Leonardo da vinci


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Leonardo da vinci

  1. 1. Leonardo da Vinci(1452-1519)www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  2. 2. For Free Science videos for Kidsvisitwww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kidswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  3. 3. Important InformationDownload this ppt fromwww.makemegenius.com1000s of ppts and videoswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  4. 4. Early LifeLeonardo was born in Vinci, ashort distance from Florence.His father married four times andhad 11 children – but Leonardowas 20 before the 2ndchild wasbornThe village of Vinciwww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  5. 5. Training• His father apprenticedhim to Andrea delVerrocchio (True Eyes) inFlorence.• Leonardo was likely themodel for Verocchio’sDavid.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  6. 6. A Young MasterBy the age of 20 hesurpassed his master,painting The Baptism ofChrist in 1472.It is rumored that Verrochionever painted again afterthis.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  7. 7. A Young Master• By 1474 he hadhis ownworkshop,producing TheAdoration of theMagi, whichartists studiedfrom his timeonward.Preliminary Sketch for the paintingThe Adoration of the Magiwww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  8. 8. A Genius Man• There was little that Leonardodid not excel at.• He was a painter, a sculptor, anengineer, a musician, a singer, amathematician, a physicist, abotanist, an anatomist, acartographer, a geologist, ageographer, a poet, a townplanner and an athlete.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  9. 9. A Universal Man• He always wanted towrite a treatise onpainting (like Alberti),but never did.• He seems to have notmastered Latin, thelanguage ofscholarship.• - or perhaps he wassimply too busy.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  10. 10. Mona Lisa• Leonardo Da Vinci paintedthe Mona Lisa on a piece ofpine wood in the year 1506.Never in the history of Arthas one painting been soadmired. This is due largelyto the enigmatic smile,which has caused muchspeculation. Some peoplehave even suggested that itis a self-portrait.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  11. 11. The Last Supperidered by many to beardo’s greatesting, The Last Supperoys all of hisomical work in theessions of Christ andpostles.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  12. 12. The Notebooks• Leonardo kept notes oneverything.• Around 5,000 pages stillexist.• However, he usedmirror-writing to ensureprivacy while and afterhe wrote.• More mundanely,perhaps he did sobecause he was lefthanded and found thiseasier.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  13. 13. The Codesonardo wrote in Italian using a special kind ofrthand that he invented himself. People who studynotebooks have long been puzzled by somethinge, however. He usually used "mirror writing,"rting at the right side of the page and moving to the. Only when he was writing something intended forer people did he write in the normal direction.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  14. 14. Poor Completion Record• He had a reputation fornot completing works.• Involved in so manythings, he could notmanage his time.• When given thecommission for the Virginof the Rocks, he promisedit within 7 months but didnot deliver it until 25years later.www.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids
  15. 15. For Free Science videos for Kidsvisitwww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kidswww.makemegenius.comFree Science Videos for Kids