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Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin lambasted the Star Editor-in-Chief for racist remarks

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  1. 1. THE PREJUDICE ATTITUDE OF THE STAR GROUP CHIEF EDITOR AGAINST UTUSANMALAYSIA.HAS THE GOVERNMENT UNDER NAJIB BEEN IGNORING CHINESE VOICE?The Star can no longer hide its tendency to support the party it favours , even to thedespair of its journalism fraternity, when it blatantly accused Utusan Malaysia ofbeing racist because of its headlines “ Apa lagi Cina Mahu?’ (What More Do TheChinese Want?).By having a newspaper cutting of Utusan Malaysia on its feature page, and not evenmentioning it in the article, with the title Win Them Over, Dont Blame Them, on May8, its Group Chief Editor Datuk Wong Chun Wai clearly shows his criticism againstUtusan Malaysia.More obvious when he wrote “There is no need for intimidating messages andreports, particularly those which smack of racism, whether via the social platform ortraditional media…it does not augur well for the country when a mainstream BahasaMalaysia daily took on a racial slant in its edition yesterday”.He also said that "in a highly charged political atmosphere, racial remarks can beeasily magnified and such foolishness should be avoided."Datuk Wong is not being fair and balanced, but is bias and prejudice because he didnot point at the Chinese newspapers which have long been publishing news andarticles that contradict provisions in the Federal Constitution , in fact seditious innature. (If Datuk Wong wants the newspaper cutting, I can give it ).Datuk Wong should have given serious consideration before voicing his opinion so asnot to be seen as only seeing Utusan Malaysia’s mistakes. As an editor of an Englishnewspaper, which is read by all races, Datuk Wong should be open minded in tandemwith his pursuit for media freedom and not controlled by his political affiliation andracism.Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin
  2. 2. Who is the idiot? Utusan Malaysia? its Chief Editor Datuk Aziz Ishak ? the Malayvoice? Is this the opinion of a Chinese Chief Editor of a newspaper or DAP or theChinese community towards the Malays.Utusan Malaysia has a long history on its struggle, which began more than 70 yearsago. It was the people’s voice for independence beginning in Singapore with thenationalists, socialists and now the voice of Malaysians who are committed to theFederal Constitution? The voice that places importance on pursuing its struggle thanmonetary gains. Is this noble and daring voice, the voice of an idiot.What Wong has done is unethical, for directly criticizing another newspaper whichdoes not share its policy, where Utusan Malaysia, in its news reports and features onthe anger of its readers against The Star over matters which are sensitive to theMalays, has never mentioned its name, but only referred to it as an Englishnewspaper.I used to criticize The Star for publishing a report by a royalty who insulted UMNO,but Utusan did not name the paper. This is the journalism fraternity which is notwritten.The Star, which sympathises with the opposition before the 2008 tsunami, no longerhides when referring to Utusan Malaysia, when it is criticized by the Chinesecommunity. (If Datuk Wong wants the cutting, I have it).I do not deny that The Star is balanced in the reporting of its news and features, butthere is no mission and commitment by The Star in championing national policieswhich are also supported by MCA.It is hiding its claws and teeth, but will attack and bite when it sees its enemy is weakand in this matter, Datuk Wong appears to play his role, to show the oppositionwhere he stands.He will show his hidden claw. In this matter, I am reminded of V.K. Chin, the ChiefEditor and Adviser of The Star , who is sincere, honest and believe in the countrypolicies.Prior to the 2008 general election, The Star cleverly manipulated news that couldhelp the opposition and create the anti-government sentiment among the Chinesecommunity, like when it promoted a book on May 13 written by a former DAPmembers who is a lecturer at the National University of Singapore.How did he tell the book was in the market? It started with the publication of a newsTan Sri Zainuddin Maidin
