Fall Winter Newsletter Group 2010


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The Homestead 1766 Gazette Meetings Edition 2010

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Fall Winter Newsletter Group 2010

  1. 1. Gazette Groups/Meetings | volume two 1766 in this issue ... WINteR MeetINGS at tHe HOMeSteaD TAKE A SECOND LOOK TRADITIONAL FARE meets its match
  2. 2. Our gift to you The holidays are all about celebration, about creating memorable moments, and about forgetting the cares of our daily routines — that’s why we’d like to open up our home to you this season. Radiating tradition, and bathed in genteel charm, The Homestead puts a festive spin on holiday meetings and parties. Every detail is perfect, from our newly renovated meeting spaces to our outdoor winter wonderland. We know you have a lot on your mind, so we go out of our way to ensure that our facilities meet and exceed your expectations. Before or after your meetings, there’s plenty to celebrate. Stop in and congratulate Woody on his 50 years at The Homestead. Dine on new cuisine or classics from Chef Mark Gallaudet’s new menu, and enjoy the freshly updated rooms and shops. The Homestead is known as a great meeting location, but don’t forget the year-round treats — the legendary healing springs, charming heritage, and seemingly endless array of indoor and outdoor activities — that have positioned us among the world’s finest golf and spa destinations for centuries. Southern hospitality and charm, all folded up in a historic, beautiful setting adorned with holiday elegance and style — consider it a holiday gift from The Homestead especially for your group. Warm regards, Peter Faraone 1 Vice President and General Manager
  3. 3. Take a second look Making a good thing even better — that’s what we strive to do in everything from food to activities to facilities. To that end, we’ve recently renovated parts of The Homestead, refreshing them with a timeless style that enhances the resort’s natural beauty and ensures a good night’s sleep. Historic Commonwealth Room — Skillfully restored murals and mahogany wood panels envelop this dignified space. Rich brown carpet with lime green accents depicts wheat, peanut, and tobacco — the crops of Virginia. A new ceiling with semi-recessed coffers and gleaming chandeliers puts the finishing touches on this grand meeting room. West Wing — New carpet lines the corridors in the West Wing. Inside the refreshed bedrooms, graceful interlocking circles of green on a bright blue background with lively yellow accents cover the floor. Rich, flowered drapes frame the mountain views. Luxurious upholstery, crisply painted trim, and lush bedding and cushions round out the changes to the sleeping rooms. The bathrooms have new marble tile floors and pedestal sinks. tower bedrooms — Peach-colored walls grace these rooms, newly carpeted with a lovely muted green flowered carpet. Luxuriant upholstery and bedding complement lavish floral draperies that adorn the windows and doors leading to the balcony. Marble tile floors and pedestal sinks in the bathroom complete the transformation. Coming soon — new carpet for the Grand Ballroom. 2
  4. 4. Recent Raves & Reviews “The Homestead and VPCGA have a partnership that dates back to 1952. They understand the needs of associations and their service is always immovable” - Mike O’Connor Virginia Petroleum, Convenience & Grocery Assn “When we return to The Homestead it is like coming home, we recognize many of the staff as they continue to make us feel welcome and offer excellent service that is one of their hallmarks.” - Victor Harper Davenport & Company LLC “For a meeting location for our annual Sales Rally The Homestead can be rivaled by no other. The Homestead exceeded our every expectation from the accommodations, activities, food and festivities along with the outstanding staff which made our Sales Rally celebration a huge success. The attention to detail to both our social and meeting time was exquisite. nTelos will definitely be returning for future events.” - Suzanne Poff nTelos The Joy of the Season doesn’t have to end after the holidays… Kick off the New Year with a group teambuilding retreat or strategy session, and set aside time for the kind of unique pairing of activities that only The Homestead can offer, such as bowling and skating or downhill skiing and a soak in the historic Jefferson Pools. A sk a b o u t sp e ci al rate s ove r the fo l l owi ng date s: JANUARY - 2-5; 9-13; 23-27 FEBRUARY - 6-10; 20-24 MARCH - 6-10; 20-24; 27-30 CO N TAC T O U R G RO U P SALE S DE PART ME NT AT 1-888-796-5838 3
