Mosquitoes interesting facts


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Mosquitoes interesting facts

  1. 1. MosquitoesTypes & few other thingswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  2. 2. For FreeScience Videosfor Kidswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kidswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  3. 3. Species• More than 3000 species of mosquitoes have beendescribed on a world-wide basis.• Scientists group species by genus on the basis of thephysical characteristics they share.• The 3000 mosquito species found in the world aredivided among 28 different genera.• The genus Aedes contains some of the worst pests.Many members of the genus Anopheles have theability to transmit human malaria.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  4. 4. • There are three genera of medicalimportance:• Culex• Aedes• Anopheleswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  5. 5. Morphological difference of threegenerawww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  6. 6. AnophelesAnopheleswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  7. 7. CulexCulexwww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  8. 8. AedesAedeswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  9. 9. How to differentiate betweenmale/female• Male mosquitoes tend to hatchbefore the females.• The male also has a feathery,plumose antenna in comparison tothe female’s less bushy one.• The male’s antenna is used forsensing the high-pitched presence offemale mosquitoes enabling mating.• Males generally have a shorterlifespan than females.• Males live only a few weeks asopposed to a female who can live fortwo months.Male Right, Female Leftwww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  10. 10. Why are some people more attractive to mosquitoes thanothers?Scientists are still investigating the complexities involvedwith mosquito host acceptance and rejection. Some peopleare highly attractive to mosquitoes and others are rarelybothered. Mosquitoes have specific requirements to satisfyand process many different factors before they feed. Many ofthe mosquitos physiological demands are poorly understoodand many of the processes they use to evaluate potentialblood meal hosts remain a mystery. Female mosquitoes usethe CO2we exhale as their primary cue to our location.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  11. 11. Why are some people more attractiveto mosquitoes than others?• Dark colors capture heat and make mostpeople more attractive to mosquitoes. Lightcolors refract heat and are generally lessattractive. Detergents, fabric softeners,perfumes and body odor can counteract theeffects of color. In most cases, only themosquito knows why one person is moreattractive than another.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  12. 12. • Child with hypersensitivity to mosquito bites. Mosquitobites can produce a severe allergic reaction. In this casethe child displayed both the immediate and the delayedtype reactions. The scars on the forearms are due tonecrotic changes which occurred during the delayed typereaction.Diseases spread by Mosquitoeswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  13. 13. • 2.      Parasitic diseases: Malaria and filariasis. • 3.  Virus diseases: Japanese encephalitis B, mainly by Aedes and Culex tritaeniorrhyncus. Dengue fever and yellow fever.• 4.   Mechanical  transmitter:  Some  mosquitoes  may carry fly eggs to humans, inducing myiasis.Diseases spread by                               Free Science Videos for Kids
  14. 14. Video• Go to to see a video on Mosquito Life cyclewww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  15. 15. For FreeScience Videosfor Kidswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kidswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids