Adventurers Vault 2


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Adventurers Vault 2

  1. 1. ADVENTURER'S VAULT 2 Arms and Equipment for All Classes ROLEPLAYING GAME SUPPLEMENT Rob Heinsoo . Eylan Bernstein . logan Bonner . Peter Schaefer
  2. 2. CREDlTS Design An Director Rob Helnsoo (lead), Kate Irwin Eytan Bernstein. logan Bonner, Stephen Radney-MacFarland Cover Illustration Wayne Reynolds Additional Design Graphic Designers Rob Donoghue Keven Smith, leon Cortf!z, lisa Hanson Development Interior lIIus-triltions- Peter Schaefer (lead). Killman Andras-ornky,jeffCilrlis-le. Ed Cox, Thomas- Stephen Schubert, logan Bonner Denmark, Wayne England.jas-on A. Engle, Howard lyon, Sean "Muttonhead~ Murray, lucio Parrillo, Additional Development Chris- Sf!aman, MatlasTapia, Eric l. Williams, Rodney Thompson, Rob Watkins KIeran Yanner Editing Publishing Production Specialist Cal Moore (lead), Angelika lokotz Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Jeremy Crawford. Scot! FIl:1;gerald Gray, M. Alexander Jurkal Prepress Manager Jefferson Dunlap Managing Editing Kim Mohan Imaging Technicians Ashlf!Y Brock Director of 0&0 R&D ilnd Book Publishing Bill Siavicsek Production Manager Cynda Callaway 0&0 Creative Manager Christopher Perkins Game rules based on the original DUNGEONS & DRAGONS· 0&0 Design Manilger rules created by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and Jilmes Wyatt the laler editions by David "Zeb~ Cook (2nd Edilion): jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook. Skip Williams. Richard 0&0 Development ilnd Editing Manager Baker, and Peter Adkison (3rd Edition): and Rob Andy Collins Heinsoo. Andy Collins, and james Wyatt(4th Edition). 610 14111nO 001 HB U.S.• CANAOA. ASIA. PACIFIC, fUROP[IIN IUIIDQUARTERS WIZARDS OF TIl[ COIIST. BElGIUM 981654)} 1 S. LATIN AMERICA Ila.b", UK ltd I"d..m"'l.a" 1 Fin, P,lnlln~: Augu't 2009 Wlz.>,d. 01 ..... Co,,,, lLe Cuwo:llWdY 1701 Groo' B118~rtlen P.O. 80> 707 Newpor'. Gwen' NP'} OVII 8<:lgl ..m ISBN: 978-0·7869-5104-5 R~"lon WA 98051·0101 GREll! URlTAIN +31.070.2]].177 +1·800·3146496 PIoa", Iiftplhl,.odd",.,I... I"""'re<o«I> O"Ne'ON'" OueoN'. 0&0. dl0. d20 5)'>'em. W,,,, 0' '''' COASI. Ad.... m.. 'u'. V"ult. PI"YI'" Hondboo~. Oungton M""e,', Guld•. Momtc, Mon....l 0,1,,0 In.lde,.• l1 Ol~r Wlu,d, "r ,It. C""" proou" na""". and ..""'ell 10K'" are uade",.,h o' Wl",rd, O. ,he ("".1 In 11", U,S.A. and 011.." (ounlrleo. All Wbard. (IIar.clc" .nd lhe dl'lIncll .... Ilken~"lt",r""r ... pr"l"'fly 01 Wltard. of the (oa,t Uc. This materloll. pro",.".d und.. Ih. copyrlghllaws of ,he Unh.d S,a,... of A"""I... Any repmduc,l"" or unau,horl ..d use of the ,",,,.rlal or .nW<>l'~ <onlalned he.eln 1< prohlbl,ed wl,houl the .. p....., wrllle" I"'rml..lon of Wl,>rd. "r ,he COO" llC. A"y ,lmlb,l,y '0 >c,uall"'op~. "'8a"I""Io"<. pl......... or ...... n.. I"cluded h.reln I. pUlEly colncldEnlal. Primed In Ihe U.5.A. <llOO') WI",rd. 01 ,he Cc>a>lllC VISlT OUR WEBSITE AT WWWWIZAROS.COH/ONO