  3. 3. report from a short messaging service (sms) saying that the book was banned andthen its journalist asked the Home Ministry whether that was true or not.A denial on it was blown out of proportion with the aim of promoting the book,which started with a news story purportedly saying that the book was banned.However, after MCA president Datuk Chua Soi Lek took over supervision of The Starafter the 2008 tsunami, there was some restriction by the newspaper, although itseems free. This, surely could be felt by the opposition parties, which were its secretfriends.The Star is a free paper, but not free of the Malaysian Malaysia policy. It does notchampion the national struggle with full commitment like Utusan Malaysia. Thebetrayal by anti-nationalists who were trained in Taiwan was never exposed.Who reported the news on Chinese students insulting the country in Taiwan, of agroup of Chinese students in Taiwan staging a protest by showing off the invertedMalaysia flags.Not long ago, a Malaysian student in Taiwan changed the lyrics of the NationalAnthem with lyrics that insulted Malaysia.It is The Star that published a story of the father apologizing and it was also The Starwhich carried a story on the Malaysian students in Taiwan saying “We are sorry” forinverting the national flag, which they claimed was done not because they have norespect for Malaysia but because they were not happy with the undemocraticgeneral election.In both the cases, The Star did not criticize the action as Wong did when criticizingUtusan Malaysia.The least The Star could do was the ask why it always happened in Taiwan? Why is itthat Taiwan, which wants to compete with the People’s Republic of China in itsrelations with Malaysia allowed such things to happen in its country.Taiwan is actually the training centre for Chinese cadres overseas to build a Chinesenetwork outside China to balance the mainland China. This is required by the UnitedStates of America.The Star is sensitive and quick to defend and cover the bad, betrayal or anti-nationalattitude of the Chinese community and the Chinese newspapers.For example, when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib indicated at a media conferencethat it was not only Utusan which is to be blame, but also the Chinese newspapers,the Star published a statement by Lim Kit Siang " DAP to back move to chargeChinese papers playing racial sentiment".Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin
  4. 4. Kit Siang said "there should no be a double standard in penalizing anyone guilty ofstirring racial sentiment”.It is not wrong for The Star to publish the story if it does not show a bias standagainst the Chinese newspapers and is unfair to Utusan Malaysia through the articleby its chief editor.It should be mentioned that at a media conference two days ago, Datuk Seri Najibwhen shoved with questions by a journalist on the front page report of UtusanMalaysia ‘What More Do The Chinese Want?’ responded by saying “You blameUtusan, what about the Chinese language newspapers. Are you saying that somepeople are saying the right thing all the time”.It was responded by applause from the media members.This reminded me to a question by an Australian journalist to then Malaysian PrimeMinister Dr.Mahathir Mohamed at media conference at the Conference of Heads ofAsean Countries in Singapore a long time ago.The journalist asked “When will relations between Malaysia and Australia improve?.Dr Mahathir responded by pointing at the journalist and said “When you aregood” (referring to the Australian media).Why was Najib’s views on the Chinese newspapers not considered by Datuk Wongbefore he wrote the article against Utusan. Is he not racist and in a position to showof his claws.A day before the article which criticized Utusan was published, Datuk Wong ChunWai screamed "Dont ignore the Chinese voice? in one of his articles. Has thegovernment under Datuk Seri Najib been ignoring the Chinese voice.In the current situation, the title enhanced the misperception of the Chinese towardsthe government and created anger among the Malays because Wong himself doesnot know what they have received.Hence, Datuk Wong and the Chinese community should not be surprise with thequestion by Utusan Malaysia" What More Do The Chinese Want?"Hasn’t The Star been screaming things which hurt the feelings of the Malays? Is thereanymore Chinese voice not heard by the government? Malaysian Malaysia?Source : Sri Zainuddin Maidin
  5. 5. Wednesday May 8, 2013GE13: Win them over, don’t blame themComment by WONG CHUN WAIIntimidating message: In a highly-charged political atmosphere, racial remarks such as the front page headline inyesterday’s Utusan Malaysia can be easily magnified and should be avoided.It is one thing to analyse how the voting patterns went and how the differentethnic groups voted, but it goes against the grain of democracy when votersare blamed and threatened.THE general election is over. For good or bad, the decision has been made byall Malaysians who cast their votes on May 5.The whole point of having elections, in a democracy, is to allow the people toexercise their rights by picking their choices.Once a mandate is obtained, in this case by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, heearns his right to govern the country.The 133 seats obtained by the Barisan Nasional is not as huge as he wouldhave hoped for, but in a modern democracy, the reality is that the days ofgoverning with a comfortable two-thirds majority are over. It did not happen inBritain where the Conservatives had to team up with the Liberal Democrats toform a government and in Australia, where the ruling government only has asingle seat majority.In Singapore, where the government is known for its competency andintolerance of corruption, the PAP under Lee Hsien Loong has been losing by-elections.In the case of Umno, which was formed in May 1946, its record ofgovernance, in being the lead party first in the Alliance, and then the Barisan,Page 1 of 3
