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  • 1. MakeSense Consultants
  • 2.
    • Company Introduction
    • 3. Servicing Model
    • 4. Access Network
    • 5. Science & Art of Matching
    • 6. Job Branding
    • 7. Deliverables
    • 8. Client Testimonials
    • 9. Team Bio
  • CompanyIntroduction
    Recruitment Services
    Technology Solution
    MakeSense Consultants is a venture by a group of IITians, which caters to the human resource recruitment needs of companies at all levels in industries like IT, KPO, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Finance.
    MakeSense is also developing a next generation recruitment framework TeamUp 360 to leverage the power of technology and collaboration towards a better client experience.
    MakeSense Value Proposition
    Access Network
    Detailed Information
    Visibility to Client
    Matching Process
  • 10. Differential @ MakeSense
    Communication Systems like Job Postings , Mails, SMS & Direct Calling to ensure Low Turn Around Time
    Job Branding to attract maximum potential Job Seekers. (See Slide 8 for Ref)
    Candidate Tracker, Short Profiles , Resumes as deliverables to furnish Clients with highly informative data about candidates. (See Slide 9 for Ref)
  • 11. Servicing Model
    Job Order Analysis…..
    Candidates Sourcing
    Application 1st Level Filtering
    Testing & Evaluation
    Shortlisted Applicants -> Client
    Recruitment Process Coordination
    Successful Placement
  • 12. Access Network
  • 13. Science & Art of Matching
    In our view, Recruitment is a very delicate balance of the science of finding the correct functional match and the art of assessing if the functionally competent candidates are a behavioral fit in the organization.
    Functional Match
    Behavioral Match
    Aspirations Match
  • Job Branding
    Job Summary
    Work Profile
    Referral Incentives
    Company Profile
  • 22. Deliverables: Candidate Tracker
  • 23. Deliverables: Short Profile
  • 24. Client Testimonials
    "Finding right candidates for a particular job had been a difficult task for us. Sumit could understand our requirements perfectly and in a short period we were able to get the right people. We are very happy to have found MakeSense Consultants as a partner for our recruitment needs."
    - Senior HR Manager, Western Outdoor Interactive
    “Makesense Consultants is an excellent recruitment partner who understands
    business requirements well and delivers results consistently. Though Sumit is a
    very amicable person, but at the same time he doesn’t believe in beating around
    the bush. Straightforward, and high on integrity, he comes across as an extension
    of the client/ organization that he represents, rather than as a service provider in
    his own silo."
    - Assistant Manager Human Resources, CashEdge
  • 25. Team-Bio
    SumitKundu, after graduating from IIT Bombay with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering, Sumit worked in HOC, an IT sector company, before joining MakeSense. He is the “Hands-on-guy” who has developed a great amount of insight on what the gaps in the recruitment industry are currently and how to address them.
    VivekAryagraduated from IIT Bombay with a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. He has had a varied experience working first with Deutsche Bank in the Financial Derivatives domain moving onto a position at a Venture Capital firm and then with Allcargo, one of the leading Heavy Logistics companies in India.
    AnandRamachandran has done his Bachelors as well as Masters from IIT Bombay. Before joining MakeSense he was with Schlumberger, a leading Oil & Gas MNC. Prior to that he had founded another venture in the education and training domain. Having led the Entrepreneurship Cell at IIT Bombay during college, he has been associated with startups for a long time now. At MakeSense, he is in charge of the technology empowerment of our business and the enablement of our collaborative recruiting model.
  • 26. Thank You