  3. 3. tdl'i?nlurers Vauh 2 is a successor and a companion ITEM SETS 10 the tcJvelliurers Vau" supplemelll. In it you'lI nnd Chaptcr 2: Itcm Sets takes the idea ofmagic items as a wide selection of magic items to ilugment those na'or de'iees one step further. Each of the morc than presented in its predecessor as well as in the Players 30 sections in lhis cltilplcr tells lhe story ofa group of Handbook. Players llandbook 2. and olher sources. ilems that have a common origin or theme. Each itcm More than just a cont iIluation. though. Adventurers is tailorcd for one of the three ticrs of play-heroic. Vaul12 pllts fOrlh a fewildvances in the way Ihat lllagic paragon. or epic. Although any of these items can be items arc presented and conccptualized. used individually. a charactcr who owns and uses more than one item of a set gains all additional bellent MORE MAGIC ITEMS beyond whatthc items themselves imparl. Alternatively. an item mighl be part ofa group SCI, Chapter I: Magic hems givcs players and OMs C'CIl These collections ofitellls arc special becausc they morc choices for gcar and good ies to Olllnt charac- provide additional bencllts based on how lllany dif- tcrs and to scrve as treasure. In add ilion to thc lIsual ferent members of'llI ach'enturing party wield one or cillegorics (armor. weapons. rings. and so forth). this more of the items in thc SCI, chaplcr has sections for lwo kinds orilllplcmcllls- lomes and totcms-thal have been added to the ginne sinee Ac/I'clllurer's Vaillt was published. [I also breaks ITEM TABLES new ground with lair items. which bring new meaning Finally. 110 book ofthis son would be complete with· to the term "comforts of home"; tilllOOS'. for those who alit a collection oftablcs to sUIlHllilrize its contellts. wilntthe ultimate in portability lor their magic: ilnd The tables in thc appendix ofAdl'cllfurcrs Vaul12 arc immurcmcnts. a form ofconsllluabic item that enables organized by level and by Iypes of items within each its owner to actually reshape Ihe b..11tlcncld. level. so that a OM looking to n II out a trcasure parcel Sidebars throughout this chapter highlighl particu- and a player making up a wish list Ciln both easily nnd lar itcms. providing namr in the form ofbi,ckground what they need. stories and offering one or two ideils for how the item can be worked into an adventure plol. Magic items can bc morc thall just possessions-they can be the stuff of which elll ire campaigns ilre built. =====tem&DtI====== I: MAG1C lTEMS .4 lUngs 69 Arnlor.............. . 6 Waist Slot Items 74 Weapons 15 Wond rous Items 76 Ammunition 25 oVondrous Lair Items 79 Iioly Symbols 28 "l"alloos 83 O~ 32 Consumablcs 87 Rods 34- !leagellls 87 Staffi............ . 37 Immuremcnts 88 TonJes 41 TOlcms 43 2: ITEM SETS 92 Willlds....................................... . .. 4-8 Ilcraie Ticr Item Sets 94- Arms Slot Itcms 52 Paragon Tier Itelll Sets 104 Fect Slot Itcllls . .. 57 Epic Tier Item Sets 124 Hands Slot Items 58 Group Sets 130 Head Slot Items 61 APPENDlX: ITEM TABLES 138 Neck Slot Items 63
  4. 4. CHAPTEH I WHEREVER ONE Iral'cls throughoullhe world (and I>c)'ond). magic items arc highly sought after for Ihcir benefits both sIllaII and large. Ad'ClIllITCrs seck oUllllagicallreasures to help thelll achic'c their &'Oals. Many of those treasures have hi.slories thai inspire rumors and spawn quests. Thl.. chapler prescnts morc magic items to fill oul adv('llIurcrs' wish Iisls. • Armor: ~trollg mmcrials and protccti'c magic keep blades ilnd :lrrows away from )'our ncsh. + Weapons: Strike fear inlo your enemies when you idel a weapon of power. + Ammunition: Arrows. bolts. ilnd sling Slanl'S gh'c )'ou a combat edge <II range. • I mplemCJlls: Iioly symbols. orbs. rods. slafTs, tOllle... totems, and wa nds chanllc! )'our magic and gram 'l>cd,.1 bellefits. + Arms Sial Items: Shields 10 guard YOll and braCer'iIO slIIlte your foes. + Feel Slot Items: When you need to 1110ve quicker. JUIIlP farther, or dodge belter, step illlo one of 1he'ie items. + I-lands 5101 Items: M'lgic gloves and gauntlets IlOt only keep your hands warm bllt keep yOIl alh'e. + 1·lead Slot Items: M'lgic 10 bolster the mind, body, .md spirit. + Neck 5101 Items: Improve )'our defenses in style! + Rings: Jewelry imbued wilh powerful and varied enchantmel1t~. + Waist Slot Items: These items can improve your health and increase your skills-as well as hold your pallts up. + Wondrous Items: Strange and fantastic items with a wide rall!.'C of uses. + Lair Items: New wondrous items to enhance your base ofopermions. + Tattoos: The best thing about magic ofthc ncsh is thm it's inseparable from )'ou. + Consumables: Use these one·shol items to get out of a tough "ituation. Se'Crnl of the item descriptions arc augmented by sidebars Ihm offer lore or background about the item. plus one or more 3(hellture hooks im'olving the item and how the characters might acquire it. (~IttI'T"R I M"Ri~ "",ms
  5. 5. --.--.- - ~-.-._- _._-.--.- ARMOR ~ Armor of Shared Health Level 30 , 1111s yolden cJrnlnmlli/yrol'S with divinc ('new l/rlll hcals JOu wlren )tJu help ot/wr$. No (If/(lck is 100 clewlslnlin8 to be turned nside. Lvl30 +6 3,125.000 gp Armor: Chain Armor is an illlcgral part ofilny aclvcntll rer's gea r. Enhancement: AC Property. When you use a healing power that benefits an Fromlhc WiZilrCl'S robes ilnd the barbarian's hide to ally, you also regain nit points equal to one-half the nil tlte b.lrCl'S chainlllail and the paladin's p1:ltc. armor's points lhat ally regains. protection is ilvailable to evcry hero. Enchantments improve the wearer's Armor Class. Armor of Shared Valor Lcvd 15+ whether by fi llillg plate il rmor's gaps with shields of V/U'/1 you exlrort your 1I11il!S 10Jlnd (OUnine. JOlJ Jln1/ il )'Ours<'lf. force or hardening Icather armor irllO something that Lvi 15 +3 25,000 gp Lvi 25 +5 625.000 gp call stop a ballista shot. Seasoned advent Lifers Ciln Lvi 20 +4 125,000 gp Lvi 30 +6 3,125,000 gp depend all magic armor 10 prOlccllhem even frolll Armor: Leather. chain the teelh of all :lI1cicnl wynn. Enhancement: AC At least sOllle orthe time. Property: When you use a power lhat grants an ally a bonus to any defense. you gain an equal bonus of lhe same lype Armor of Aegis Expansion Level h to the same defense. This bonus lasts until the power's effece ends or until the end of your next turn. /:lecks of 1ll118fca1jorcc swfrlllrtlllllJ fhis lIn'll armor, (()IllesciutJ 10 deflect <1(fllCk!; llyuht51 you and Jour wlllplln/olls. LvI 2 +1 520gp Lvl17 +4 Armor of Sudden Recovery level 3.. 