Android Openness and Opportunities


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Android Openness and Opportunities

  1. 1. Openness and Opportunities Android Aalto Community Maksim Golivkin Claudio M. Camacho3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  2. 2. Experiments with Openness Maksim Golivkin3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  3. 3. Introduction Maksim Golivkin Android applications developer M.Sc. student at Aalto University Android Aalto Community enthusiasts technology and business events collaboration3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  4. 4. Agenda trends Open Handset Alliance Android and Open Source Android enabled competition tablets3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  5. 5. Trends3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  6. 6. How did that happen?3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  7. 7. Open Handset Alliance3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  8. 8. Not always Open-Source Process: 1. new version is developed internally 2. open sourced after official release Internal development enables 1. innovations 2. market momentum Negative issues: 1. some bugs are not fixed for a long time 2. enthusiasts are limited to contribute3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  9. 9. 3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  10. 10. No Android User Interface Manufacturers modifications: Samsung - TouchWiz HTC Sense Motorola Blur LG, Sony skins Consequences: increased competition additional value for consumers OS upgrades are delayed3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  11. 11. Open-source Groups: XDA developers forum CyanogenMod developers Open-Source community: fast Android releases tools to make custom OS OS modifications and optimisations3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  12. 12. Android competes with Google Rebranded Android: OPhone Tapas Google services can be removed. Verizon sells devices with Bing Motorola manufactures devices with Baidu3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  13. 13. 2011 Year of the Tablet first Android tablet launched on May 1, 2010. Galaxy Android Tablet on September 2, 2010 22%* of tablet sales in 2010 Q4 were Android ... without any version designed specifically for Tablets * Strategy Analytics data3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  14. 14. The Android Market Stakeholders & Opportunities Claudio M. Camacho3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  15. 15. Introduction Claudio M. Camacho project manager at Asio-Data M.Sc. student at Aalto University Android developer in my spare time Android Aalto Community coordinating workshops bringing speakers from the mobile industry collaboration with students and enthusiasts3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  16. 16. Agenda motivation main stakeholders: interests and concerns the Android Market opportunities for developers conclusions3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  17. 17. Teaser ** Image obtained from ArsTechnica3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  18. 18. Phone Manufacturers ten years back differentiation by hardware differentiation by software service offer through own software currently just hardware manufacturers parts assembly little differentiation temporary solutions own applications store custom UI3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  19. 19. Mobile Operator ten years back full room for customization full control of the end-user charge per update charge per added service currently no room for additions no control over end-users temporary solutions permanency-based contracts special deals (e.g. comes with music)3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  20. 20. Platform Providers ten years back they did not exist at all phone manufacturers owned the market currently everything delivered through a platform role of cohesion deal with manufacturers deal with carriers deal with developers provide value to users excellent position for platform providers3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  21. 21. Customers ten years back buy once, use until it breaks additional features = new phone inability to pay for extra services only operators were benefited currently full-time online services anywhere anytime additional features for free value co-creation in exchange for information3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  22. 22. Android Market in Brief centralized service for distributing applications different payment mechanisms for easy purchase social (ratings, comments) mechanisms to protect apps from piracy over 250,000 different apps* 17 billion downloads in 2011** * statistics ** Gartner forecast3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  23. 23. Publishing Apps publishing process relatively easy Google account currently $25 per year free and paid apps through two different SLAs enables different revenue streams business models direct revenue (paid applications) advertisements gateway to digital services subscription models micro-payments and virtual currency3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  24. 24. Developers ten years back only possible to work as part of a firm low efficiency responsibility for the firm including apps in phones marketing currently total independence from firms new opportunities for startups up and running in several minutes cost-efficiency increased exponentially larger firms challenged by startups3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  25. 25. Conclusions newly-created opportunities through the Android Market new challenges for large companies a real threat or a new opportunity? interests and concerns on multiple stakeholders impossible to give a one-ultimate statement a magnificent era for developers and startups3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  26. 26. Coming Events Android Aalto Keynote #2 Tuesday 8.2.2011 (18:00 – 20:30) Aalto Venture Garage (Betonimiehenkuja 3, Espoo) most interesting presentations Android fragmentation, a valid concern? business using the Android platform new wave of Android-powered devices more information: claudio@androidaalto.org3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community
  27. 27. Thank you!3.2.2011 Android Aalto Community