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Google Plus for Business, Email to me at or visit my website at,

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Google Plus for Business

  1. 1. Within the first few weeks in July 2011 of Google+, it was reported that more than 20 millionpeople were using the new social network of Google by Larry Page. In contrast then in July2011, Facebook had already 750 million users.Does your prospective buyer, vendors and customers actually use this network. How easy ordifficult it is to reach them.Good Examples of Google Plus UsersSome of them are like Chris Brogan, Danie Ware, David Thomas, Nick Bilton, Rick Klau, ScottmcCloud.Your About Page: The elements of your profile page are a photo avatar, your name, a smallsummary of yourself below your name, a spot for your introduction, your occupation, youremployment rights, your education, placed where you lived, relationship status, your birthday,your gender, your nickname, a spot for links where you can insert links to other social media.You can choose to let people send you email via your profile page. They can’t actually see youractual Gmail address.Google Circles: Google+ enables you to organize the people you choose to follow by addingthem to circles. This means that you have opted to receive any public posts they’ve shared plus,if they choose to follow you back and add you to one of their circles. You can look by going into circle names can be from close, keepers, good people, attention getters, journalist,marketing. Users of Google + coined circles outbound or inbound. You can order and rearrangeyour circles listed in the order that you choose. Should you circle celebrities? Why not? Feelfree to put a circle of them. As Google+ becomes more popular it will get noisier.
  2. 2. An outbound circle is to group together people in a circle so that you can send them specificinformation, while not sending it out to others. You can put more people in one circle.Google+ is not a blog and it is more than Twitter. 1. Post interesting information on Google+ 2. Post a few off topic on Google+ 3. Write a post offering a paid webinar for a deeper dive, end with the link to the buying page with Google+ 4. Grow your audience with Google+ 5. Use it as an education tool with Google+ 6. A customer service channel with Google+ 7. A community platform with Google+ 8. A media centre with Google+Google is making a lot of changes to Google+ and in February 8th 2013, Google+ enables you toadd links to a website on in a community’s left navigation column. Adding a link to yourcommunity is easy. Just enter what you want to name thelink and add the website URL . Eventsare now showing the local time zone. Again I also hear that the events has changed back toshowing your local time. Google changed this a while back to only show the time of the personwho created the event. This should be helpful for many.I recommend this book Learn how Google+ Social Network Changes Everything by ChrisBrogan. You can purchase it on Amazon.