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Makerble is a premium feature that publishers like Bauer Media and service companies from The AA to T-Mobile can offer their customers to incentivise retention, upgrades and acquisition.

Customers increasingly want to control how they are perceived in social media and show how great a person they are.

Brands offering Makerble-as-a-Feature position themselves as the ally helping their customers succeed in this.

Makerble lets your customers change the world Their way.
They choose their preferred causes, set their monthly spend limit and let Makerble's algorithm find suitable projects sourced from our growing library of charities for them to fund and follow.
Makerble itemises what each project achieves and auto-shares it through customers' social media profiles so their friends see the good they've done for the causes they care about, e.g. "Matt has built a school in Uganda, with Makerble powered by T-Mobile".

Makerble also offers Branded Vouchers and an employee edition.

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  • Here to talk to you about Makerble-as-a-Feature to drive your customer retention, upgrades and acquisition
    Charity has always been about how much money you give
    I’m Matt Kepple and have a history of innovating within the charity space
    Makerble is a premium feature that publishers like Bauer Media and service companies from The AA to T-Mobile can offer their customers to incentivise retention, upgrades and acquisition.
  • Source of 6x EBITDA =
  • Makerble-as-a-Feature

    2. 2. Charity has always been about: how much money you give Makerble makes it about: how much change you make Makerble is a premium feature for brands to offer customers in order to increase retention, upgrades and acquisition
    3. 3. If charity donations were transparent: •4.5million existing donors would give £665million extra per year •5million non-donors would start giving Source: New Philanthropy Capital Money For Good report, UK Giving Green Paper £665million is the annual income of half the UK’s charities (80,000 as registered with the Charity Commission) Transparent donations will revolutionise the charity industry £665million is the extra amount donors would give to charity each year if they knew where their donations went. With Makerble, they can.
    4. 4. Makerble packages charitable work using our proprietary Help-Make-Change interface. HELP = the needs that a project addresses MAKE = the items in the project’s budget CHANGE = itemised impact of the project
    5. 5. Allowing everyone to curate their positive impact on the world Monthly subscription | One-off donations | Lifestyle apps With a Makerble monthly subscription, you effortlessly create the change you wish to see in the world. Makerble finds projects matching your interests and moves your money around each month to fund them; all the while itemising, visualising and sharing the impact those projects make on the ground.
    6. 6. Our platform is available for companies wishing to increase conversions, retention and upgrades by offering Makerble as a premium feature to their customers
    7. 7. Example taken from Barclays Online Banking You can embed Makerble as a tab within the My Account area of your brand’s website You can offer Makerble as a free service or you can make it exclusively available to your premium customers. You can optionally add credit to your customers’ accounts.
    8. 8. Example taken from Barclays Online Banking From within your brand’s website, your customers can find, fund and follow the change they wish to see in the world, powered by Makerble Gift Aid is added to the donations of UK tax payers, meaning the charities receive an additional 25% on top of the donation from HMRC. Out of this additional amount Makerble deducts its 4% transaction transparency service fee.
    9. 9. Example taken from Barclays Online Banking Technically Makerble exists as a frame within your website to make the installation process straightforward Your customers enjoy a seamless user experience and you avoid a complicated technical integration
    10. 10. Summary of Benefits • Improve retention of your existing customers • Incentivise existing customers to upgrade • Sway potential customers to choose your product over the competition • Boost your ethical standing in the eyes of customers and employees Makerble-as-a-Feature
    11. 11. CEO: Matt Kepple -Product oversight -Team management and recruitment -Leading investment raising -Serial innovator in behaviour change for social good; background in Marketing, insight, live charity crowd-funding events, social enterprise Lead Developer: Sebastien Bourdu -Managing developers -Site architecture -Founded, -Sandbox Fellow as is Matt Kepple Growth Hacker: Liam Reynolds -Site Optimisation -A/B testing -Former Data Planning Partner at Engine Group servicing T-Mobile and other clients Lead Designer: Theo Louca -Branding, look & feel, wireframes, user journeys, designs -CEO of Rawww -Led design for previous Matt Kepple ventures Who We Are Director of Social Progress: Annabel Dickson - Managing relations with charities, foundations and highnet-worth donors - PR and policy-shaping in impact & funding debates - Service - Co-founded with Matt Kepple - Solo world tour evaluating charities - Built 10:10’s fundraising department Director of Partnerships: Kate Gault -Managing marketing and corporate clients -Advertising background: Account Director handling Walkers, Financial Times, The Stroke Association; and client-side Marketing Manager at ITV for Drama -Developed prototype for with Matt Kepple Commercial Director: Ahmed Al-aagam -Revenue, pricing, contracts, budgeting -Charity trustee, public service consultancy CEO -Management experience in fashion label, music, festivals, youth arts -Co-founded Commission for Youth Social Enterprise with Matt Kepple •Founder & CEO Matt Kepple has built a team from his co-founders on previous ventures such as the pop-up charity crowd-funding venture •Makerble is backed by UnLtd and has won awards from The RSA and Deloitte.
    12. 12. For enquiries, contact Kate Gault: Click forward to see how Makerble works in 3 easy steps
    13. 13. Continue 1. HELP: Makerble finds regularly updated charity projects for you to automatically fund each month based on your interests and social media profile
    14. 14. 2. MAKE: You decide the monthly amount you want to be spending on making change. Makerble splits that amount among your projects. Makerble prices donations to lifestyle items e.g. ‘give a round of drinks a month’ instead of ‘give £20/month’
    15. 15. 3. CHANGE: Makerble visualises the change you’ve made across your charity projects. It’s itemised on your Change Timeline and Profile. You can receive a personalised monthly email newsletter and Change notifications via the Makerble Mobile app
    16. 16. has provided nursery places to 3 orphans in Romania. You can help Ahmed make even more change! Your Change highlights can be automatically shared with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Makerble does not publish how much you have given, only the Change you have made
    17. 17. Charity has traditionally always been about how much money you give, with Makerble it’s now about how much Change you make
    18. 18. Thank You We are a social enterprise based in Shepherds Bush, London. We are winners of UnLtd’s Big Venture Challenge, Deloitte’s Nexters Award and RSA Catalyst. Kate Gault Director of Brand and Partnerships Extensive advertising and client-side experience working with major brands, charities and government departments Matt Kepple CEO & Founder Sandbox and RSA Fellow. Former Social Enterprise Ambassador appointed by the Cabinet Office, Top 100 Global Young Social Entrepreneurs | Mob: 07950 421 815