  5. 5. Traditional FaRe MeetS ItS MatCH Chef Mark Gallaudet, inspired by the blend of the traditional and the modern, has designed a menu to meet the tastes of all. Classic dishes, some dating back to the early 1900s, pay homage to past chefs of The Homestead. And the new dishes make use of contemporary combinations and fresh ingredients in ways that are sure to become classics. A few examples of the new fare: New Classic: Classic: Pâté Maison / Waldorf Salad Dismantled Lobster and Scallop “Cobb Salad” Mango / Corn / Avocado Foam / Micro Arugula Crusty Bread / Cumberland Sauce Seared Maryland Rockfish / Chorizo / Baked Fillets of Flounder Homestead Littleneck Clams Lump Crab / Sauce Nantua Corn Custard / Saffron-Fennel-Lobster Redux This approach also applies to catering for groups. Gallaudet taps into his wealth of experience in the culinary and pastry areas for both new ideas and old favorites. Our banquet menus are representative of the local area, but also show that we pay attention to what our guests like to eat. Indeed, our meeting planners are very skilled at helping you create your own menus within your budget and taste preference. 4
  6. 6. First order of business: WINteR MaGIC Historic beauty, grand traditions and extraordinary Southern hospitality are reasons to bring your group here year- round, but during the holidays, The Homestead becomes truly magical. Lush holiday décor sets the stage for the festivities, starting with our 21-foot Christmas Tree that is elegantly decked out with over 2,000 oversized ornaments and over 1,250 LED lights. The tree shines spectacularly from the end of the Great Hall, but that’s just the beginning. We decorate 14 live trees inside and 33 more at the Owners Club cottages. Live holiday wreaths with bright bows, hundreds of poinsettias, thousands of feet of evergreen garlands, and over 100,000 lights complete the holiday spirit and will truly take your breath away. Once you’ve recovered, though, you’ll want to bundle up for one of our special holiday group activities. Book your own ski mountain lodge (available Sunday through Thursday) Groups of 50 or more can own The Homestead Ski Lodge for an evening you’ll never forget of night skiing, s’mores, and hot buttered rum under the stars. Bond around our indoor and outdoor fireplaces. You can even add fireworks and your company logo magically displayed on the slopes of the mountain for a one-of-a-kind event. Downhill ski competition — Most who succeed in business are naturally competitive. Strap on your skis and prepare to race to the bottom, and after you’ve won, head back to The Homestead’s crackling fireplace for a hot toddy. Spins and Spares — Enjoy an evening skating under the stars on our picturesque ice rink amidst a winter wonderland of holiday lights, topped off with hot chocolate and s’mores by the fireside. Then head in to our retro bowling alley for some healthy competition, complete with Homestead Ale and wings for an authentic bowling experience. Night snowmobiling — With thousands of twinkling holiday lights outlining the resort, night snowmobiling is an enchanting experience. Naturally heated springs — The Jefferson Pools are just the place to take off the winter chill on a cold winter evening. Feel your body relax and your mind rejuvenate in the 98-degree natural mineral spring waters when you “take the waters” that have drawn generations of Americans (including Presidents). Tasty treats — Whether sampling Chef Galluadet’s new classic dishes or making use of our customized banquet and catering services, dining at The Homestead is one of the pleasures of the season. 5
  7. 7. Celebrating 50 YeaRS OF MaItRe D’, WOODY PettUS 2010 marks a half-century of impeccable service from one of The Homestead’s most beloved employees, Woody Pettus. To commemorate this extraordinary milestone, we interviewed Woody about his experiences over the years. Here’s what he had to share… Woody Pettus and family celebrating 50 years at The Homestead as a child of an employee, you grew up between these walls. What is your earliest memory of the Homestead? Tuxedos and evening gowns. That’s how it was back then, and there were no children – children had their own dining room. I remember seeing the waiters in their nice white trousers and shirts, and I thought ‘I want to work here some day!’ What are your most memorable moments from serving guests over the years? Well, there are two that stand out. The first was when I got sick and went to the local doctor who told me it was my heart. It was a Sunday and they said it would be a week before the heart doctor could see me. But I kept feeling worse, so I called a long-time guest, William Booth, who was on the board at UVA. He offered to send a helicopter! But my wife drove me, and the doctor there told me that if I had waited overnight I would have had a massive heart attack. That guest saved my life. Still gives me chills when I think about it. The second story happened not long after that, when a guest started choking here in the dining room during dinner. I went over and did the Heimlich maneuver on him and got him breathing. So I was able to return the favor of saving a life. Those are two moments I will never forget. You’ve met several presidents and celebrities in your time here. Who made the biggest impression? I really liked Richard Gere and Oprah. I met Nixon, Johnson, Bush Sr. and Clinton. I enjoyed Clinton a lot, he took time to chat with me and also to go to speak to the school children while he was here. When the Homestead says it’s ‘the Birthplace of Southern Hospitality’, what does that mean to you? That IS The Homestead. You don’t want to lose what got you where you are and Southern Hospitality is what got us where we are. Folks say I’m ‘old school’, and I say if it wasn’t for the ‘old school, we wouldn’t have ‘new school’! What do you love most about being a Maitre D’? That’s easy. It’s when I can look down the hall leading to the dining room and see some of my guests coming toward me, guests that I’ve known for years, coming back. That’s when I know that my life has not been in vain. Expect the best — tRICIa DOeS We are thrilled to announce Tricia Fry as the new Director of Conference Services. Originally from Connecticut, Tricia attended Sacred Heart University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration from John F. Welch College of Business. Tricia started at The Homestead in February of 1996 and stayed with us until February 2005. We’re happy to welcome her back to The Homestead five years later. How many years have you been in Hotel Sales & Conference Services? I have been in Conference Services and Sales in the hotel industry for the last 15 years. I began my career at The Homestead in 1996 in Conference Services and intended to stay for a year. I thought having The Homestead on my resume would be so beneficial for future career opportunities. Three years later I moved over to Group Sales. I utilized my relationships I had developed on the service side to build that bridge of trust with clients. My intense focus on the details came across and my desire to exceed my customers’ expectations was my driving force. tell us a little about your experience with the D.C. association marketplace. My clients that booked The Homestead always were intrigued by this luxury resort in our small town of Hot Springs, Va. They were able to disconnect from the real world and the big city in a quick trip from D.C. and settle in to relax and rejuvenate themselves. My clients and guests were delighted that Bath County did not have a single traffic light. I always enjoyed the looks on guests’ faces the first time they arrived — simple amazement and “Wow” was uttered more than once. What do you love most about the Homestead? Our staff — they are the most caring and wonderful people who come to work every day to enjoy our guests and exceed their expectations. They do the little things to impress upon the guests how much they value their staying with us. Where does your exceptional attention to detail come from? and what do you expect from your team and supporting departments? I have always taken great pride in being the best that I could be. In the hotel business we are always placing ourselves on the line to come through for our clients in assisting and executing flawless events. It is what they expect and what I expect! My expectations are just that and my clients know it… 6
  8. 8. Reminiscing About Recreation The Homestead plays host to thousands of summer guests, each of them eager to try their hand at one of the many activities that we offer. Now try your hand at answering the following questions about 2010’s summer recreation. Submit your answers to meet@thehomestead.com by October 31, 2010 to be entered to win a holiday-themed Homestead basket! MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. What was the #1 recreational activity this summer? a. Horseback Riding b. Off-Road Adventure c. Archery MATCHING 2. How many guests tried archery in the month of August alone? A. 16,487 3. How many rounds of golf were played this summer? B. 112 4. How many miles did our guides walk on the Cascades Gorge Hike this summer? C. 819 5. How many miles of river did our Kayak/ Canoe guides cover this summer? D. 1,100 1766 Homestead Drive Hot Springs, VA 24445 888-796-5838 thehomestead.com