65,000 gp Lvi 7 +2 2.600 gp Lvl22 +5 325.000 gp YOII sllrllY offdellill)' WtUlili011S eMil)' hr litis Sl'l'ple ,mnor. Lvl12 +3 13.000gp Lvl27 +6 1,625.000 gp Lvi 3 +1 680gp Lvl18 +4 8S,000gp Armor: OOlh, leather LvI 8 +2 3,400 gp Lvi 23 +5 425,000 gp Enhilncement: AC Lvl13 +3 17.000gp Lvl28 +6 2,125.000gp Power (Encounter~ Immediate Interrupt. Tri88f!r: A crea· Armor: Cloth. leather ture you have marked with your ae8is ofshieldin8 power Enhancement: AC targets you and at least one of your allies with an attack. Property: You gain a + 1 Ilem bonus to saving throws against Effect: The damage of the lriggerlng crealure's attack ongoing damage. damage [s reduced by 5 + the armor's enhancement Power (Dally + Healing): Minor Action. You can use this bonus. power when you're laking ongoing damage. The ongo· Level 12 or 17: 10 + enhancement bonus. Ing damage ends, and you gain regenerallon equal to level 22 or 27: 15 + enhancement bonus. lhe amount of the ongOing damage unul the end or the encounter. Armor of Dark Deeds Levell 4- SwirIJn8 with Slllldows, lllis IIrmar musl:s JOU from Jour Bastion Armor Level 7 + enemies. This hlocly urmor. l1suully trllJle,J In till' dWlln'en style, is a Lvl14 +3 HOOOgp Lvl24 +5 525,000 gp "ifelll't'l"s. JUl'Orilt' oJdwlln'l!n Lvl19 +4 105,000 gp Lvi 29 +6 2,625.000 gp Lvi 7 +2 2,600 gp Lvl22 +S 32S.000 gp Armor: Leather. hide Lvl12 +3 13,000 gp Lvl27 +6 l62S.000gp Enhancement: AC Lvi 17 +4 65,000 gp Property: When you attack an enemy that Is granting Armor: Scale, plate combal advantage to you, you gain concealmenl until the Enhancement: AC end of your next turn. Power (Encounter~ Minor Action. You end a mark on you or an ally adjacent to you. Armor of Enduring Health ll"ve[ 23 .. VhJlt' ~"Iritln lllls nrrllOr,)"ou C/lIl dm", more decply all your Blackflock Robe Level 12' imr,'r I'1'sourct'S. 'mf'J'e,1 in Ilris IUlll.'fC,1 Murk riO/II. )'011 mn britjly IfllII90nll Lvi 23 +5 425.000 gp Lvl28 +6 2,125,000 gp luto uJlock "f fIll'l.'l1S. Armor: Hide, chain Lvl12 +3 13.000 gp Lvi 22 +5 325,OOOgp Enhancement: AC Lvl17 +4 65,000 gp Lvl27 +6 1.625,000 gp Property: You call use your second wind one additional time Armor: Cloth per encounter. Enhancement: AC Power (Daily): ImmedIate ReactIon. Tri88er. You take damage from an allack. Effect: You Oy 8 squares and be· come Insubstantial until the start of your next turn. CHAPTER I I MaB;e "ems
  6. 6. Coruscating Armor Leyell+ ARMOR OF SHARED VALOR (5 '1llis Hlilti:rfnH sh'd 'lrmor lilli-los your ,'Xdct /OGlfiorifrollll!'n ('lilies IIIUI ",oulllllll/,!',I., )"u. The ballad of Vellra Is also the legend of the annar of ~ II Lyl2 +1 5l0gp Lyl17 +4 65.000gp shared valor. A bard who came from across the sea when <, Lyl22 +5 the waters of the world were Ice and the land was still Lyl7 +2 2,600 gp 125.oo0gp Lyl12 +3 13.000 gp Lyl27 +6 1,625,000 gp unformed. Velira brought the magic of fire and music to Armor: Scale, plale the scattered tribes of humanoids and helped defend Enhancement; AC them against all invaders. Her most: powerful tool was the Power (Oaily~ Minor Action. Until the eod of your nexI armor she created for herself. As she shielded an entire tum. you don't provoke opportunity anacksand can', be tribe with the magic of her songs. she too became a more grabbed. This power doem't end an existing grab. powerful protector. Suits of annat of shored volor exist today, but they're Counterstrike Armor level 10" thought to be lesser copies of the original. The l'>InI1ll8 011 ,hlS armor punisfto, ,h, firs! VlDJI)' '0 strike Persuade a Bardlc College: Bardic