  6. 6. is sterling in any democracy. That it was able to lead the Barisan to victory inthis latest battle is surely an achievement.There may have been some accusations of fraud but on the whole, theelection results have been well accepted. The DAP has declared it is happywith its huge gains and PAS has said the same despite losing Kedah.The only exception is PKRs Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who had this granddelusion of being Prime Minister. Bitter that his ambition is gone, he stillcannot move on, and is on a campaign to instigate his supporters with claimsof fraud.But there are also those within Barisan who cannot accept the reality of theresults.Yes, the fact is that 90% of the Chinese votes went to Pakatan, or moreprecisely the DAP. Foolish as it may seem, many of these voters believed theycould change the Barisan government. They wanted to punish Umno butended up punishing the Chinese-based component parties instead.Not many are ready to admit that they have been strategically wrong and thatemotions had overcome their better judgment. Some do not care, happy thatthey have punished Barisan.Be that as it may, there are also the genuine grievances affecting the Chinesecommunity that must be addressed, which may have got lost in the heat of thecampaign. These are issues that require critical examination of the rootcauses, not just the symptoms.But the so-called Chinese tsunami has also resulted in a backlash from themore conservative Malay crowd, who feel a sense of betrayal. Whether this isa logical conclusion or not is not the issue, but they cannot understand whymoderate Malay leaders like Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and Datuk AbdulGhani Othman have been ditched.A large section of Umno members are angry and hurt that after what the PMhas done for the Chinese voters, they went the other way.A long campaign, fatigue and disappointment have led to raw emotions beingdisplayed, but cool heads and logic must prevail.There is no need for intimidating messages and reports, particularly thosewhich smack of racism, whether via the social platform or traditional media.Page 2 of 3
  7. 7. All media should be sensitive in their reporting. Dont go the social media way.It does not augur well for the country when a mainstream Bahasa Malaysiadaily took on a racial slant in its edition yesterday.In a highly-charged political atmosphere, racial remarks can be easilymagnified and such foolishness should be avoided. And we must not get theimpression that such antics are endorsed or encouraged either.It is one thing to analyse how the voting patterns went and how the differentethnic groups voted, but it goes against the grain of democracy when votersare blamed and threatened.It is no different from PR supporters who still want to stage the so-called silentprotest, wearing black shirts and face masks. Its their right but for everyaction, there is also a counter-action. The elections are over, DAP has wonbig, so move on and get on with your lives.Those who still scream about the indelible ink being easily washed off alsoneed to realise that this is the first time such an archaic method is being used.Even in India, such practices have been condemned but many have chosen toforget that it was one of the demands made by non-governmental groups.Many were quick to condemn the Election Commission, quickly ridiculing it aslaughable when the EC said the ink washed off easily because the bottles ofink had not been properly shaken before use. These same people are,however, quick to defend and forgive purported computer glitches over theDAPs party election results involving just a small group of party delegates.Losers suddenly became winners and vice-versa in a boggling turnaroundexercise. Certainly, it left many in the party shaken.But that is history. Its the same with the results of the elections. The decisionshave been made. Whether it is a Malaysian tsunami or Chinese tsunami, theresults are irreversible.It is more important now for the political parties to be honest with their self-assessment and review their campaign strategies to win back those who votedagainst them this time.It is basic politics an election is about winning the hearts and minds of thepeople not blaming or threatening them.Page 3 of 3