Source of traffic to your website


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Source of traffic to your website. To Find Out More, speak to our Internet Marketing Consultant, Call +65-97652271 or email to for more information

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Source of traffic to your website

  1. 1. SOURCE OF TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITEWhenever a restaurant opens, the boss would ask, “How did you hear about us ?”This is an informal way of testing their marketing program. Website owners do notneed to ask, because their website statistics log files already tells then what theyneed to know.Users can reach your website by:1.Typing your Website address into the URL Browser bar.2.Adding your Website to their favourites.3.Making your Website their Start Page.4.Following a Link in an email.5.Follow a Link on a Website.6.Follow a Link on a Search Engine Result Page.7.Follow a Link from a Banner Advertisement.8.Follow a Link from a social media or a document sharing website.On 1. Type-in URLs in Browser BarThis will be somebody who knows exactly what he wants. He may have heard about yourwebsite in a newspaper or magazine or a URL address on a corporate gift or a friendrecommended it. Whatever it is, it is a napshot.On 2. Add Favourite ListIts always nice to be on someones favourite list and social bookmark it even better. Whenthis is achieved, the chances of them slightly remembering your website and finding youwhen they want to return to your website is higher.
  2. 2. On 3. Browser Start PagesWhen a user makes your website his/her start page; meaning the first website that appearson her website browswer ( IE/Chrome/Mozilla/Firefox ), everytime she starts up. It is aguaranteed page view for your website and a great chance that shell use your website forher immediate online needs.On 4. Email LinksEmail yields mix results but is an essential tool for encouraging repeat customers. In fact,email newsletters and email updates are the single and most important source of traffic tomany websites.On 5. Links on other WebsiteFor most websites, portals are the most important source of traffic. Dont underminesomeones blog mentioning about your website. You would be surprised how much trafficyou can get from such small referral websites.On 6. Links on Search EnginesWhen people are looking for a particular type of website information, theyll often firstturn to a search engine to find it. This could be how visitors find their way to you.On 7. Advertisement Banners and Paid LinksBanner advertisements are bluntly tools for increasing traffic, combined with their cousinsin internet marketing, they are probably the best tools for raising awareness and attractingnew visitors.So why are not customers buying ? We do not have all the answers really. There are manyreason to this question online like product or service pricing, payment plans, customerservice issues, deliveribility problems and more. CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION: Tim Tan YA , M: (65)97652271 Email :