colleges usually .rOllin Nllllt. craft and control distribution of atmOf" of shored volar. An Lvil0 +2 5.ooogp Lvi 25 +5 625.ooogp adventurer who seeks such an item must convince the Lvi 15 +3 25.000 gp Lvi 30 +6 3.125,000 gp organization of his or herYlOrthlness. True bardic colleges Lvi 20 +4 125.000 gp Armor: Cloth. leather, hide are few and rar between, but loose fellowships ofwander- Enhancement; AC ing bards are often called colleges as well Obtaining their Property: The fl~t enemy that hits you during an encounter approval requires getting references and lJ3Yeling to meet takes ongoing 5 damage (save eods~ with scattered members. t£WI 10. 15. or 30: Ongoing 10 d<Jmage(SilYe ends). Vellra's People: The ballad of Velira is regarded as a fantasy by most, but it has a kernel of truth. The tribes Dazzling Plate Levt'14 .. spoken of In it might yet exist. huddled along fjords and IU'(IrrJ h;I ,.,J1>1dinS ofPdl/r, this sltininB suil of polished mi,h wandering in arette regions. Adventurers who locate such rill rime strrl18lhnls )uur spiril am' daz::/l'S )uurJoes.. iI hidden people might learn the secret of creating armor Lyl4 +1 840gp Lyl19 +4 10S.000gp af shored volar, or perhaps acquire a suit that has been Lyl9 +2 4,2oogp Lyl14 +5 525.000gp stashed away since ancient times. Lyl14 +3 11.000 gp Ly129 +6 1.625.000 gp Armor: Plate Enhancement: AC Property. You gain a +litem bonus to all defenses against charm. fear, and psychic effects. Power (Dally): Minor Action. Each enemy adjacent to you lakes a -2 penalty to allack mils (save ends). Death's Brink Armor leYl'17 T This II/uck mCldl .. ruror IHIS rIle lrtuIJ}!' oJml ollulrruslllIllIII cmhlu~orll'.1 on its /,rea,t. Lyl 7 +1 1.600 gp Lyl22 +5 325.000 gp Lyl12 +3 13.000 gp Lyl17 +6 1,625.000 gp Lyl17 +4 65.000 gp Armor: Scale, plate Enhancement: AC Property. While you're dying. you don't die until you filii four death saying throws. Power (Dally): No Action. Triooer: You roll a death SilYing throw iln<! dislike the result. Effect: You gain a +2 bonus to the saying throw. /..eY2l110f" 17: +3 bonus. /.eYe1 22 Of" 17: +4 bonus. Irmor ofshurl'd ,·,Ilar
  7. 7. Gallant Armor Level 17 This lI1oJJlliflcl'1ll suir of plolemail rewnMS )'Ilufor se!Jlessly !l'lullu8JlIur Wlllllanlans. Lvl27 +6 1,625.000 gp Armor. Plate Enhancement: AC Property: When you use the loyon hands power on an ally, you also regain hit points equal to one·half your healing surge value. Gambit Armor Levell]..- jladefor rhow. ",IIO/ike 10 lake chances ill hllt"e, rllis arlllor leIS JUU risk JVllr 011'11 SlJJelJ'Jor II b£'lfer chance 10 hnr," JlVlIr Joes. Lvl13 +3 17,000 gp LvlH +5 425,000 gp Lvl18 +4 85,000 gp Lvl28 +6 2,125,000 gp Armor. Cloth, leather Enhancement: AC Property: When an enemy scores a crWcal hit against you. you can score a critical hit on a roll of 17-20 on your next attack against that enemy before the end of your nextlUrn. Power (Daily + Stance): Minor Action. Until the stance ends. you grant combat advalllage and any creature you attack grants combat advantage to you. Gambler's Suit Level 6 Luck isfirkll.'. 