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A desire, an interest, a passion...
I shared it with my mates and teacher of Language and Culture II

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  1. 1. Origins
  2. 2. Edward Malone Guillermo Malone Eduardo Tomás MaloneMarta Elida Noemí Eduardo
  3. 3. Eduardo Malone married Delia Rosa Moreno And started a family…
  4. 4. My family
  5. 5. I began a close relationship with my dad since I moved to Chivilcoy. He started telling me stories about our past…I will never forget an anecdote he toldme about my great-grandfather.
  6. 6. …Since then, I realized that we havemany things in common.One of them is a desire to travel….
  7. 7. …to Ireland and know more about our ancestors, our pasthistory.But he said that he did not have the opportunity to do so.NOW I have the chance to make a trip, but not alone. Withpeople who were there for me all the year, those who I metthree years ago to be part of this staff. Those who have thesame purpose… TO BE A TEACHER OF ENGLISH.YOU are on the list… Do you want to go?
  8. 8. Let´s go ladies! Pack your cases for thepackage holiday charter flight.
  9. 9. The plane has landed, and we are in Ireland!!!!!
  10. 10. Today we start doing the three-city Irish tour…
  11. 11. Blackrock Castle
  12. 12. Blarney Castle
  13. 13. St Patrick StreetSt. FinbarresCathedral
  14. 14. Christ Church Cathedral
  15. 15. Gate TheatreBruxelles pub
  16. 16. River Lee Castle Record Tower
  17. 17. Trinity CollegeMerrion Square Park
  18. 18. CathedralMuseum
  19. 19. National University of IrelandLynch’s Castle
  20. 20. No more SUN… We want to have FUN!!!
  21. 21. Beer is ready!
  22. 22. After drinking many glasses of baileys, liquor,beer, etc…. Some of the girls want to fight, othersto eat, and who wants to dance?
  23. 23. It is time to go back to the hotel girls!!! Sometimes we need help! Once in the hotel…
  24. 24. Trying to act like angels…in case Adela shows up
  25. 25. The LAST day in Ireland… A meal, drinks, music… A speech… Then…
  26. 26. A party…
  27. 27. Thank you for letting me share this with you!An unforgetable trip 
  28. 28. Anecdotes: “The drunk girl… that night she cried because she wanted to eat some chocolate, but the kiosk was closed.”
  29. 29. “The gossipy memberof the group. Duringthe trip she tooknotes about herpartners’ behaviour.But nobody realizedabout that, becauseshe lost her diary inDublin, at the hotel.”
  30. 30. “The singer… She thoughtthat she sang very well,but our ears suffered a loteach time she wanted todo so.”
  31. 31. “The phone girl… Allthe time she wastalking to somebodyon the phone (wenever knew whowith). And sherepeated the words“POOR HIM” everytime!!!!!
  32. 32. “The woman who threw cakes.Before going to bed at night, shetook some cakes from the hotelreception. But she never atethem… She threw cakes from thebalcony when people passed by.That is the way she had fun whenwe went out”
  33. 33. “The Barbie girl… Duringthe whole journey shewore this horrible wig.Maybe she wanted to beSusana Gimenez for amoment… What is more,she tried to imitateBarbie and Susana. ThankGod that Adela shut herup!”
  34. 34. “The mad girl… She shoutedeverytime “FUCK YOU” ateach person who wascrossing the street. It wasobvious that people wouldlook at her… What is more,she stole sugar packets andtoilet soap from the hotel.”
  35. 35. “The WACHI- girl… One night wewent to the pub without her…Then, she appeared. She entered,gave a memory stick to thebarman and she began todance…. Well, she tried to do so.I think that she was completelylost!!!”
  36. 36. “And I was… well, I did myjob very well! My fellowtravellers are free to give anopinion about mybehaviour…” Do not tell “The gossipy girl” that I HAVE her notebook ;) What did you think, that she had forgotten it at the hotel? No no.
  37. 37. I imagine how THAT day would be like…. But I have to bepatient and wait. Everything is possible if you work hard toreach what you really want.
  38. 38. “A people without the knowledge of theirpast history, origin and culture is like a treewithout roots.”Marcus Garvey
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