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GCSE Germany - Munich Putsch
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GCSE Germany - Munich Putsch


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. Friday 11 th November 2005 UNIT 2: The Rise of the Nazis: How was Hitler able to dominate Germany by 1934? Focus: Why were the Nazis unsuccessful before 1929 and successful after?
    • Today’s objective:
    • To evaluate the Munich Putsch and to make a judgement as to whether it was a success or a failure
    • Key words : Putsch - Trying to overthrow the government
    • Starter : Give two reasons why you think Hitler chose 1923 to attempt a putsch.
  • 2. There are two interpretations (views) of the Munich Putsch
    • In this investigation you can decide which of the interpretations you most agree with.
    • View One
    • It was a failure for the Nazis.
    • Their putsch was a fiasco.
    • It was easily crushed and showed how powerless they really were.
    • View Two
    • It was a success for the Nazis.
    • The putsch itself may have failed but it launched the Nazis onto the national scene.
    • It made Hitler famous and was the main building block for the Nazis’ later success
  • 3.  
  • 4. Why did Hitler attempt a putsch in 1923?
  • 5. What happened on 8 th November?
    • 8 November 1923 a meeting being addressed by Gustav von Kahr, the Head of the Bavarian government, was suddenly interrupted by a Nazi demonstration
    • The hall was surrounded by SA men, and Hitler burst in brandishing a revolver. He announced that he was taking over the government of Bavaria.
    • The next stage, he said, would be a march on Berlin to take over the German government.
    • He tried to persuade Kahr to support him but he said nothing. Kahr was locked in a room, until he agreed to support the putsch.
  • 6. What happened on 9 th November?
    • Hitler, Ludendorff and 3000 Nazis marched into Munich.
    • When they reached the city centre, they found the police and army waiting for them.
    • A shot rang out – no-one knows who fired first – and a hail of bullets swept the street from either side.
    • Hitler fell, dislocating his shoulder, he lost his nerve and fled the scene
    • 16 Nazis and 3 policemen were dead
    • Ludendorff marched onwards until he was arrested.
  • 7.  
  • 8. The outcome!
    • It could be argued that the most successful part of the putsch was the trial!
    • Ludendorff was declared innocent
    • Hitler admitted that he was guilty of trying to overthrow the Weimar system of parliamentary government
    • He then set about showing how this was no crime as he was trying to restore German greatness.
    • Many Germans felt this was a convincing argument.
    • The trial gave Hitler a national audience.
    • Hitler was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment though he actually served only 9 months.
    • While in prison he wrote Mein Kampf which set out his ideas.
  • 9. Task 1 : What can you learn from Source C about the organisation of the Munich Putsch?
  • 10. Hitler and his fellow Nazis pose for a photograph in Landsberg prison. Rudolf Hess sits on his right.
    • Task 2:
    • Describe this picture
    • What does this photo tell you about prison life for the Nazis?
    • Why do you think it was like this?
  • 11. Task 3 : Explain why Hitler believed that failing was actually beneficial to the Nazis
  • 12. Task 4: Was the Munich Putsch a success or a failure? Complete the table (sheet) and write a conclusion Failure Success
  • 13. Homework – Write a newspaper report describing the events of 8 and 9 the November interviewing 2 people. Due Friday 18th November The pro-Nazi interview should explain how the putsch showed the authority and leadership skills of Hitler and the strength of Nazi support.
    • Include
    • - a headline
    • - Description of events on 8 th and 9 th November
    • Give a background of Hitler
    • Explain you think Hitler chose this time to go for it
    • Explain why it failed
    • Explain why the Nazis say it didn’t fail
    • Include a picture
    Make a judgement about the success or failure of the putsch The anti-Nazi interview should make it clear how Hitler only achieved support by violence and threats, and how he showed his cowardice in the end