1111'/ lids styllsh set ofll.'lUhers 1li1lYS bolh sides of Ill(' will. Lvi 6 +2 1,800 gp Lvi 21 +5 225.000 gp Lvll1 +3 9.000 gp Lvl26 +6 "125.000 gp Gfllrlbilllrmor Lvl16 +4 45.000gp AmlOr. Leather Demonscale Level 9+ Enhancement: AC Property: When you make at least two saVing throws, you Pil'crUleal skins, SCllles, Ilflll exoskelelOl15 of demO/Is form (I can choose to gain a +2 bonus to the Orst saving throw and fri1Jluful hUI sumly SUil ofscale firm or, take a -2 penalty 10 Ihe second. Lv19 +2 4,200 gp Lvi 24 +5 525,000 gp Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. TrJooer. An enemy hits Lvl14 +3 21,OOOgp Lvl29 +6 2,625,000 gp you with an attack. EJJert: The trlggertng enemy reroUs LvI 19 +4 105,000 gp the attack roll and muSt use the second resull. If that Armor. Scale result is a hit. the i1t1ack scores a critical hit. Enhancement: AC POWi!r (Encounter): Immediate Interrupt, Tri88er. You take acid, cold, fire, or lightning damage. EJJect; You gain re- Genasi Soul Armor level 4· sist 5 to the triggering damage type until the end of the l:ll'nrelllal elll'rJJies drpll' llrrounh Ihls omlOr, said to COlllaill encounter. Ihe lift, cnt'rH}' oj II yenas!. level T4 or 19: Resist 1O. Lvl4 +1 840gp Lvl19 +4 105,000 gp level 24 or 19: Resist 1 5. Lvl9 +2 4,200 gp Lvi 24 +5 525,000 gp Lvl14 +3 21.000 gp Lvi 29 +6 2.625,000 gp Formidable Armor L~veI14· Armor. leather. hide Enhancement: AC Vhen)'llu nClll'fIlc lIds armor. !.''en rlw mlnilliesl blow CWI do Property; This armor is attuned to one genasl elemelllal lillie more limn scrarch your skin. manifestation (FoRoorT£N ROOMS Player's Guide. page 10) Lvi 14 +3 11.000 gp Lvi 24 +5 525,000 gp chosen at the time the armor Is created. Lvi' 9 +4 105,000 gp Lvl29 +6 2,625.000 gp Power (Daily): Minor Action. Until the end of the encoun- Armor. Hide, chain ter. you can use the racial encounter power associated Enhancement: AC with the armor's elemental manifestation. If you already Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. Tri88cr. An attack hits have that racial power. you can use it a second time dur- you and doesn't score a critical hit. EJJect; The triggering Ing this encounter. attack deals the minimum damage. CllAPTElt I I MaHi~ Ilems
  8. 8. Great Cat Armor Level 19+ Hero's Armor Level 2+ Jlllhis ~Icck sui! ofhidc armor.)'Oll bound arol/lld 11ll! baulejleld This shirt ofH'hnrnerlllS dWhllnllllforrifles dlOSt' who lake bolll like a powcrfillftli"c. delion In bdtdc. Lilt 19 +4 105,OOOgp LII129 +6 2,625,OOOgp lilt 2 +1 520gp LIII17 +4 65,000gp LIIl 24 +5 525,000 gp LII17 +2 2.6oogp LIII22 +5 325,000gp Armor: Hide LvlI2 +3 13.0oogp LIII27 +6 1625,000gp Enh3ncement: AC Armor: Chain Property: When you shift, you can shift 1 additional square. Enhancement: AC Power (Dally): Move Aaion. You shift a number of squares Property. When you spend an action point to take an extra equal to twice the armor's enhancement bonus.. action, you also gain a +2 bonus to all defenses untilihe end of your next tum. Healer's Armor LeIlt"IS+ Power (Dally + Healing): Free Action. Trl8tJer. You spend an iKtion point. Effect: You forgo the bonus to all de- lltis sllmJ) armor eflhunctS .luur alrilirr to hl!al )'OUr alii£$. fenses granted by the armor's property. Ill5lead, an aUy LIIl5 +1 l.OOOgp LII120 +4 12S.000gp within 5 squares of you uses his or her se<ond wind as a Lll110 +2 5.OOOgp Lvl2S +5 62S.000gp free action. LIIl15 +3 25.000gp LII130 +6 3.12S.000gp ""'-: Hide. chain Holy