How To Make Your Image Go Viral


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How To Make Your Image Go Viral

  1. 1. How To Make Your Image Go ViralFind Images, Edit And Make Them Viral In One Go: Image Presser ReviewI’ve been contemplating on taking my Pinterest interest to the next level for quite some timenow. After all, it is the fastest growing social network, and it generate traffic at rates much higherthan Twitter, LinkedIn, and other well established networks. As everybody else, I have joinedPinterest and have my own account, and after some trial and error, some of my accounts aredoing pretty well and generating a steady stream of traffic to my sites.I own a copy of Adobe Photoshop and know my way around it, and I love taking photos, butdealing with both can be time consuming and not as effective as it should be comparing to othertasks one as a marketer can perform on daily basis. I was looking for a quick solution to two majorproblems:- Where do I find commercial approved images I can use on my site?- How do I edit these images fast, preferably online, and load them on my sites with littleeffort?I came across Images Presser, a tiny, innovating plugin sold on the WarriorForum and foundway more than I was looking for.How Image Presser WorkImages Presser is a wordpress plugin which you can upload and activate within minutes. 1/3
  2. 2. Once activated and set up (two minutes, non techie, all explained with step by step videos) youwill be able to quickly do the following:Image Presser Features Search for Images from MeidaWiki (Pro Version) and Flickr Filter Images for Commercial use to avoid any legal issues Edit your images within your WordPress Site ( What a time and money saver!) Add a cool text bubble, a little drawing, improve the image looks and adjust it to your needs. Pin all Images and get them viral ! It will get your videos Pinned and turning viral too! Watch the video demo below and notice the pin button…..So instead of searching for the right image, downloading it, editing it, uploading it to your site,this little plugin does it all in one go. That’s a real time saver.But that’s not all, Pro version users have even more cool benefits, thatmake this plugin so powerful:Auto Share on Social Media Sites:You can set up 20 different social media accounts such as Picasa, Posterous , Blogger and thelikes and the plugin will automatically upload your generated images to them with a link to eitheryour homepage or to the post it is embedded at. So if you add 2-3 images to each post youpublish, you will automatically get 40-60 backlinks from these sites pointing to this new postwhich is a great way to get it foundby the search engines and pushed up the rankings.Allow users to pin the images you have created and get them Viral.Enjoy the benefits of image pinning on your site, and get traffic from the worlds fastest growingsocial network. 2/3
  3. 3. The plugin also allows you to create your own pin button or call to action for even better results. 3/3Powered by TCPDF (