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Makerble connects brands to charitable causes relevant to them, and lets them choose exactly how the money is spent. Making CSR social.

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  • Transparent donations will revolutionise the charity industryNew Philanthropy Capital is a research and advisory firm for high-net-worth individuals wanting to make charitable donations. Their research this year showed that existing donors would give an additional £665million/year if they knew where their money wentThis equates to donations from 4.5million people in the UKA further 5milion people in the UK are non-donors who would start giving if they knew where their donations went. No calculations have been done to estimate how much THEY could give but given the average UK donation is £10/month, the potential is significant.There are 160,000 registered charities in the UK. In the UK, 70% of charitable donations go to the largest 1% of charities£665million is actually the annual income of half the charities in the UK
  • Makerble productizes the work charities do through our proprietary Help-Make-Change interfaceEverything a charity does can be categorised into MAKE icons and CHANGE icons. MAKE icons are the things a charity spends its project’s budget on. Even members of staff can go in here.CHANGE icons refer to the changes to people’s lives or the changes to the environment. Which is why buying SEEDS is a make icon. And trees planted is a CHANGE icon.Makerble uses colour coding to give the platform an easy to navigate and playful feel
  • Allowing everyone to curate their positive impact on the worldThe idea is that people have control and visibility of the positive impact they make on the worldMakerble is making charitable giving transparent in a way that it never has been beforeMakerble gamifies the giving experience. Now friends will have friendly rivalry over who has created the most Change.
  • Enabling brands to deepen relationships with consumersBrands can amplify the good that their customers do.And in doing so position themselves as an ally helping their customers succeed in something which matters personally to themHere are just 3 scenarios of how brands can interactCosta Coffee funds and distributes Makerble Vouchers which match-fund or part-match-fund any donations made by the consumer to a particular project. When the project creates Change, that Change is attributed to the brand and the donor, and automatically appears in the donor’s social network profile. Costa Coffee actually has a foundation of its own, and so Costa can leverage the money sitting in its foundation for marketing benefit by putting that money into Vouchers instead of into projects.When people buy TOMS shoes, the TOMS company buys a pair of shoes for someone in a developing country. Makerble lets the shopper earn Change points for the impact of their shoe purchase, and publish that impact through social media. The content will not be a photo of the exact person who got their shoe, but it will be content indicative of the impact made.On each pack of Robinsons Drinks is a voucher code. When those voucher codes are inputted into Makerble, the shopper unlocks a donation from Robinsons to a particular project. The shopper earns CHANGE points and can share this content on social media. Robinsons is automatically name-checked in the resulting social media posts.There are many ways that brands can use Makerble to deepen relationships with consumers. The business benefits to brands spanImproved Customer & Employee Loyalty on account of the brand doing helping the consumer with something that personally matters to themCustomer Acquisition through the social broadcasting of Change points and Change stories.Driving sales through Sales Promotion whereby shoppers choose your brand over a competitor on account of the ethical benefit and the public recognition the shopper will earn through increased Change points.Corporate Gifting and CSR – brands can make straightforward donations to projects through Makerble and display the Change they have created on the brand’s Change Profile. This improves reputation and reduces negative brand equity.
  • Giving brands tools to position themselves as an ally helping their customers succeed in something which matters personally to themService, membership and subscription businesses which rely on repeat purchase & usage will benefit from offering Makerble as a bonus feature to their customers. E.g. a bank like Barclays including Makerble within their Features StoreBrands have a corporate Change Profile which displays the total Change they have directly and indirectly contributed towardsBrands can encourage employees to donate on Makerble and let departments and teams donate to specific projects in Groups as well as letting people give individuallyChange is socially broadcast on the connected social networks of the donors. Brands that have influenced the donor’s donation will automatically be name-checked in those Change storiesBrands can champion individual projects and specifically invite consumers to help them make that project happen by donating to it.
  • We are building a partner network of media | PR | creative agencies with the influence to embed Makerble within major brandsCustomer Loyalty & Sales Promotion: Makerble enables brands to provide Vouchers which have high perceived value and lower actual value. We want to give brands Reach and the brand equity associated with charities and Makerble. Vouchers do not need to be only monetary, they can also/alternatively unlock in-kind donations by the brand, e.g. of stock.Employee Loyalty: Employees want employee benefits. Makerble gives employees unprecedented visibility over the good that their donations do. And in future, Makerble will add in volunteering time as a metric to be visualised.Customer Acquisition: Makerble harnesses the power of peer-to-peer endorsement to put brands in a strong position to drive future sales. Corporate Gifting & CSR: Makerble gives brands the tools to manage and leverage their CSR investment
  • The bigger picture is that charities are not as effective or efficient as we would like them to be, or as they need to be to fix the planetMakerble whets consumer appetite for transparencyAnd transparency makes charities competitive, giving them a strong incentive to become better at doing what they doAt Makerble our ambition is to not just to raise money, or even create change, but to accelerate social progress.
  • Matt Kepple had the idea for Makerble while at university.He couldn’t afford the £15/month required to sponsor a child and so he had the idea of getting his friends to chip in £1 each so they could ‘Sponsor a Kid for a Quid’He ended up getting 150 students and staff to start sponsoring children this way and he won a Channel4 AwardThen he wanted to scale and decided to make the idea digital but instead of focusing only on children, he decided to take the transparency of child sponsorship and apply it more broadly across all charitiesMatt has recruited his co-founders from among his colleagues from previous roles and previous ventures.
  • Kate Gault started off in advertising at DLKW. She became an Account Director at AMV BBDO. She then went to ITV as a marketing manager on Drama. She is Makerble’s Director of Brand Strategy and a co-founder.
  • Brands: Change the World Your Way

    2. 2. If charity donations were transparent: • 4.5million existing donors would give £665million extra per year • 5million non-donors would start giving Source: New Philanthropy Capital Money For Good report, UK Giving Green Paper £665million is the annual income of half the UK’s charities (80,000 as registered with the Charity Commission) Transparent donations will revolutionise the charity industry £665million is the extra amount donors would give to charity each year if they knew where their donations went. With Makerble, they can.
    3. 3. Makerble itemises charity projects using our proprietary Help-Make-Change interface • • • HELP = the problems the project addresses MAKE = the items in the project’s budget CHANGE = the effect of the project
    4. 4. Allowing everyone to curate their positive impact on the world Monthly subscription | One-off donations | API With a Makerble monthly subscription you effortlessly create the change you wish to see in the world. Makerble finds projects matching your interests and moves your money around each month to fund them; all the while itemising, visualising and sharing the impact those projects make on the ground.
    5. 5. Brand-funded Makerble Vouchers that part-match donor’s donations (funded by tax-deductible CSR budget) e.g. Gucci’s + + = Impact made to a project + Broadcast by donor + + Ups donor’s score Products where % of sale price goes to a charity project e.g. TOMS Shoes + = + + Vouchers codes from multiple products unlock a donation to a charity project + + On-pack Voucher Codes = + + Giving brands mechanics to deepen relationships with consumers Customer & Employee Loyalty | Customer Acquisition | Sales Promotion | Gifting&CSR • • • the number of consumers who consider they are "ethical" has increased 7% since 2009 more consumers volunteered in their communities than voted for the government in the last election ethical consumer behaviours have increased year-on-year despite recession. Source:
    6. 6. BARCLAYS MAKERBLE CHANGE White-label Makerble Dashboards for your customers Example taken from Barclays Online Banking Group function for employee giving Corporate Change Profile Social broadcasting Project championing CHAMPIONED BY has provided nursery places to 3 orphans in Romania with the help of Barclays. You can help make more change! And tools to position brands as the ally helping their customers succeed in the things which matter to them personally Vouchers with flexible mechanics | White-label services | Branded content
    7. 7. Brand objective Makerble features Customer Loyalty & Sales Promotion • Branded Vouchers that make consumers’ donations to your project go further. Options around Perceived value versus Actual value. Employee Loyalty • Group function within Makerble Office that lets colleagues/departments give together. Customer Acquisition • Social broadcasting of the Change your brand is cocreating with customers and employees. Drives brand awareness + consideration. Corporate Gifting & CSR • Discover transparent projects to support tax efficiently and display your itemised corporate impact via your brand’s Change Profile. Increasing brand equity. Makerble increases your bottom line by leveraging your CSR budget Customer & Employee Loyalty | Customer Acquisition | Sales Promotion | Gifting&CSR
    8. 8. “Makerble will revolutionise the charity industry” Doug Richards April 2013 “Makerble turns charities’ fundraising appeals into digital fundraising products which people want to engage with” Nick Aldridge, Managing Director of PayPal Giving Fund Jan 2013 We have the potential to accelerate social progress by creating a marketplace where consumer appetite for transparency incentivises charities large and small to become increasingly efficient and effective
    9. 9. CEO: Matt Kepple - Product vision - Team management and recruitment - Leading investment raising - Serial innovator in behaviour change for social good; background in marketing (DLKW), insight, charity crowd-funding events, social enterprise Director of Brand Strategy: Kate Gault - Managing marketing and corporate clients - Advertising background: Account Director handling Walkers, Financial Times, The Stroke Association; and client-side Marketing Manager at ITV for Drama - Developed prototype for with Matt Kepple Lead Developer: Sebastien Bourdu - Managing developers - Site architecture - Founded, - Sandbox Fellow as is Matt Kepple Director of Social Progress: Annabel Dickson - Managing relations with charities, foundations and high-net-worth donors - PR and policy-shaping in impact & funding debates - Co-founded award-winning with Matt Kepple - Solo world tour evaluating charities - Built 10:10’s fundraising department Growth Hacker: Liam Reynolds - Site Optimisation - A/B testing - Former Data Planning Partner at Engine Group servicing T-Mobile and other clients Lead Designer: Theo Louca - Branding, look & feel, wireframes, user journeys, designs - CEO of Rawww - Led design for previous Matt Kepple ventures Commercial Director: Ahmed Al-aagam - Revenue, pricing, contracts, budgeting - Charity trustee, public service consultancy CEO - Management experience in fashion label, music, festivals, youth arts - Co-founded Commission for Youth Social Enterprise with Matt Kepple Who We Are • Founder & CEO Matt Kepple has built a team from his co-founders on previous roles and ventures including DLKW and YTFN.ORG pop-up crowd-funding events • Makerble is backed by UnLtd and has won awards from The RSA and Deloitte.
    10. 10. For enquiries, contact Kate Gault: Charity has always been about how much money you give, now with Makerble it’s about how much change you make