Adversary's Armor level 3+ Enhancement: AC Property: When you use a healing power. the target regains Wht'JI)VU SloT(lr an l1<Ilh a,lJuirut )'OUr prty. dM"l! sma pt'TlTIe additkJn,a1 hit points equal to the armor's enh3ncement ates Ihis armor. prolmillJJ)uu fI,lJflillSl,har crt'IJrufl!"s auack bon", Lvi 3 + 1 680 gp Lvl18 +4 8S,000 gp Lvi 8 +2 3,4oogp LIIIH +5 425,000gp Lvl13 +3 17.0oogp LII128 +6 2.125.000gp HOLY RADIANCE ARMOR Armor:Ooth Enhancement AC Xelfide was a den of Iniquity, sin, and debauchery. The Power (Daily): Minor Action. Untillhe end of the encoun- town, inhabited by villains, leeches. and other low char· ter. you gain resistance to all damage ag<lin~ attacks by acters, existed outside the realm of law and decency. In your current ooth of l!nmlty target equal to the armor's such a place, good had little chance to flourish. enhancement bonus. Fifty years ago, a traveling cleric of PelOT known as KosUn came to Xelflde with the Intention of purifying It. Holy Radiance Armor Lellel15 4 His first attempt was met with outright resistance, vio- '/111s 81rallll1l8 dlClinmdlls'ows wlrll ,lie mdillnu oj fllc sun. lence, and theft. After that disaster, the cleric's resolve Lvi 15 +3 25,000 gp LII125 +S 62S.000 gp faltered-until he received a vision from Pelor that showed LII120 +4 125,000 gp LII130 +6 3,12S.000 gp him standing in the town square at noon and praying. Armor: Chain Koslln went to the square, obeying what he saw as Enhancement: AC a mission from his god. At first, he attracted sneers and Power (Daily + Healing): Minor Action. You expend your laughs, but as he continued to pray, his armor began to usc of a Channel Divinity power for this encounter and shed brighlllght 20 squares In all directions. While with· glow with Increasing brilliance. This demonstration of In the Ught, you and each aliy gain regeneration 3 while divine blessing won Koslln many converts to the wor· bloodied and a +2 power bonus to sailing throws. ship of Pelor. Tragically, the cleric was slain by those who stili clung to their evil ways, but not before the town had Kemstone Armor Level 8+ turned to a righteous path. Holy radiance armor memorial· ';1151110111'11 wllh thc slrvnH but li,lJlu J.oelllrns stolll!JouruJ ill Izes this sacred act. 'llrlous dOlllinions of du' iSlml Sfll. this arlllor swbiliZl.'s 115 Purify Xelflde, Again: In the years since the death of WfdTfTsessrnn'. Koslln, Xetflde has slowly returned to its old ways. The LIII 8 +2 3,400 gp Lvi H +5 425.000gp corrupt town leaders hold KosUn's armor and keep it LIII 13 +3 17,000 gp LII128 +6 2.125.oo0gp hidden In their stronghold. If a worthy hero can recover LIII18 +4 85,000 gp the armor and wear It again In Pelor's name. the town Armor: Scale. plate might return to the good. Enh3ncement: AC Remnanu of the Underbelly: A few ofXelfide's most Property: You gilin a +4 Item bonus to all defenses against polymorph effccts. evil dtlzens fled to the frontier when Kaslin converted the town to the worship of Pelor. Before they left., they man- aged to murder the cleric and plunder his armor, which they buried In their encampment. Now, they plague the town, paralyzing trade. and stealing and killing with no remOfSe. The citizens seek aid from heroes who walk the same path as Koslin. , - 9