dress. I cannot crop them out as the person. The door, light effect that I used to edit the the picture is slightly tilted. I do switch, bookcase and photo with in photoshop however like the black and white appliance easily draws the eye adds to the shadows making effect I added with photoshop as from the main subject and the it all darker and more it makes it look quite old. The black and white effect which I mysterious. It also highlights light was shining on the person added to it using photoshop the dress as it is very light making the dress shiny and does nothing but make the whereas everything else is shadows that the person and picture seem lighter and very dark. To improve the dress make more prominent, therefore less haunted. picture, I would crop out the outlining the person. bookcase as it is very distracting.
  6. 6. 2nd PhotoshootBelongings/Surroundings/Retakes Of AnnaGaskell Inspired Photos
  7. 7. I do not like this picture as the bottom right This is a picture of the moon outside of myedge of my window is cropped out. I should bedroom window. To improve this photo Ihave positioned myself better so that instead would crop out the lamp in the bottomof the television being in the picture which right hand corner of the picture. I do likeattracts attention away from the window and the shadowing of the picture as it showsthere also being to much space above the darkness gradually becoming lighter thewindow, there is only the window in the nearer it gets. The darkness frames thepicture and none of it is out of the picture. I window well. I also do not like the angle ofalso do not like the shadowing of the picture the picture and the fact that the edges ofas there is hardly any. To improve this picture I the window are cropped out.should crop out the TV. and add a vignetteborder
  8. 8. I like this photograph as it focuses only on the window. I like that the window is at anangle which makes it more interesting than looking straight on the window. I also like theshadowing that gradually fades away as it gets nearer the window. Because of the fadingaway, the person looking at the photo will follow the gradually fading shadows until it isgone (this leads them to look at the window). I however feel this picture could have beenbetter it some of the window had not been cropped out. To improve this photo, I wouldadd a vignette border to accentuate the window.
  9. 9. This is an unedited photo of a chess board. This is the edited photo of a chess board.The camera had no flash and there is many I took the picture with the main light off,distractions in this photo. The light filled the the only light sources being the flash fromwhole room. I placed my camera on the actual the camera and the lampshade that ischess board so that it was on the same level as facing the wall. I like that the light sourcesthe chess pieces which is the only good thing make shadows for the chess pieces. Iabout this photograph. darkened the lightness of the picture so that the whole picture was even darker. To further improve this photograph , I would add a vignette border and would crop out the lamp as the light it is emitting is very distracting.
  10. 10. I like this photograph as it is on face levelwith the puppy and shows good depth of To improve this picture I would add afield. It focuses well on the puppy. However, vignette border to bring focus to theit misses out half of the puppy’s face and has puppy. I like that the main focal point ismany distractions like the other puppy next the puppy’s face though and the fact thatto it. is on the same level as the puppy.
  11. 11. I like this photo as it doesnot have any distractionsand the main focal point is I like this photo as it shows athe person in the dress. I sort of dystopia. I like the oldlike that it does not show film effect that I applied toanything other than the this picture as it adds to thedress flowing. This makes it haunted fairytale feel to theseem mysterious as we photograph. I also like thatdon’t know what the there is no face shown as itperson looks like. The black adds mystery to the picutre.and white adds to themystery feel.