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20 years of collective experience, expertise and knowledge to work for your company.
My ability to produce innovative and effective designs, work as a team player, and meet deadlines, together with my attention to detail, have contributed to my successes in engineering. I have performed and directed a wide variety of activities, including development and implementation new systems and technologies. I possess outstanding design, analysis, and problem-solving abilities, and am adept at determining specifications, preparing diagrams and schematics, and authoring all documentation.
I am skilled at working with clients, technical, and business teams to provide information and solutions to potential and existing issues. I have directed teams, projects, and departments, and am familiar with supervise all managerial functions, training, and scheduling. I am an effective organizer and planner.

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Mlc assessment presentationcompleted1.2final

  1. 1. In January 2003, I began my career as a designer apprentice at Northrop Grumman and aftercompletion of this program in 2006; I enrolled in the drafting and design program at Mississippi GulfCoast Community College. In 2007, I graduated from MGCCC with an Associate of Applied Sciencedegree in Drafting & Design. This was a major milestone, respectively, due to hard work and dedication by receiving multiple degrees. Prior to obtaining these goals, I was a Pipefitter. I worked in the pipefitting craft for over a decade.
  2. 2. MGCCC’s program provided me withthe skills to draw plans on paper andcomputers. Some of the courses thatthe curriculum exposed me to waselementary surveying, architectural,mechanical, structural, pipe and civildrafting.MGCCC’s program promoted flexibilityin drafting skills and provided a wellrounded background in drafting for thegraduate. This education has beenimmensely helpful in my career byallowing the liberty to gainfundamental to advance levels ofdrafting and design in severaldisciplines.
  3. 3. As a pipe designer at Northrop Grumman, I operated in the knowledge and awareness of the processesand technology that are employed by the company. Northrop Grumman’s LHA6 Design Group was responsible fortaking the Concept or Preliminary Design as an input and developing the Detail Design during Functional,Transitional, and the Production Drawing and NC Aid Development phases as well as supporting Engineering Test,Field Engineering, Supply Chain, and Ship Construction. . This is accomplished by reviewing and usingcomputer layouts using pipe specifications, administrative and technical practices, design instructions, pipediagrams, and supplier information. These tasks are performed on computers using drafting software called AutoCAD. The following software was utilized during my work as a designer:  AutoCAD  Calma  Catia  Microsoft Office Suite (Power Point, Access, Excel, & Word)  Adobe PDF
  4. 4. After attending Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC), I went on to further my education atthe University of Southern Mississippi.• Bachelor of Science, Applied Technology, Cognates include: Design, Technology, Project Management, and Business, University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast Branch – Honor Graduate 5/2010 Photo Above: Elementary AutoCAD drawing I completed while attending college
  5. 5. • Northrop Grumman’s LHA6 Design Group had the ability to modify its AutoCADsoftware for personal use. A project manager has been assigned the responsibility to meet the current needs of the group with application upgrades that further automate and improve company processes of design. This was done by using AutoLISP or Visual LISP. AutoLISP is a powerful programming language that allows you to create your own commands and routines, tailored to the needs of the group. VLISP is an integrated development environment that provides an easy-to-use interface that helps create code, debug errors, and test programs.• I was presented with exposure to gain a familiarity with this process.
  6. 6. An accomplishment I am proud of is as a project manager and mentor , I was able accomplish as the lead, thebenchmark, for professional accountability in my department. Strategy and project management As my former company faced a slow and stagnant economy, I was able to lead projects with 100% accountability and my personal score was the highest within the entire department. I was placed on projects for project management leadership and counsel for professional strategies to be implemented within specific projects.
  7. 7. • I have been involved in high-level projects. The steps within one particular project called for me to be in the initial, ground-breaking, design for the LHA & LHD Navy Amphibious Ship at Ingalls (formerly Northrop Grumman) Shipbuilding.• The project required the ship to be designed using AutoCAD 2D design. – interpret the requirements and design the ship from the system drawings that were constructed from military specifications. – the first phase required to create composites based on different piping systems that could in later phases be used to develop detailed piping drawings per piping systems. – detail drawings were created and submitted to planning and later to the piping department for construction purposes. – respond to field problems that made the initial design impossible to install. – change papers had to be created to document and track changes to design/reconcile changes – revision of the drawing and the composite to indicate that the baseline drawing had been changed to meet the specs and field issues that prevented the initial design to be installed as first designed.
  8. 8. • A group of five employees were tasked to by upper management to assist in the conversion and training. Within this hand-picked selected group, I emerged as the leader of the selected few. – We were tasked to find a solution of how our department could become more efficient of certain files which were initially Calma 3D files into AutoCAD files. We were put into a team of five people who were pretty efficient doing the conversion work due to software conversion. – We were asked to evaluate our co-workers by inquiring what was their process and why a large number of employees were having irreconcilable issues with the conversion. – After formulating what processes would best work together, we had to write the process and instruct others how carry these processes out so we could have a unified process system and produce efficiency in the turnover of these drawings. – The conversion process consisted of – Once the program converted the file to the AutoCAD file, there were no standards for each item on the drawing. We were tasked to make the drawings come up to AutoCAD standard for Ingalls shipbuilding which required us to make sure everything was in its proper layers, proper colors. – We had to put the file, initially, in the model and as it progressed and/or required everything that did not go within the model we had to bring those things into the layout tab out of the model then whatever the requirement were within the model we had to leave it in the model
  9. 9. Although I began an extensivejourney to become a seasonedprofessional design engineer, Imust admit my love for draftingwas unearth early on.While in high school, I handdrafted a couple’s dream home.Although they offered to pay me,I was not allowed to accept anyfinancial compensation for mydrawings yet it motivated me tofulfill my goal of becoming adrafter/designer. Above: Drawings I provided for remodeling a home
  10. 10. I have shared with you how I worked my way up from being a Pipefitter.When I first came to Ingalls Shipbuilding, I was a young adult that wentthrough the pipefitting apprenticeship, then I earned two Associatedegrees. While earning those degrees, I worked in Weight Control, (asshared earlier) Design Apprenticeship program, then Design Engineer forover a decade afterward, I became a Systems Engineer II.As I am recommended by peers, colleagues, managements, anddepartmental leaders one of my greatest accomplishments is having therespect of them because of the integrity and quality of my work.Having stated this, its always my goal to bring added value to any companythat has provided an opportunity for me to be employed by them. Just asthey have invested in me, I invest in them by producing quality andefficient work.