Research into existing output


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Research into existing output

  1. 1. Malaika Bernard
  2. 2. Type of research method Why this method is effective?Primary Research: Textual analysis- The method is effective because I am going to takeAnalysing a program that would be similar apart this documentary to see in what ways it is similarto mine. to mine.Secondary Research: Quantitative– I am The method is effective because numerical data willgoing to look at different programs to enable me to see how many factual programs there arewhich ones are similar to mine. that is similar to the one show and appeals to teenagers. I can find out about the variety of factual program that are similar to mine in someway. In addition, this method is effective because I can find out across different channels what and how many factual programming there is.
  3. 3. Primary research: Textual AnalysisPlan b, Leona and Labrinith: Project HackneyThis documentary is about Plan b Leona and Labyrinth going to their schools and helping theyoung people with their music and then they would have a show case to see what they havebeen doing over the 3 weeks.This documentary is made by Kaye GoodmanIt was funded by the BBC and was showed on Saturday 7 July 20121. This documentary is similar to mine because it is music related as a subject but not the same topic about music, this documentary is about how music can change peoples lives and how it can have a positive impact on young people.2. The mode of the address of this documentary is optimistic because it is show how music can have a positive side, its also informal because of the it is filmed, it seems relaxed.3. The style of this documentary is fly on the wall. The style of this is different to mine because mine would be an Investigative documentary.4. The conventions that are used in this documentary are;Cutaways- They have used cutaways affectively for example in the beginning when theynarrator is talking about East London being the focus of the world, they show a picture of theOlympic stadium. This is to give the audience better understandingVoice over – This is how the story is being told but using a voice over, it sound like an older maledoing the voice over for this documentary.Realism- This situation is real and it relevant to lots of young people, they have used a handheldcamera in the necessary part where needed to show realism.
  4. 4. Secondary research: Qualitative researchSecondary Quantitative Research1) I have looked through BBC3 online and there is one documentary that has a similar topic as my documentarybecause it is music relate. The Documentary I found is called ‘Plan b, Leona &Labrinth: Project Hackney’.2) I found several documentaries that have the same investigative mode as mine. For example, Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents , Unsafe sex in the city. I think my documentary would best fit Arts, Culture & the Media because mine documentary literally deals with the Culture of Carnival and who the Media shows it.3) There are only five out of 284 documentaries on this channel that actually have the similar to mine in some way, for example Unsafe sex in the city, The town that caught tourettes, Plan b, Leona &Labrinth: Project Hackney , Stacey Dooley in the USA, Can we trust the police and Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents.This charts shows how much per cent if documentaries are similar to mine.
  5. 5. Who do these programs appeal to and how?Type of research method Why this method is effective?Primary Qualitative Research- I think it is better to This will enable me to find out specifically when doing aproceed a interviews with my friends as I will obtain interviews with my friends with my teenage targeta myriad of personal opinions about the factual audience what they actually like about a factual programsprograms, particularly from teenagers. or what is it about the programs that appeals to them, for example, Extraordinary Stories.Secondary Quantitative Research – list all the This method is effective because I will focus on just onedifferent types of factual programs that I have find mainstream channel which is BBC3 I am going to look atout through the TV guide. Ask a specific target the audience of this channel and how is relate to theaudience mainly teenagers about which one is their different programs that are shown for the same targetmost favourite one. The one that is the most popular audience as mine.indicates that that certain factual program aims totarget teenagers as it appeals to them perfectly.
  6. 6. Primary research: Interview with friends To find out who these programs appeal to and how I have conducted discussions with some of my friends who have watched programs like Sun, Sex and suspicious parents, Unsafe sex in the city and Plan b, Leona and Labrinth: Project Hackney. All of the people I asked watch these programs and enjoy these types of programs. From I research found that they watch these programs because they are informative and they show you some of life that you dont always get to see and they have important information like sexual health. They appeals to them because they are based on people that are of the same age or live in a local area to them. The Hackney oneappeals to them because it is presented by artists that I likethe people I asked said that they think these programs appeal teenagers because they are based on young people so young people would watch it and for the Hackney project because they are doing the project with teenagers which will appeal mainly to teenagers.
  7. 7. Secondary Qualitativeresearch:
  8. 8. Type of research method Why this method is effective?Primary Quantitative Research – I will conduct a This method will be highly effective because I can asksurvey about Carnival. I will specifically design for them what is missing in the factual programmingmy target audience. market which is similar to my program and appeals to teenagers. What hasn’t my target audience yet seen in the factual programs. Then, I will count in order of what is expected from my target audience.Secondary Qualitative Research – where I will beinvestigate two or three channels on existingprograms. I will be analyzing on their targetaudience, modes, style and anything that I canlink to my program.
  9. 9. Primary Research : Questionnaire 100% of the people I asked said that they think this would be a good idea.100% of my target audience said that theywould watch my documentary because itWould be interesting. 100% of my target audience said that my documentary would be best as a investigative documentary, investigating the culture of carnival and how it is represented . My target audience said that the documentary would best be informal and direct.
  10. 10. I only got two responses for this question, made a good point saying that I should get peoples likes and dislikes about carnival to make it more interesting.I only got two responses for this question,They said I could interview carnivalorganisers, police teenagers and parents ofthe young people that are in or go toCarnival. This would be a good ideabecause I would getting all differentopinions. Also I could get their opinion onhow they think the ‘Media represents carnival. I only got two responses for this question, They said that Soca and drake would best fit this documentary. I think Soca would more relate because carnival is all about the Soca and Calypso. In Carnival there might not be a lot Of RnB music.
  11. 11. My idea fills a gap in the market because;Presenters – The presenter in my documentary would be a young person, they would be aged between 16-24. I have chose this because I havent found a documentary that has a young presenter so it would bring something new. I also chose this age to present because this age is my target audience.Topic – The topic of my documentary is about Carnival and this hasnt been explored yet so me doing this documentary will be different and will be interesting to my target audience.Length- I havent found any documentary that are 5 minutes long that are aired on BBC3 so this would be unique.Audience- My documentary has the same target audience as some documentaries on BBC3 like Plan b, Leona and Labrinth: Project Hackney and Unsafe sex in the city but my documentary has a different topic to these other documentaries so I think the audience will enjoy watching this one.